Good Golly Miss Molly

  “A person can learn a lot from a dog, even a loopy one like ours. Marley taught me about living each day with unbridled exuberance and joy, about seizing the moment and following your heart. He taught me to appreciate the simple things – a walk in the woods, a fresh snowfall, a nap in a shaft of winter sunlight. And as he grew old and achy, he taught me about optimism in the face of adversity. Mostly, he taught me about friendship and selflessness and, above all else, unwavering loyalty.”

John Grogan, Marley and Me, 2005

Itty Bitty Baby Molly.. Hello HUGE puppy paws!


 Today is an important one in our house. Today marks the moment 6 years ago that our sweet Molly was born.

Happy 6TH Birthday to you!

Molly is child number 5, the only one who morally can get away sporting a fur coat year round and the most well trained of the bunch. 😉

Yes, I’m not totally NUTTY yet! I know she’s a Labrador but she’s our fur baby.

She was given to my Handsome Prince from a family member that could not keep her. She came into his life half grown, professionally trained and in excellent condition. She was well loved in her previous home, just sometimes things don’t work out the way we plan them. One long airplane ride and she was home.

Is there anything better than a Lab smile? Not much!


If you’ve never been owned by a Labrador, you won’t understand how 90 lbs. of barrel chested, drooling, paws, claws and elbows into your unsuspecting organs, as they make their “lap dog” frame wedge happily into your lap, is the best thing EVER! Not a doubt in my mind she thinks she’s 10 pounds max! Only one day since she’s come into our lives have I seen her in a straight up bad mood. GRUMPY. It was also at a time that we were dealing with her diagnosis of epilepsy. I think she deserved a day to act like our teens do.

Her heart is so pure and full to the brim with love. HAPPY plastered across her whole body like a wagging billboard. She is the first on scene to respond to a cry for help and then races for Mom and Dad’s assistance. If she had some thumbs, she’d take over my job all together. 🙂 

I suppose one could say she’s spoiled. How can you not spoil and love a walking hug machine?! With a tongue quicker than lighting, if your within the zone be prepared for chin to forehead full face lovin’ followed by the Oh, I just love you so much I’m going to lean my whole weight against your leg, post up. 🙂  She is well trained but still, if your not a dog person, 90 lbs of love coming at ya might not be your cup of tea.

Our Excellent Camper and Guard of the Toys in the Desert


Molly shares a close bond with everyone in our family. However, we have one kiddo that worships the ground those 4 paws walk on. K gets up at least a half hour before the rest of the kids to have breakfast with Molly. That’s their special time together. When K was rehabbing from a foot injury, it was Molly that pushed her and kept her walking through it. Being responsible for a beautiful furry soul and putting them before ourselves has been on of the greatest lessons we’ve been able to share with our kids. 89% healed now, K’s feeling better and Molly has shed some of her “extra” cookie weight. 🙂 Seeing the light and love they bring to each other’s lives… PRICELESS!

Molly will often pull jackets down off the rack or ever so gently take a sweatshirt from one of the hampers, when we are got for an extended period of time to snuggle with in her bed. It was a silly annoying habit that we intended to break her of. I was having a challenging day and reached out for my silky to comfort me. YES, in my 30’s and I still keep a blanket on my bed with a silky edge. In moments of crisis I feel comforted rubbing the silky edges together. Don’t judge… better than diving to the bottom of a bottle, eh, and far more productive the silky way. 😉  I had a moment of clarity. Our random piece of clothing to Molly is a piece of silky ribbon to me… comfort and an anti anxiety cure. I can’t get cross at her for missing us and holding something for comfort. Just another thing about her that make her “Special”. She’s never ripped up anything BUT her toys… Oh, and K’s rubber snake.

K saved up $20 to buy this huge rubber snake from the Los Angeles Zoo. Rubber is the only allowed version of snake in this house as the Queen of this Burb Castle is utterly TERRIFIED of the real thing. Within days of bringing the snake home, we started finding it ALL over the house! I thought the kids were trying to kill me. I came across it coiled in the entry way at 3 AM on my way for water. I screamed bloody murder and tackled an office chair trying to get away. Only alerting my Prince and hearing me struggling and screaming came charging down the hall armed and ready to do battle with the intruder. There I was splayed out on the floor, leg tangled in chair crying about a snake. It’s funny now but then I was MAD! We questioned the kids who all swore they didn’t do it. We threatened K with all that she loves to keep that thing under control or it’s leaving the building. I was starting to rethink my position on rubber snakes too… especially ones that seem to be possessed, thanks!

A couple of weeks went by and the snake stayed put. I figured the kids didn’t want mom to have a heart attack and decided it wasn’t funny any more. Kids at school, my Prince at work, I was puttering around picking up before running some errands. When I came home, the snake was in the living room. I called the Prince, No he’d not been home. Curious. I know it wasn’t there when I left and the alarm had not been tripped. I picked that snake up shook it, told it’s possessed butt what for and tossed it on K’s bed. OK, so maybe I was starting to freak out, just a little. When K got home I told her that I’ll bite, let’s put this snake in a cage or something. Laughing she went to get it off her bed. It wasn’t there! We looked ALL over, the rubber snake had slithered into parts unknown.

Who do you call when a rubber snake is threatening your sanity?

