Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall!

Hey K… Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall!

That was the second thing signed on K’s cast.

Big sisters are just so great for rubbing our noses in it. πŸ˜‰

A-Z Challenge From Love Kate.

This week my story is about my K.



K oh so gracefully tested the boundaries of gravity again…

Gravity own and put her in her place as well as a cast.

This same time last year she had a cast on her foot.

Which has become the family joke…

Have a nice trip, See you next Fall!

Seems like the Fall, which is also her favorite time of year, is also a brutal one for her limbs. :/

K was walking towards the field in P.E. to do a 10 run when out of nowhere she was accosted.

Someone had placed her right foot in the way of her left.

She then did a very undignified swan dive into the dirt.

Dang those feet for acting under their own evil forces!

As she launched herself in front of 120 other students into a backfired cartwheeled, meets ninja spider dance/ meets my life and pride are flashing before my eyes moment, she tried to catch herself with her hand.

Unfortunatly, the rest of herself decided that her nicely planted thumb would be a great target in which to hurdle the body at full force towards. She rumpled into dirt eating fail.

As she landed there was an audible cracking noise.


“Um, Mrs. Gym teacher… I think I’m broken”, the timid K reports.

She gets a pass to the nurse.

The nurse yells at her to go get her note signed from her second period teacher.

That teacher is her least favorite so she sucks it up in the name of not causing problems and because drama try outs are after school. ALL day long.

That night it was swollen but not too badly bruised.

The next day it was bad.

X-rays showed that my girl had broken off over 40% of her first join on her thumb and they needed to re-attach the ligament as well.

What do you have to say for yourself K?

hahahaha Yum, Yeah, I love you.Β *wink*Β 

Me: I can’t protect you from your own FEET!?!?!

K: I’ll be more careful next Fall.

Me: Have A Nice Trip, See You Next Fall is getting old…

We’re just going to wrap you in bubble wrap next year.

K: Good Luck! πŸ™‚

Me: I’m calling to up our insurance kid… you are a liability! πŸ™‚

Of course she’s rockin’ the pink sparkly polish! πŸ™‚

Today she will have surgery to wire the bones back in place and fix the ligament.

The idea of surgery is terrifing to me as a mother but I know she’s in the best care there is.

This is a big set back and something I wish we did not have to experience but we are very fortunate that it isn’t worse.

The moral to the story is…

You never know when the ground is going to reach up and pull you down.

Thus forcing you to have surgery and wires. Casts for weeks and have to relearn how to write since the right hand will be out of commission for MANY weeks now.

She’s up to the challenge, I know she is.

She has such a strong spirit and a beautiful attitude about what is occurring.

She may not be graceful on her feet but she surely is in the way she goes about this life.

Today is the first of many small steps towards getting K back to 100%.

She’ll have weeks of casts, wire removal/stitches and therapy ahead of her.

See why Have A Nice Trip, See You NExt Fall is getting old?

Please keep positive thoughts for us today.

Turns out the patient is far braver and stronger than we thought.

She’s teaching me a thing or two.

It’s a curse to worry so much about our children…

I wouldn’t change one moment with them, good, bad or waiting to be casted.

Frazzled but Hopeful,

Meg xoxo

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    • Irish on September 27, 2012 at 1:39 pm

    Thinking of you all…..and wishing you the best. By the way, tell K that I LOVE HER NAIL POLISH! Its gorgeous. = )


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