Hump Day Fly


It is time once again!

Hump Day Fly,  a Fly on the Wall post! Today, fourteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


do 3

Today is my one year anniversary of being a Plexus Ambassador!

*I can feel the eyes rolling*

I have had a couple people tell me that they are sick of hearing about Plexus. They are tired of the posts, my cheerful outlook and updates on our journey…

Those same people then complain loudly on social media, via text messages and in person about how poorly they sleep, the meds they are on, their crummy digestive issues, chronic pain, headaches, need for caffeine to function, weight problems, blood sugar issues, anxiety, feeling crummy, soda addiction, always getting sick, staying sick for so darn long, being exhausted all the time and making declarations that they are going to get healthy, followed by a check in at the local burger joint.

Everything on that list of complaints I struggled with one year ago too but not anymore. As I got healthier and balanced so many issues started to fade and I got my life back. Plexus has been one of the best things we’ve ever done for ourselves and our family. It has been a total life changer for me. A sing it from the mountain tops kind of awesome and I would be a total heel if I didn’t tell people what I did that has changed so much for me… someone they love might be right where I was.

I happily renewed our membership! Maybe this year I’ll feel bad about the fact that I’m feeling great… probably not, so expect some happy pink vibes on my journey ahead!

feb 15 262 

To mark this fabulous occasion, I got some spiffy new sneaks to go with my obnoxiously loud new Plexus shirt.

 feb 6

We usually do a big family dinner around Valentine’s Day to celebrate the holiday.

Since The Prince and I don’t exchange gifts, I thought I would get us something we would both wanted as a little treat.

I found a VHS copy of “Vanya on 42nd Street” and ordered it.

We had seen the trailer a zillion times and kept saying how we wanted to see it.

We excitedly sat down to watch it and both fell asleep.

We tried again and it had the same effect.

We went for a third but turned it off after thirty minutes because the kids kept interrupting and we were totally lost as to what was happening in the movie.

Fourth time, we totally passed out again.

Needless to say that we’ve not watched the movie but if you are experiencing insomnia, get yourself a little a copy of “Vanya”. 😉



K is the singer of our bunch of nuts.

If she’s not singing, then she’s playing her guitar.

Min knocked on her door and told her to come serenade her while she pooped.

I thought she was kidding but then there K sat in the hallway, singing and playing guitar to the bathroom door. The super pooper started singing along.

I just wonder about these two sometimes.

 feb 7

“I think we were robbed by hippies! Why does it smell like Coachella in here? It’s like stinky feet and crappy frankincense… Why do you not seem concerned that it smells like the house is trying to perform an exorcism on us? I don’t want to be exorcised while doing yoga, it sounds weird… The rest of the pack is going to be buried far far away and you will never ever bring it back.” ~Luc

Seems someone has a strong dislike for patchouli incense.


 DVD 1

The Handsome Prince went to put in a movie when the player made a serious of terrible noises before opening. “Oh great! My DVD player just farted!” he announced just in case I wasn’t aware that yet another DVD player is giving up the will to live, or simply had beans for lunch.

 feb 3

I can smell the future… and it oddly smells like pickles!

 feb 2

Luc was reading about all the weird and silly stuff about Disney and Pixar.

He came across the fact that the original “The Little Mermaid” art on the front cover contained a secret phallic tower.

Hidden Penis artwork?? It’s ON!

He checked our copy but it wasn’t an original. He’s checked in every thrift store and the used bookstore for a copy of the original tape.

He finally found it for .25 cents.

Then he snickered all the way back to the car and laughed all the way home to show everyone he encountered for the next two days, the penis tower.

He has no intention of watching it but darn it he got himself a piece of awesome dinner conversation. 😉

 feb 8

Kenzie bursts into the room looking disheveled and disturbed.

“We HAVE to get new notebooks. This paper is vibing me!” She states before leaving dramatically.

Is it a paper possession? Is it secretly Tom Riddle’s Diary?

We must acquire college ruled lined paper that does not offend you, at once!

 feb 9

K announced that she NEEDED to go to the Reel Big Fish concert this month.
I am transported back to junior year of high school, when a bunch of us ditched class to stand in line to get tickets to Reel Big Fish and I ended up winning Oingo Boingo tickets too.
You guys, I can’t help but feel old as dirt when our kids are attending concerts with their friends that we used to back in the day.
Excuse me while I go cry in my coffee and order tickets for them online.


 Feb 1

“Hector wasn’t the Prince of Troy. It was that guy. What’s his name? Orlando Bloom.”

Luc is learning Greek history and that gem was uttered by one of his older siblings “helping”.


 feb 15 213

The Bengal Bunch have a thing against our shower drain. They are constantly pulling it up and then staring down the drain. Which makes me wonder what the heck they expect to find coming up that hole. Seriously, these are the things I think about in the middle of the night.

Because they are cats, which makes them often indifferent jerks that are on a mission to screw with the people in their domain, one cat pulled up the drain cover and the other swiftly sent a disposable razor down the hole.