Ghostbusters? A snake wrangler? The local mental hospital? Everyone thought this was SO funny, everyone but her royal pain in the butt, me. Fake or real it was on the loose and not doing the things that something without a heartbeat should do. Standing at the sink, I caught Molly out of the corner of my eye trying to get something from under/behind the sofa. She’s a ball girl so I figured I’d do her a solid and grab it for her. As I came around the corner she growled and lunged towards the sofa. Totally startled, she’s never aggressive! Her muzzle jammed under the fabric, she yanked out the snake by it’s head! Growling, whipping it around, it’s rubber tail making a cracking whip like sounds as she sent it flying back and forth. There I stood dumbfounded and looking like a cod fish. :O “IT was YOU!” I screeched as I set off running after the big ol’ stinker. Of course, this was the best game EVER to her and we ran in circles until she caught me with a love tackle. Who ever said owning a dog will add years to your life, obviously has never been repeatedly punked by their puppy! 😉  (For those concerned: Since we do hike extensively and spend a great deal of time outdoors with our dog. We chose to take a snake awareness class with her so that she is safe, responds in a controlled way and can alert us as well. She needs not go all rubber snake on the real potentially devastating kind, just to protect my sorry skin and a class was the best way I could think of to prevent any issues.)

Really Molly? This can’t be comfy!


When you sleep like you belong in the circus, freaky friends disturb your peace! Min & Molly like 2 NUTS in a ham sandwich.


Molly is more than a dog, she’s family.

When I taught yoga, she was the ice breaker and the reason that people HAD to make it to class that day.  Sure, the practice of yoga is wonderful, life affirming and uplifting but getting Molly’s high 4 of approval and unconditional love was like putting a bright red cherry on the top of your favorite treat. Like a queen from her fluffy bed she just was happy to look upon us with her joyful grin. Those soulful eyes, trusting and ready to experience everything with gusto! She never cared how sick I got or how bad I looked. She was thrilled to lay on the cool tiles of the bathroom floor with me for support. Just as thrilled as she is when I leash her up and head out hiking. She holds all my secrets in her big old heart, never tempted to spill a one and loving me in spite of my imperfections. Just keep couponing for the cookies mama! She’s been my right hand girl, my almost always companion and the reason why I have to vacuum the floors twice a day to keep the Molly Fluff Bunnies at bay. 🙂

Molly & Lily sharing their morning watering hole tradition


How many dogs would welcome a kitty into their home and water dish with open paws?

We thought we’d never own kitties due to my Handsome Prince’s severe cat allergy. You can read about allergies and bringing Lily home here Molly LOVED to run neighbor cats out of our yard so when we brought Lily home, we were very nervous. Sniff sniff and she was licking the poor kitty to a wet slobbery mess. Lily was now HER kitty and as the little cat grew they invented games to play together and slept in a fur pile. Add in Mr. Snape, the second Bengal kitty into the mix and Molly has her paws full playing and loving on HER kitties. Wild but her sweet temperament as allowed us to expand our furry family and still keep the peace in the house. 🙂  Molly is the best!

She makes the rounds with us each night as we lock up and make sure all our kiddos are tucked into bed. Dolling out hugs and goodnight kisses too. Sometimes she’ll even hang out and listen as Kenzie reads a story out loud to her. As soon as Molly hears the chirp of the alarm system being activated, she reports to the mater bedroom. Every night without fail, my Prince sets the alarm, crawls into bed and waits for “snuggle time”. Molly reports for duty, leaps up into his arms and the two of them hold each other in a giant bear hug for about 20 minutes. It’s a riot! He’s whispering sweet nothings in her ear and her tail is proof that she’s loving every second of this love fest. Someone gets too hot and she heads to her place of choice in our room to sleep for the night.

Before Molly, I didn’t get it why some friends would miss out on opportunities or had to race home due to their dogs. It’s a dog! Food, water, shade and a place to pee and we’re good, right? Then Molly came into my life. Oh, I get it now! I’d not lock my kids out of the house for hours, I can’t do it to her either. I wouldn’t leave a member behind when we packed up to vacation or forget to feed one of my kids. She is a equal member of our family because we like it that way. We like to see her silly grin everywhere we can. We don’t mind the sacrifices that come with creating a happy and healthy life for her. She brings such a richness and depth to our days. Rubber snake and all I’d not trade her for all the tea in China or property in Nowhereville! 🙂

On this day, in between our mini storms, we’re going to take advantage of the sunshine.

To honor this amazing fur person we are hitting the hills for a trek, stopping at her favorite place to plunk down and grin up at the sun. We have made her humans some cupcakes and she’ll be getting a special treat after birthday wishes are sung to her. She’s getting some new chewies, a rope toy and tons of love. She’ll be the happiest birthday girl on the block!

Happy Birthday to you Miss Molly!

Today we are again reminded of how grateful we are for the selfless sacrifice of her previous owners. Their painful selfless sacrifice brought her into our lives. We will FOREVER be thankful!! We are so grateful to share her life. She is a member of the circus that we could not imagine being without! I’m not alone in the going grey place, her cute little chin is going salt and pepper too. We’ve logged a lot of miles in this life together and earned every one of our distinguished hairs. I can’t think of a better buddy to have along for the ride!

“I talk to him when I’m lonesome like; and I’m sure he understands.  When he looks at me so attentively, and gently licks my hands; then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes, but I never say naught thereat.  For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes, but never a friend like that.” 

 ~W. Dayton Wedgefarth

     Hug your pet- It’s the best friend you’ll ever have besides yourself!

I hope you all have a lovely day and a wonderfully purpose filled week!

With Lots of Gooey Lab Kisses,

Meg xoxo

Oh Good Golly, We LOVE you Miss Molly!






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