Happy Target Shopping!

The best things in life are never rationed. Friendship, loyalty, love, do not require coupons.

I think EVERYONE can identify a Target Bag! Target is our happiest place on earth for shopping… there is always a something there for everyone!


We are very happy Target shoppers! Every single member of our family likes Target and all for different reasons that change trip to trip. They have us by our nose and we can hardly ever resist the temptation of a few bags of popcorn to share.

 I like the variety of online printable coupons that Target offers. http://coupons.target.com/ Target will accept 1 manufacturer and 1 Target Store Coupon to be used together and applied to one item. That is really nice and often you will be able to find deals that are free or deeply discounted that way. By picking up those deals week to week, you will be able to slowly build a stockpile or just greatly reduce your monthly expenses. When I can purchase an item that we use at a rock bottom price or for free, I try to purchase enough of them to cover my family 8 weeks+. That way I never have pay retail prices, we have some on hand to take care of our needs as well as friends or family that may be having a rough month and the hardest part part is getting the time to make it by the store.

I get really excited when I get a great deal or see a coupon that I know will make for free or wickedly cheap product.

I’m goofy, what can I say… at least my hobby is helping us to bail the water out of the boat instead of pouring it in. Deep couponing thoughts by Meg. 🙂

Los Angeles Times


  I am not crazy about the LA Times as a source of reading enjoyment BUT I do think that they run the best coupons in my area. https://myaccount2.latimes.com/ However, shame on the LA Times as they raised their prices on the Sunday paper to $2.00 each! They often run specials on their weekend papers so if you would like to acquire more than 1 Sunday paper, you are welcome to do so but wait until they run a good $10 per subscription for the year deal. If you got one of these newspapers yesterday, you received these 3 coupon inserts.

3 coupon incerts! 2 SmartSource & 1 Red Plum


 Inside the SmartScource coupon insert shown in the center, you will find 2 coupons that will work magic at Target…

$5 off 2 Revlon beauty tools! AWESOME! That’s 2 free or super cheap brand name products!


$1 off 1 Carefree product… I know, no one wants to talk about girl stuff but with this many girls in our house, savings must be found for ALL things when we can.


Target has many Revlon beauty products for less than $2.50, which makes it free! Or you can pick up other Revlon beauty tools that are more expensive if you prefer those items and receive a product you desire, deeply discounted. Kenzie’s Birthday is in a couple of weeks so I used this coupon opportunity to purchase items to put into her girly spa gift bags for her friends. I bet you may need to replace your tweezers, nail clippers or get a few nail files… how about if I said they were completely FREE! Remember that Target will not give any overage, their registers automatically adjusts the coupon to free but no overage or cash back.

FREE is a magic word. Makes me giddy… for these coupon moments are why we enjoy the game.

With one of these Revlon coupons you can purchase 2 of these products for FREE, if you have 2 coupons you can have all 4 for FREE!


Target has Carefree liners for .99. With your coupon, they are FREE! Always remember to read the fine print of your coupons so you have ALL the information to work with… This Carefree coupon says you can only use 4 of the same coupon during your transaction. To maximize my savings I almost always break my transaction into 2 transactions. By doing that you may use more than 4 but no more than 8 coupons as long as you break up your transactions using the first 4 in your first purchase and the second set of 4 in your subsequent purchase or transaction.

Breaking up your transactions or purchases can sound intimidating.

To make it less scary, write out your intended purchases on the outside of an envelope and place the coupons for your transaction inside. Label them so you have a nice clearly laid out plan.

When you arrive at the store grab a cart and then place a hand basket inside the cart as well. That way you have a physical separation of your transactions and it makes it a little bit easier as you beginning with couponing . I still do this every time I shop and plan to make more than 1 transaction. It’s just a no brainer tip to save you some unnecessary aggravation and keep it simple. We have enough to think about without making something hard for no reason.

Carefree body shape 22 ct pantyliner… FREE!


When a good deal on razors comes up I try to pick some up. These arn’t our everyday razor of choice but these are awesome for when we go camping, for donation or back up when we run out of the preferred kind. The coupon for this was found in Yesterday’s LA Times as well.

10 pkg. of Bic Silky Touch Razors was only .99 cents using the coupon!


 I used nothing but multiples of the coupons you see, made 2 transactions/purchases, purchased 32 products for a grand total of….

ONLY $2.90!

I saved $53.68!


 I was SO thrilled with the incredible Revlon coupon this week. Came just in time!

Kenz and Luc are 11 months and 2 weeks apart in age… for the next 2 weeks we’ll technically have two 9 year olds.

A few months ago I got some great FREE nail polish and some really cheap brand name make up and lip glosses. When CVS http://www.cvs.com/CVSApp/store/storefinder.jsp ran a deal on their overnight make up bags I started putting together some really neat gift bags for Kenzie’s birthday so she can share them with her girlfriends.

I LOVE when the coupons fall in my favor. Each gift bag would easily cost over $25 but with coupons we’ll have spent less than $3 per girl!

Yeah, I have to be on the look out and always be thinking of what I have up coming that I need to do for ,so I can maximize my savings while also purchasing the best products and anticipating my families needs. I prefer to think of it as a game because then it is fun.

We have to spend on products and goods to sustain our growing families needs and wants.

We all want great things for our families, our friends, our loved ones and for ourselves. We need to conserve so that we can take care of those we love with the resources available to us. If you can stretch your family’s Dollar over time those dollars add up. Maybe the savings will add up to something practical like a water heater or appliance, maybe you’ll just make your month’s budget a little looser or maybe you’ll book yourself to an Island in the Sun, whatever you do with your savings is no one’s business.

Bragging about your Incredible, Super, Savvy Coupon Shopping Trip, totally encouraged!!!

My best trip to date was getting PAID over $8.00 to leave Walmart with my products! I’d love to hear how your shopping goes! Any tips or tricks to share that you wish you knew when you were getting started?

Way to go! Awesome savings! I knew you could do it!

Saving money with coupons isn’t cheap…

It’s a Classy Way of Life!

Happy Clipping Savvy Shoppers,

Meg xoxo




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  1. I do some couponing and price matching,but I’m not looking to stockpile, just want to go from one week to the next spending as little as possible. It helps to have someone like you willing to take the time to give the rest of us pointers!

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