They could not have timed their evil plot any better but didn’t appreciate the screaming and freaking out I did after their hole in one.

Armed with a metal coat hanger that was cut and bent back straight and a huge glob of super sticky gum, it took me 45 minutes but I fished the sucker out.

CATastrophe averted.

feb 4 

Highlight of the week so far…
Accidentally purchasing lavender scented toilet paper.
Not because it is fabulous but because I find myself sniffing the tp like a total goober and it makes me laugh every single time.

 feb 15 231

Luc made a big poster about the San Andreas Fault to go with his science project. He glued a bunch of pictures and facts to it.
Alastor must have sat on it for some time because the poster just walked down the hall and jumped up on my bed with a cat’s rear and tail attached to it.
Al clearly knew a giant poster board was adhered to his butt and he could have cared less about it.
Adding “extensive adhesive knowledge” and “feline cleansing expert” to the ol’ résumé today.

feb 5 

“Your constant metal hangers are the herpes of my life!” ~Me

My Handsome Prince uses a uniform service so that means two metal hangers join my life six days a week. This particular declaration came after my foot got caught up in a hidden hanger that connected its self to the bed frame and I tripped into the basket of hangers I’ve collected. At first I thought it would be nice to have a few new s’mores sticks for camping but now that we have roughly 500 new s’mores sticks, I’m not finding it so terribly pleasing.

The goal this week… find a charity that needs to make s’mores or hang clothes.


feb 15 256 

As I watched Min try on heels, I can’t believe she’s almost a grown up.

Kind of bitter sweet.

She tried on the Bengal print shoes just for me. 🙂


One year ago, we started homeschooling Luc.
The first month was horrible. The second wasn’t too much better. We both knew that this was what we needed to do but it SO was not coming together. I totally felt like I was failing and taking my kid down too. It was a really tough, emotional, frustrating time.
Thank heavens, we grew into a better place.
The teacher we turn our work into at our homeschool appointments commented that we are exceeding all grade standards and how proud of us she is. We’ve gone from barely keeping it together to becoming a model team and totally rocking this school thang.

I NEVER wanted to be a teacher but then our kiddo needed us to be exceptional and so we did everything we could to make it happen.
Rough start and all, homeschooling has been such a joy and a huge blessing.
Earth Science lessons hiking along a fault line has been freaking amazing! I never thought I would love teaching so much.

feb 15 239 

Kenzie went to her first middle school dance and had a blast!

feb 10 

There was a pogo stick championship going down in our driveway.
The reigning champ is up to 360 consecutive bounces without falling over!

feb 15 228

The civic duty magnet strikes again!
My gift for not being felonious has arrived.

Awww nuts!
Well… It might make a good book.

 feb 15 120

It rained a bit recently so Luc and I hit the trails at one of our favorite places super early to look for fresh tracks near a series of caves we suspected might be an active den.
We were rewarded with the best set of bobcat tracks we have ever found!
We saw a beautiful set of coyote tracks too and totally enjoyed being the first set of shoe prints along the trails after a much needed rain.
It’s a totally geeky hobby but so much fun to do together.

feb 11 

In case you are feeling less than fabulous this fine morning…
I kneed myself in the forehead before I even got out of bed.
My awkward reached out and totally attacked me.
Go forth knowing that at least you are more coordinated than I. There’s a little silver lining for your day.

 blessed are the artists

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  1. GREAT fly post!! There’s so much I want to respond to that I don’t know where to start!! LOL
    YAY for you!!! Who cares if people don’t like it that you are doing and feeling so great. They can lump it! There are so many people that just like to complain about anything and everything and they like to drag others down with them. 😛 to them!!!
    Stacy Burnett recently posted…Fly on the Wall WEDNESDAY??? – February 2015My Profile

  2. If your friends don’t like all of your positive posts, tell them to just DILL with it, LOL.
    I got a jury duty summons too. Pisses me off. Not one person I know has ever gotten one and this is my third.
    Karen @Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall: Ten Seconds of FameMy Profile

    • Robin on February 18, 2015 at 2:09 pm

    I always love being “in” your house!

    You can tell Luc I have the same aversion to Patchouli. It assaults the senses.
    Robin recently posted…Parental Guidance is Only a SuggestionMy Profile

  3. Love the hot pink shoes! The bengal ones were fun too.

    wow – sounds like some awesome hikes, spotting animal footprints and all! Fun!
    Cathy (Mama O) recently posted…Fly on the Wall: Beer is a TreatMy Profile

  4. Never apologize for being happy, Meg. How could you not be happy with such a hilarious family? I must say, I’ve yet to have someone serenade me while doing my business. I’m adding that to my bucket list, along with lavender scented toilet paper 🙂
    Michele@followmehome recently posted…Fly on the Wall: February 2015My Profile

    • karen on February 19, 2015 at 6:49 am

    yay the homeshcooling is going great! WOOHOO Yay for Kenzie’s middle school dance. BOOOOO to jury duty.

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