Happy Earth Day!

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtfully committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

— Margaret Mead

I was raised at the tippy top of this beautiful state of California. An hour and a half drive to the Oregon boarder… as my sister drives. 😉 Two hours for the rest of you that can’t make the twisty turns in their sleep. Up there, surrounded by the most beautiful redwood trees you’ll ever see, pristine beaches that stretch for miles without a soul in sight and the most colorful group of locals you’ll ever meet, I fell in love with our Mother Earth. You can take the girl out of the redwoods but the lessons I learned there live on in my children today.

Tye-dye is the towns most popular color and when I was little the cows out numbered the people. They have a Target and Costco now and fast food available. We used to have to hoof it 30 minutes for a Taco Bell taco… and 40 to get to a mall. The Mall was nothing to write home about if you’ve ever been out of the county and saw other examples but it was what we had and we loved it! The old drive in movie is now an RV storage but my coveted Los Bagels and Hole in the Wall Sandwiches are still standing. My old hiking haunts are still as beautiful as ever and there are even more neat paths that have been blazed. Every time I visit my sweet sister up there, I find it SOOO incredibly hard to leave. It’s a slower more purpose filled life up there. Respect is given to our earth, it’s creatures and the beautiful nature that surrounds us and reminds us that WE hold the keys to preserving the majestic. I wouldn’t be shocked to find that the term “tree hugger” was coined in Humboldt County or if that’s the place The Lorax lifted himself to and resides there today. Known for trees, spotted owls, fishing, logging and prop 215 activities… it’s so much more than that. It was my home, the place that gave me life and educated me under the canopy of huge trees. I am grateful for the education I received there. Taught by teachers, sisters, family friends and strangers, the message was clear. Reduce, reuse, recycle and stand up for all you know is right for and in this world. My sister Tiff would pack us up for adventures often. Taking me to hike, fish, learn, experience and feel it first hand. She was the one that would steal me from my warm bed in the wee hours of the morning to take me to the tide pools. Placing those critters in my hands and explaining what each does, eats and why they are important. I keep that tradition today with my children and thank her for bringing such beauty and joy into my life. Tiffy is responsible for all the glitter in my life… grateful to also call her best friend too!

Southern California is 360 difference from my sleepy little home town. I LOVE both of them and find it hard to choose between them. So Cal wins by a fraction, the weather is just amazing! We do have some incredible places here to hike, surf, ski and enjoy. Our beaches are disgusting in comparison to No. Cal. and prime property as been gobbled, built up and WE have ruined our waves, turned our ocean into our personal landfill/septic system. GROSS! So many wonderful organizations, companies, and concerned citizens are standing up, getting out there and are being the change for our mama earth here in So Cal. I LOVE to see all of the Earth Day opportunities available to take part in on this beautiful weekend!

We have a family tradition for Earth Day. Well, it’s become closer to Earth Week around here… too many fun things to do for just one day! We join local community events because it’s so dang fun to feel a part of something bigger than you and we find so many ideas that inspire us there. One day we’ll be doing recycled projects, where we turn junk into something wonderful or new for us. T-shirt bags & scarves are this year’s craft of choice. One day we do a completely Vegan dinner followed by movie night. This year we picked a couple of the Discovery Channel “Life” series to watch together http://dsc.discovery.com/tv/life/. Another day we’ll sit down and come up with some new ideas for ways our family can improve collectively. We set both personal and family goals for being better stewards of our Earth. We planted seeds weeks ago and will spend another day transplanting them from where we sprouted them to where they will grow and cut down our produce costs. Let’s hear it for Meg’s sustainable garden! Confession: I have a BLACK thumb and plants give up their will to live the moment they cast chlorophyll my way. Gee, want me to house sit your plants now? 🙂  I want so badly to be able to do this well so I keep trying. Yup, last years attempts died too. 🙁  We got one ugly little pumpkin and I didn’t plant any pumpkins!?  This year I have studied, asked questions and feel like they might have half a chance. Fingers crossed! It’s a good thing I wasn’t a pioneer… We’d have all starved to death! Pass the pine needles, I’m needing a snack. 😉

I have another tradition I take advantage of each Earth Day.

Do you bring your own bags when you go to the market? Did you know many of the markets are giving small discounts for bringing your own bags?  Hey, all discounts small and large add up! Plus by bringing your own bags you wont have that cupboard under your sink clogged up by a zillion plastic bags that ultimately end up in the trash. I use those plastic bags too but I try to make an effort to bring my own. Keeping a few in the back of the truck means I wont be so forgetful.

