How Do You Share

Technological  progress has merely provided us with more efficient means for going  backwards.

– Aldous  Huxley

How do you share?

Social Media is a critical part of the puzzle for bloggers.

Yes, we blog because we like to share, write, take photographs and connect. It’s not all purple sparkly unicorns riding rainbows though.

It’s a lot of hard deliberate work.

You can write, picture and build a great space but we need readers to find us. Without readers, were a bunch of crazy people talking to ourselves.

How do you share?

When I started blogging, I turned to Facebook to begin to find an audience. Then Facebook changed their algorithms and I was lost. Can I really be lost considering up to that point I really didn’t have a clue anywho?

Game on… I would figure this out!

I added a Twitter account.

#IDontGetThis @HelpMeTotallyLost turned into something super fun and profitable.

I added boards on Pinterest.

Beware the vortex of Pinterest! People have fallen in and the only way we know they’re still alive is that they just pinned 12 quotes, knitted socks and pictures of kittens. Even my “I don’t do technology” Mama is on Pinterest! It’s super inspiring!!

I wrote, I read, I learned so much while I connected with other bloggers and readers. I asked them, how do you share? I got excellent answers.

Networking with other bloggers, I stumbled upon a fantastic Blogging For Business series written by the extremely talented Irish from Dedicated 2 Life.

I can’t say enough about this social media maven and business delvelopment coach! If you have not yet registered for her FREE newsletters yet. I strongly encourage you to do so at her website . You can thank me later when you see what an excellent resource I just handed you. You’re Welcome… Irish is awesome!

She started to make sense of all this social media muck for the begging blogger. As I learned and grew, she was always steps ahead showing me the path and keeping my blog growing with her insight.

She stressed that joining Google+ is critical for growth.

Oh Lordy, like I need another something to manage…

I joined Google+ with low expectations.

I was shocked a few days later when I logged into my blog to find that my statistics had just spiked. That spike held and grew steadily.

There was no denying that Google+ had created something pretty awesome and super blogger friendly. This was just the platform I needed to take a significant step forward for my business.

I joined some communities and found followers that shared my work more often than in any other form of social media. It’s an awesome pat on the back to see your work shared by people you admire and friends you just met.

Dedicated 2 Life was right on the money!

She shared about joining Klout. I ran, not walked and signed up. Klout is just what my blog needed to develop some opportunities. I do exactly what I’m doing already but now I’m getting a score for chatting it up with my friends on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.

That score speaks to your influence in social media. It affords increased opportunities to do product reviews, reader giveaways, receive products at discount; try new things at no cost out of pocket, connect with excellent companies and create new ways to monetize your website. Make some cash for your troubles. That wouldn’t make me sad.

Like every aspect of blogging, receiving a high Klout score isn’t an overnight achievement. Over time all the sharing, chatting it up, will show in the upward growth.

Facebook has been my favored choice of social media for years but alas all good things must be sold out and profited from  get really freaking difficult.  Frustrated with glitch after glitch and the inability to have their pages function properly while we attempt to navigate their wonky algorithm to even allow a handful of people to view what we have worked very hard on finally got to me.

I find myself spending more time elsewhere. Although I still continue to use it, Facebook has become wretched to bloggers and small business.  Waaah… but my friends are trapped in that thing called Facebook!?  I look forward to seeing you all but for the past several days I’ve had no news feed… AGAIN. No news feed means you can’t network and share other bloggers work. They can not see or share yours. It’s just plain sad and sorry.

I’m taking my party and moving to another location until Facebook gifts me a news feed again.

Off to Twitter and Google+!

How do I share with people how to get to me on Google+?

Unlike Facebook’s super easy to remember URL, Google+ has a very hard to remember, rather unattractive URL you can share.

Awww, NUTS!

I poked around on Google+ but didn’t find my answer.

Ironically, I Googled how to shorten my URL so I could share it easily.

What I found took me 3 minutes. I had exactly what I wanted copied and ready to be pasted where ever I felt like sharing!

Go to Following‘s simple two steps and it will generate your very own shortened URL to direct people to your Google+ space!

All you need is the URL for your Google+ account and they will tell you exactly the part to cut and paste to shorten it.

I kid you not, this is REALLY EASY!

Hurray! I now can encourage friends to follow from one social media site to another!

How do you share?

I also found that by utilizing the genius of StumbleUpon, LinkedIn and Triberr, I’ve been able to cast a wider net.

I’ve met people through social media that have become treasured friends, mentors and have changed the way I blog as well as live this funky life of mine.

How are you? Where are you? What do you have to say?

I want to know!

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There are many ways to network and get our work out there to the people we’ve written it for.

How Do You Share?

All a twitter,

Meg xoxo

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  1. Love love love love love it. You spoke it so passionately and excitedly I cant see how so many others wont get it. I too am on many of the other sites more than facebook….I do have some awesome answers to this facebook mess but I cant add a class right now until I get some of my other projects done. = / One project and product at a time = success!

    Meg you are dynamic….I can’t say that enough. I am so glad I met your nuttiness… are so much like me its like we are sisters. Thanks for all the compliments here…wow….you do know your success is your own right….I can give info but if people don’t apply it, they are responsible for their very own future and success. = ) Hugs my dear friend.


    • Cindy on December 30, 2012 at 8:30 am

    Great Post~My head is spinning. There seems to be something new to join every time I turn around. I have G+ but have no idea what I do with it… Irish is my next place I’m checking out so thanks for referring her;-)

  2. Hi there,
    Just stopping over from the blog hop to admire your blog. So cute! I am now following you on Twitter and Google+! If you have a moment to check out my new blog and follow back that would be wonderful! You can find me at

    • Lisa on December 30, 2012 at 8:17 pm

    Hi I have come via the Aloha blog hop. I confess I have had difficulty to engage with google plus. I do have an account and syndicate all my posts through but still get confused by it all. Recently I have been trialling TribePro. That is worth a peek. 🙂 Lisa

  3. This is super helpful – I have NO idea how to use google+ Maybe I’ll figure it out yet

    Thank you so much for following. I’m a little late following back, but I am now (via google+). hope you have a fantastic 2013

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