He Puts The Must In Mustache

“What’s interesting is a man with no facial hair is less intimidating than a man with facial hair, and a man who is bald is more intimidating than a man with hair.”

-Bryan Cranston

hair cut 20

The Handsome Prince has been up to silly things.

He puts the must in mustache this week.

Just before Halloween 2013, The Handsome Prince looked in the mirror and announced that he desperately needed a hair cut and to shave. He’s been so busy that the last hair cut he had was in August and the facial fuzz was a few weeks old. Then he laughed evilly and asked if I cared what his hair looked like for the next year.

To which I replied, “You can look like Duck Dynasty all you want. It’s just hair and it is yours so do what ever you like.”

He grinned like a defiant child that was just given his way.

I could care less. It’s just hair and I love the guy regardless if there is too much, too little or in stages of strange in between. He is still be exactly the same awesome guy.

hair cut 21

He secretly has always wanted to know what he would look like after one year of not shaving or cutting his hair. He had never been in a position where he could just do what he wanted, buck social standards of conformity because he could and have it not impact his business or life in some negative way. At 34 years of age he decided to give it a whirl.

His reason for doing this was simple… Why not?

hair cut 26

He rocked No Shave November and then people started questioning his bearded intentions come mid December when it was clear that he was up to something but was it a hippie look, rough around the edges biker thing, was he bringing back grunge or did he secretly become Amish?

hair cut 28

He decided he was going to let it grow until next October and dye it all white and be Santa for Halloween.

hair cut 25

Since I am the Yoko Ono of this family, I voted we got dressed as Yoko and John Lennon. Fitting. 😉

hair cut 27

It was decided for a bit that he would be Jesus.

I actually looked up how much it would be to rent a donkey for trick or treating but found that I wouldn’t be permitted to ride a donkey in a residential area. Or a camel, I asked. City permitting office fun spoilers.

Before you think I’ve gone off the deep end… I totally did years ago, old news but that’s what makes us more fun to join. Our nutty is totally inclusive. Who wouldn’t enjoy a good clean laugh and an epic costume on such a fun holiday?!

The months ticked by and the hair grew.

It got so long that I would brush it into a tight pony tail for him each morning. I had to buy “the good” shampoos and conditioners because the others dried out the long flowing manly hair. He started shedding like I do and complaining loudly about knots in his mane. He loved every minute of his hairy experience.

hair cut 15

Then one day he arrived home and announced that he was going to our friend’s house to get a hair cut.

I was floored.

We’ve built several businesses together and he had been chasing a deal for several weeks that could help us reach that next level and achieve a few major business goals. He was setting up many meetings in the weeks to come and when he looked in the mirror he knew that it was time to bring his experiment in bearded bliss to a close.

hair cut 16

Or like he put it, “Would you rather do business with a bushy guy that looked like a crack head or someone clean cut that appears educated and has it together?”

Good point, my dear.

What happened next is why he puts the must in mustache…

Saying goodbye in stages.

hair cut 1Before

hair cut 3The pony tail he rocks under his hat.

hair cut 4The bushy look.

hair cut 5Whatcha doing?

Oh, mutton.

hair cut 6The Fu Manchu.

hair cut 7Horseshoe anyone?

hair cut 8In case you are feeling a tad eccentric- The Dali or Handlebar.

hair cut 9The Toothbrush ‘stash.
 Not such a great look, babe.

Historically that type of upper lip insulation doesn’t evoke the warm fuzzies.

Moving on…

hair cut 10Transformation almost complete!

Off to finish the mop on top.

hair cut 11Thanks to our incredible friend Shannon, that keeps this family’s hair under control…

hair cut 13 hair cut 12The Handsome Prince was as handsome as ever once more.

hair cut 29Just like that, he looks ten years younger.

It is almost not fair but then again I get bragging rights about his cute little tush when all the ladies are gushing about what a sweetheart he is and how lucky I am.

Yup… handsome, talented, kind and most days slightly brilliant.

Who knew under all of that lurked such a handsome chin?

Okay, I may be a bit bias but it was sure fun watching him crack up the whole family as he transformed from busy mechanic to business mode once more.

A shave and a haircut gives a whole new view of you.

I love it!


Meg xoxo

hair cut 19


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  1. What a huge difference. He looks great under that year’s worth of hair.

    You are a lucky lady.
    Karen @BakingInATornado recently posted…To My BoyMy Profile

  2. This is a really fun post. I loved seeing the transformation.

    Mostly, the Prince is hot!
    Lillian Connelly recently posted…Audience Watch Me Provides Excellent Blog ReviewsMy Profile

  3. I can’t believe how different he looks without the full beard. He was a close running for Santa Claus, it would be the perfect part time gig. 😉
    Christy Garrett @ Uplifting Families recently posted…#ASKAWAYFriday With Mrs AOK a Work in ProgressMy Profile

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