Earth Day brings some neat deals and freebies on Eco-Friendly items. Every year I find the market or store that is offering a neat deal on those recycled bags. If your like me, you already have a good 25 of those bags. Why would you want more? We use those bags for EVERYTHING! From beach totes, overnight bags, schlep projects and donations to school to camping, shopping and storing stuff neatly, those bags are great! When friends come over and shop our stockpile, they leave with a bag. I use those bags in our warehouse too! When I acquire new bags, I’ll set aside some of my older ones. We work with a local food pantry so when we have donations for them, they get collected and delivered in my older but still good bags. Seriously a win win all the way around!

Albertsons was the benefactor of my good deal on bags on this gorgeous Earth Day! Thanks Albies! I heart you!

The bottom of Tuesday’s Albertsons Ad


Sorry, all photo skills left the building on this one. The ad reads Buy 1 Albertsons Reusable bag and get 1 FREE & get a T-shirt Bag. All must be purchased in the same transaction. Deal good 4/18- 4/24.  There are NO minimums, NO coupons, just a good deal! Buy 1 bag @ .99 and get 2 more bags FREE! Celebrating Earth Day with Albertsons!

27 bags & I only paid for 9 of them!


6 blue bags


6 green bags


6 of the thicker taller “Ariel” bags


9 T-Shirt bags


I grabbed a loaf of French Bread to attend our dinner tonight… BONUS I received a Cat at checkout for a FREE bakery item next time!


If your wondering what the holy hey a cat coupon is, please visit me here http://justalittlenutty.com/shop-target-store-coupons-manufacturer-coupons-big-savings/.

27 Reusable bags, a loaf of French bread + 2 great Cat Coupons!


$11.09 Total!


 Hey, my receipt says 29 items purchased. I only got 28. I went by customer service to take a look and see if I was off. Nope, in all my many bags, 1 got scanned twice. No biggie! It totally happens to even the very best checkers and I was promptly refunded for the extra bag with many apologies. Excellent! I got 27 bags, bread, a FREE bakery item Cat for next time & another Cat Coupon for us to use, all for just over $10! (Most of the time they will mark the error on your receipt. I asked pretty please not to so you could see it clearly.  They wrote under the fold for me. They are great and were happy to help me out. See, a little nice goes a long way!) It pays to ALWAYS check your receipt and pay attention during checkout. Today I would have lost an extra $1.00. Yeah, I can spare it but why. If I allowed an extra dollar to be lost every time I went to the store, at the end of the year it would easily add up to at least $100 if not several hundred dollars. That’s a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes or Uggs, thanks! 😉  The stores want it done right the first time but we’re all fallible humans and they are usually more than happy to correct an error promptly.

Thank you Albertsons! www.albertsons.com It’s my store for sure!

On this amazing Earth Day, How have you been inspired to do better by our Mama Earth?

K is desperate to start composting and has just remastered our recycling plans both at home and at our warehouse. We are implementing more ideas for our 100% Recycled materials we use in shipping for our business and we’ll be hosting our very own E-Waste collection this summer! I can’t wait to see how our recycled T-Shirt scarves turn out! Pintrest and Etsy can be such great places to find some wicked ideas to up cycle some of what you used to think was trash. I recently saw a great idea for turning your old pickle type jars into beautiful candy jars that look like old gum ball machines. I showed my Handsome Prince and expect a full report from Mr. Fix-it on how I attack such a project. We go through pickles like water here so maybe I’m missing a great opportunity!

Never know where your million dollar idea might just come from! Bonus points if your idea Up Cycles and keeps stuff our of our landfills!!

We could learn a lesson or two from The Lorax. UNLESS! Unless people like you care a whole awful lot nothing will EVER get better, it’s not! The sweet tale reminds us that humans, animals and even the dirt beneath our feet is precious and all connected.

I will proudly stand with the Lorax and tree huggers and speak for our trees and majestic spaces for our animals to dwell. I will do my very best to do my part and educate those around me. It’s not enough for just one person to take up the cause, we all need to. One person CAN change the world! Don’t you forget it! What you do and say MATTERS! I don’t mind being labeled as a “hippie”, means people are hearing what I have to say. 🙂  I wear my Tye-dye loud and proud!

Colorful, with a mind wide open to receive, I head into this world on Earth Day to celebrate it’s magic!

Being the change I want to see in my world!

Happy Day to you Mama Earth! We thank you for such bounty and beauty! We wont forget about you the other 364 days out of the year… What we do MATTERS!

Grateful for Today,

Meg xoxo

Bags of Recycled Bags! Happy Earth Day 2012!



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