Have You Purchased Pantyhose For Your Onions?

If we can put a man on the moon, we can make pantyhose comfortable.

-Sara Blakely

onion 11

There is nothing freaky going on around here in the wee hours of the morning with my onions and hosiery, I promise.

Have you ever looked at the sale advertisements from local markets and found some great bulk produce at a fraction of the regular price but then wondered what in the heck you would do with it before it rotted away?

We have a large family and I cook nearly every meal so I am NEVER sad when I can grab bulk of anything that we use regularly.

Every few weeks a local market runs a sale on a different type of onion. Most of the time the sale is 3 pounds for .99 cents.

When you run in to pick up one onion at full price, you are likely to pay more for that one onion than the three pounds. Yes, we all know simple math but the problem still remains…

What do I do with 3+ pounds of onions before they go bad?

Have you purchased pantyhose for your onions?

No really, you should.

onion 13

I’m not asking you to take your onions for a stroll into Nordstorm or have them fitted for stockings at Macy’s.

The onion wont care what color the hosiery is, if it has a pattern or how much you laugh when you see the genius in this. I read about this trick on several of the homesteading websites that I love. (We secretly want to be them… out on a little chunk of heaven, growing fruits, veggies and free range kids.) I tried it once being super skeptical but it really is awesome!

The steps are simple:

onion 2

1. Acquire pantyhose

The .99 Cents Only Stores seem to always have some sort of pantyhose and the price is really right. This is a one time use gig here so keep this step on the cheap. Onions do not wear Prada, even here in Southern California.

onions 3

2. Cut said pantyhose in half from the crotch through the control top!

onions 10

3. Snag great onions at rock bottom price

I pick up 6-9 pounds of yellow onions and 6 pounds of white onions every four to six weeks as the sales run for my busy kitchen. That’s only $5 maximum spent on a vegetable that is utilized in so many of my savory dishes day to day. It pays to take a look at those market advertisements because many times there is a good deal listed at one store but another store has it at a fabulous deal.

onion 5

4. Get that sweet hosiery out and drop, onion down the leg to the bottom and tie a tight knot above it.

onion 7

5. Repeat step three until the leg is full, at which time tie a knot above the last onion and before the hole we created by cutting cutting the hose apart.

When you make the last knot, if you make a loop of the excess hose by not pulling the excess through the knot all the way it makes for a good handle

When you make the last knot, if you make a loop of the excess hose by not pulling the excess through the knot all the way it makes for a good handle

6. Hang up the onions so lovingly encased in the hosiery where you will be least embarrassed to display them. (Indoors of course but my storage area is the pits for light)

onion onions 9

I have a couple hooks I use just for my wickedly awesome onion decor accents. It is easy to poke a hole through the hose and hang it.

Great! Now how do I liberate my onion when I need it?!

onions 12

Go to the onion at the very bottom, make sure that the knot above it it pulled tight and then cut below that knot keeping the next onion safely in its home and ready to be cut away to be used.

onion 12

I have never stored my onions longer than eight weeks as we do use them often, so I’m not sure how long they will keep in this fashion but frankly, I was rather impressed with the eight week mark and still just as good.

I think that begs the question, the next time you find yourself in the discount store…

Have you purchased pantyhose for your onions?

It may not be the next rage in living room decoration but it stands a great chance of catching on in the pantries of those who love on their people with every meal, frugal thinkers and those plotting to live in a bunker when the zombies attack. 🙂

My onions can have all the pantyhose they desire as long as I don’t have to wear them.

Happy harvesting those excellent deals and making them work for you!


Meg xoxo

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