How to Shower With A Cast


“Hold fast to your dreams, for without them life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.”
-Langston Hughes


 How to shower with a cast was NOT a post I’d ever planned on writing about.
Since my kids like to keep us on our toes and casts have been the topic of many conversations a day, I thought I’d share a few pieces of wisdom the we picked up when K decided to take a trip and have a bad fall.
For those just tuning in to the drama of As K Trips…
K did a face plant walking to gym.
She broke 40% of the first joint on her thumb which also took the ligament with it.
She ended up going from this Oh so stylish Blue cast,
to the Fred Flintstone surgical cast she got after she went under to have her thumb wired back together.
It’s REALLY heavy.
Sadly a girl after my own weird awkward klutzy gene. 😉
We really have to look out for our own feet!
At the hospital one of the nurses noted that K is allergic to latex.
She mentioned that Walgreen’s sells a cast cover for the shower that would allow her to shower without taping up.
(She has to use special medical tape but it really does not hold a candle to the sports tape I grew up with to keep out water.)
On the way home from getting the pretty blue cast, I stopped into Walgreen’s to find this cast protector I’ve been told about. 
It was right around $14.00 & just my luck it was a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE!
Now here’s the nifty catch…
It comes with a guarantee to last for the duration of your cast!
We have been testing this for several weeks now and K is reporting 100% success!
I wrapped my broken limbs in a trash bag, taped it all off and still I’d get some shower water in somehow!? The other problem is that you have to then yank tape off skin that gets chapped and raw after a daily shower.
With K we do have to be careful what tape we do use.
Plus she’s half grown and does not want people to have to help her all the time.
I hear ya independent woman! High Five Girl!!
I did the math…
This Walgreen’s cast protector would only cost us $1.75 per week for the duration of her cast.
When broken down like that, you can really justify taking advantage of such a convenience.
I stashed the other cast cover we got for FREE with our purchase in a safe place just in case the ground reaches up and attacks again.
“Um, it’s a little large,” K looked at it doubtful.
Remember it’s made for ALL casts of the arm SO we’ll just have to get a little creative to custom size it for a smaller cast… No Worries!
The concept is Excellent!
This is the opening.
You pull to stretch open the center rubber circle and side cast through the hole.
That circle you had to stretch open created a tight seal against the arm.
K said that it’s way better than a blood pressure cuff but works so well that she doesn’t mind the pressure on her arm.
 The awesome cast protector IS a bit too long to functionally negotiate in the shower.
Necessity is the MOTHER of creative invention!
I neatly folded up the part that was too long and folded it over and over until it was just the right size that she wanted.
Then I taped up the end so it would all stay in place and she wouldn’t have a whole bunch of extra plastic to deal with.
That’s How You Shower With A Cast.
K can put the cast cover on by herself BUT it takes twice as long.
I pull it open and she slides it right on.
When she’s done showering, all she has to do it wipe the water off the outside of the cast protector and slide her arm out.
This has been such a fantastic help for us!



  In case you don’t have a Walgreen’s handy or it would be easier to have it arrive at your door, I included a few Cast Protectors that can be easily ordered.

We also found a neat company…





Have you seen these awesome shrinky dink like tattoos for casts?! 

K gets her new cast on Tuesday and she plans to add some casttoos for her Halloween costume.

Right about that time she’ll be REALLY ready for a a bit of a change.

It’s a bummer to that we have accidents but it doesn’t mean we can’t try to make it as fun as we can. 🙂

Rule #1 after surgery was keep it elevated.

I took that opportunity to upcycle one of her favorite old t-shirts and make it a fun pillow to rest her arm on.

If you would like to learn how to upcycle an old t-shirt into a cute pillow with K…

You may do so HERE.

I thought it would be a fun way to make a memory that she can use & remember later on.

Our feelings about using this cast protector…

An EXTATIC 2 Thumbs Up!!

If you have to be laid up, do the math and you’ll see that using one of these protectors makes you’re shower experience a little easier.

I’ve been so proud of how K has handled this situation.

It’s been extremely painful and touch to learn to do EVERYTHING one handed, not the dominant hand either.

She just presses on the very best she can, hardly asking for help and never uttering a complaint.

2 Thumbs up K for having such a strong spirit and a beautiful old soul.



“ThumbS up!? That’s NOT funny, I only have one.” She barks at me. ” You’re discriminating against the clumsy!”

Oy! Did I also mention she got my smartassery gene too?

I don’t mind that strand of DNA as long as she always uses her powers for good not evil. 😉

So that’s how to shower with a cast, or at least that’s how she’ll be rolling for many more weeks.

No one really wants to ask someone for help showering and at 12 years old, I think she’d rather amputate her arm than have anyone be a party to her shower.

I don’t blame her, I get it. This cast protector has allowed her convience, comfort and the ability to continue to do the independent things she’s used to doing.

She’s dying to wash her arm before getting her new cast tomorrow.

Packing some baby wipes that has some rubbing alcohol added just in case all we can do is a quick wipe down. Maybe some good lotion too to save her the chapped raw experience of the leg cast of last year.

K… you have to be more careful.

I don’t want to write any more how to shower with a cast posts about you!

Be careful my friends!

You’re own feet are out to get you!

Tired of sitting in waiting rooms,

Meg xoxo

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  1. Wow! I have never been on your site on a real computer, I always read you through Google + on my phone. It’s so FANCY. Anyway, I wish I knew about these a few years ago when two of my boys broke their arms 10 days apart from each other. Needless to say each of them had to have at least one cast replaced, one of them two.
    Shivers thinking about getting her thumb wired together… I hope she is recovering quickly

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