How I Came To Be Heartburn

“How can they say my life is not a success? Have I not for more than sixty years got enough to eat and escaped being eaten?”

-Logan Pearsall Smith

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 You know how this Secret Subject Swap thing works by now, right? The ever amazing Baking In A Tornado, gets a secret subject topic from 12 brave bloggers and assigned them each a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts!

My “Secret Subject” is:

Write a post that is a minimum of 26 sentences long.  The catch is that the first letter of each sentence must fall in alphabetical order.  You do not need to start with the letter A.  Start with any letter you choose just make sure that first letter of each sentence then falls in ABC order.  Once you write your Z sentence start back at A.  If you are able to keep it to 26 sentences that is perfect.  If you need an extra letter or two to wrap it up that is fine too.

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How I Came To Be Heartburn

Blinding light emanating from the sun’s refraction off of his wrist watch catching my eyes, otherwise I might have missed him entirely blending into the wilderness that surrounded us.
Cautiously, I felt the need to take cover, watching his odd behavior from the safety of the rocky outcropping that looked over the lake and the patch of trees that the man appeared to be struggling with.
Dense wooded area that was no good for camping but home to many of the indigenous creatures that inhabited this enormous watery recreational playground; something was not right.
Even the birds in the trees looked on but dared not make a sound as they silently bore witness to the travesties unfolding between the trees below.
Flakes of the shale rocks I had crouched behind started to break loose under the force of my trembling boot, causing a little of the grainy slopping hillside to giveaway, cascading into the cool waters below.
Gingerly I tried to peek between the rocks and the tree once more but the man was gone!
He was pulling the broken cord of the aged outboard motor attached to a mostly grey boat with patches of peeling white paint and only three letters left of name on the side as I stupidly stood revealing my position to the man with his back turned.

Instantly I crouched back down moving along the trees to reach a point that I would no longer be visible by water, when the motor finally caught life and sputtered the craft ahead.

Jagged thorns from the blackberry bushes I had pressed myself into, stained and tore at my clothing but I could scarcely breathe listening to the tiny engine idol along the bank where the water had gratefully accepted the avalanche my foot had caused.

Killers rarely grow a conscience, deciding that at this far into the game that it would be perfectly acceptable to leave someone to identify and force them to pay for their crimes rather than dispose of any loose ends, insuring that he is the only one privy to the secrets wedged between rock.

Lingering, perhaps searching or waiting long enough for his prey to be lured out, I began to think that he had tied up and was coming for me on foot.

My heart beat wildly, drumming its alert throughout every fiber of my being with each defining pulse, causing me to quake involuntarily, forcing my teeth to chatter together comically until I could clamp my jaws tightly.

Nearly ten minutes past as I crouched down, straining to hear with each muscle burning in protest of such a ridged position of alert, when the sounds of the motor changed slightly and slowly became a feint part of the distance.

Only once had I ventured on this rim but then we were fishing after a long day of water skiing but this portion of the lake was closed off to boaters, which was why I had decided to hike it instead.

Picking my way along the rim, I was determined to get around to the other side of the cove to get a better look at what that man had been doing.
Quail darted out from the brush, making me jump backwards and go tumbling down the rocky slope taking the top coat of shale and sand into the edge of the lake with me.

Red rivers of blood ran down my arms from the series of cuts that cover me from my ungraceful descend into liquid by way of fowl.

Swimming across the expansive cove looked to be the most promising at this point so I gathered my strength, raised my arms above my head and dove into the deeper waters intent to swim to the exact spot the man had tied up his boat less than twenty minutes prior.

The water was much colder than I had anticipated as it got deeper but since it was filled from the scantily white capped mountains above, it should have been a reasonable to expect my overwrought muscles to cramp under the strain in their frigid surroundings.

Ultimately I made it to the beach that was covered in tiny pebbles that moved around amongst each other with each small wave of the lake upon the shore, creating the illusion that the multi colored stones were alive and dancing.

Validation of my suspicions pressed me forward, forced me wearily to my feet and allowed me not to notice the pebbles that were now embedded into my knees causing new red leaks to spring up from my skin.

Willing myself onward, believing someone could perhaps be in need, I went to the edge where the rocks meet the trees; where he disposed of her.

Xylograph of a beastly creature rose out of the earth tucked between trees with features almost too hideous to continue to observe but upon the top of its wooden surface something lie dripping blood down the front of this shrine like space.

“Ye who tread are never found dead”- was the engraving just below one if the fangs in the carving.

Zoning for such an impressively ponderous beast just wouldn’t pass so there must simply be a more rational explanation than the wildly outlandish places my mind quickly skipped to.

And that is, my friends, when I became an uncombative snack, swallowed whole by the creature named Ray, who was simply on the way to his offering tray.

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  1. WOW! I am in complete and total awe of your awesomeness!!!! That was AMAZING!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE how you worked in Xylograph!!!

    • MooreOrganizedMayhem on September 6, 2013 at 7:35 am

    Well done!!! And not easy. 🙂

    • karen on September 6, 2013 at 8:06 am

    HOLY MOLY….what a prompt, I would have freaked out and wrote something really simple…but you took it and ROCKED IT….so flipping amazing.

  2. Meg, this post is fantastic!! I loved every one of the sentences. You certainly have a way with words and alphabetizing. 😉 Never stop writing. This was magical.

  3. OMG, Meg, not only did you do it (I never could have) but you did it with an amazing story that captured my attention right from the start.

    I wanted to check on all the letters but got so engrossed in the story I had to go back to the beginning to read through the alphabet. Amazing.

  4. OMG blown away by what you did with this difficult prompt question! Your awesome writing skills really shine through on this one! .Great job!

  5. Holy Amazing, Batman! I don’t think I could have done this…not in a million years!

  6. What an interesting prompt. And you did FABULOUSLY! I don’t think I would have done very well with that one! You are amazing!

  7. We’re blown away! Well done!

  8. THAT was SO COOL! Well done! 🙂

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