Happy Birthday Luc!

“May you stay forever young.”

 – Bob Dylan

Awww, one of my favorite pictures of our youngest partner in crime, Luc. He was 4 years old.


 We have a tradition around here for birthdays, we always fill the birthday kiddos room with balloons while their sleeping. The kind that takes hours to blow up by hand and kills your cheeks. 

Who came up with that crazy idea?

Oh yeah, um, let’s not… hey, it’s been a hit in my defense!

 Every year, they all know what to expect but do their best to pretend they have no clue what Mom and Dad are up to. The Handsome Prince has been put up as Chief Balloon Man in charge of using his fancy schmancy air compressor machine to replace the years of our hot air going into these suckers in the wee hours of the night. 🙂

Seeing them wake up and delight in such a fun and odd tradition makes my year!

Happy 9 Th Birthday to you, Luc!

I can hardly wrap my head around the fact that our baby, the youngest has grown into a young man right before our eyes, too quickly in my opinion.

He went through a 4 year phase of preferring to wear suits and ties, than anything else.


 Luc seemed to have his own set of plans and I spent over a month in the hospital trying not to have him too early. He came into the world several weeks early at a tiny 5 Lbs. and did not sleep for the whole dang first year of his life.

I’m not kidding, I still have flashbacks when babies cry. He was as sweet as can be but he just was awake ALL the dang time and wanted to be my 24/7 sidekick. Thank goodness he was just the cutest drooly mess of happy, otherwise that first year we may have sold him to the monkeys at the zoo for 4 straight hours of uninterrupted sleep.

I am a sucker for the missing teeth pictures! Melts me! This was his last day of Kindergarten, too many years ago.


 Luc has a unique position in this family being both the youngest and the only boy. That comes with some perks and some drawbacks. It can be tough having 3 older sisters, almost like he’s getting a PhD in crazy woman drama. In spite of all these nutty women he’s becoming a rather witty, humorous, intelligent, kind, and generous young man.

His favorite book has always been The Lorax, I’ve always thought of this as his Lorax Picture.


Luc is usually right in the middle of where the fun is at. My Handsome Prince is too so they like to go do “Guy Stuff” when ever they can. “Guy Stuff” is usually code for RC racing, Go Carts, arcade or something equally as fun. These two love to go to breakfast together so birthdays they always make sure to make a special date. This morning they went to IHOP for The Lorax Breakfast.

Typical Luc, always being a joker. With so many sisters looking out for him, it’s often not hard for him to find a willing participant to aid in whatever project or scheme he’s imagined. Like getting buried in the sand when he was cold, then they fed him when he wanted a snack and refilled his CapriSun. When asked why he wanted to be buried… “I was cold so this way I’m warm and happy.” That’s code for haha I got you all to heat me up, cater to my needs and all I had to do was sit here, relax, and look cool while everyone takes care of it. Thinking Smarter, Not Harder seems to be his M.O. He had everyone wrapped around his finger the moment he came into this world. Lucky Luc!

He had been wanting a Mohawk SO we compromised and let him do it for the last week of school ’11 and then he shaved it. It was fun and he was thrilled!


All kids have their moments but Luc has such a genuine desire to learn, grown and do the right thing. I feel very fortunate to see him develop such a strong moral compass of his own. He has a daring, adventurous and creative streak that we try to encourage. Watching him create a spark of an idea and with his father’s help, turn his dreams into reality. His projects are so neat and the ideas he come up with, makes us often laugh but start to wonder what he’s going to make possible.

Luc Indoor skydiving at iFLY, If you haven’t been you NEED to do it! We all had the best time!


This is the kid that took apart a BBQ at 2 years old, to see how it worked but was also the only one that could set the time on the DVD player too. He’s taken more things apart when he was little & still today enjoys using tools to create and fix things. I never could imagine how much diffrent raising a boy was verses the girls. Night and Day! I once caught him washing his feet in the toilet… girls just don’t think to do those kind of crazy yet total disgusting things! It must have been the snips because I know the puppy dog tails had nothing to do with this one. I feel so fortunate to have his personality to spice up the favor around here. None of us could imagine our world without Luc.. 



 We wouldn’t know EVERY word to EVERY Harry Potter movie without this boy. Or all things video game too. It’s been a honor to watching him explore, discover and become such a neat young man. He keeps us on our toes as all kids do but he holds a very special place in our hearts.

Feels a bit like a punch in the stomach, when I think our baby is 9 years old! That’s so wrong! Where did all this time go?

Then I remember we have a kiddo starting high school in the fall. WOW!

Hug your kids!

Hug them right now!

They grow up too quickly. Something magic happens then… they become really awesome people that are so much fun to share this wacky life with.

Happy Birthday to you Luc, from your Whole Crazy Family!

Thank you for being such a special part of the puzzle, none of us would be complete without someone as uniquely wonderful as you.

“But now,” says the Once-ler, “now that you’re here, the word of the Lorax seems perfectly clear.  UNLESS someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.”    ―      Dr. Seuss

We’re so glad your you.

Wishing Everyone a weekend as wonderful as Luc’s!

Wishing the biggest slice of birthday blessings for all,

Meg xoxo

The Handsome Prince and the Little Birthday Prince (5 years old)



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