Her One Wish… To Surf

“One of the greatest things about the sport of surfing is that you need only three things: your body, a surf-board, and a wave.”


Happy Happy Birthday to K!

She turns 12 today.

For the past 2 years all she’s wanted for her birthday was to learn to surf.

I learned about her age and I’ve had a life long passion for the ocean.

I could see the drive bubbling up in her at a time where I physically was too ill to dare battle the waves, let alone teach.

She was patient and knew that I would be true to my word and teach her to dance on the ocean.

Our K-Bug… she may have a thing for Hello Kitty, ya think?! 🙂

She’s been running and hiking to prepare for today.

She’s the granola eating nearly vegetarian that constantly thinks outside the box through the eyes of a passionate artiest.

She’s always finding new ways to push her creativity.

She loves everything Japanese!

Obsessed with Japanese animation, she worked and saved to buy herself a zip up full sized with hoodie Pikchu outfit.

She draws detailed anime characters and beautiful pictures free hand. It’s a gift to be able have such talents but her ability to tune out the negative of others and plow on being 100% true to herself is a quality I so admire.

From birth she’s been very musical.

By age 6 she was signing everything from Sheryl Crow to Led Zeppelin and would have heated discussions regarding The Beatles. One moment she’s dancing to Fire on the Mountain and the next Old Blue Eyes himself.

She’s a trip.

She’s colorful, loud and sparkly.

She announces the most random statements that crack us up.

She’s got an old soul. She connects, sees the long term and desires to be an active participant in her life by setting incredible goals for herself. 

If she’s not stuck in a book attached to her iPhone blasting, she’ll be playing her guitar.

She’s an amazing young woman.

We are so proud of her. Who she is today. Who she wants to be and her choices.

Wish me luck and K a very Happy Birthday because…

She’s getting her wish!

Right now we’re paddling out together into the surf in Malibu.

My body isn’t 100% yet but I’m ready to share this amazing sport with someone that has worked hard to get here.

She only thinks she needs me to be able to do this.

She’s grown up watching from the shore and catching waves in the white wash.

She’s got what it takes and wants this more than anyone I know.

The rest of our family will be coming to picnic, build sand castles, body surf and play in the waves on K’s special day.

We’re beating the heat with family and friends.

This will be a day that K will remember forever… and it’s just the beginning of our endless summer.

Extremely ocean savvy happens when you were raised along the shore so I know she’ll take to surfing like a duck to water.

Right now I’m watching my daughter learn to dance with the ocean, feel the incredible freedom and rush that comes with doing something that you LOVE.

I couldn’t be happier. 🙂

It is a very happy birthday indeed.

To taking on new challenges and renewing old passions!

Enjoying The Salty Freedom,



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