Goal Digging

“If you’re bored with life – you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things – you don’t have enough goals.” -Lou Holtz


Over the weekend I sat down and mapped out very specific goals and what daily actions I am taking to make it happen. It was time to stop goal setting and start getting serious about goal digging. A goal without a plan is just a wish so I put those goals down and promptly shared them with everyone that would motivate and/or keep me accountable.
I need the consistency of a good plan to keep me following though.
There is nothing like the razzing of my loving family to help keep my eye on the prize too. 😉


On this, the first day that I planned to hike just after sunrise, it decided to rain in beautiful So. Cal.
I’m not complaining…We need it desperately but it was increasing the cozy feeling I was enjoying, all snuggled in bed.
Then I thought of a gal on my Plexus team that is training for an Ironman.
She is really an incredible lady! She has set some big goals for herself and she works hard to reach them.
Her passion inspires me.❤
I figured by 7am she had already finished her morning training swim and was probably getting ready for a run through the mountains or a 20+mile bike ride.
With that picture in mind, I snagged my Plexus, put on some grubby sneakers and left out the door before my slothful lust for the warm blankets could object.


Hiking is my happy place. A half an hour in the mountains does wonders for my perspective, balance and my heiny. It really is a win-win and I made a commitment to myself to get a couple miles in before 9am, several days per week. My head and my heart need it just as much as my posterior prominence does.

I was instantly grateful to be out there, misty rain and all.
Three miles passed quickly and easily. I felt centered, relaxed and an abundance of gratitude for so many wonderful blessings in my life.
It’s like a mini vacation, that also makes me huff, puff and sweat.

Then… *Gasp* …I realized my little buddy was missing.


Somewhere on the mountain was my pink drink!


I couldn’t leave it behind! Not only is that littering but I’m not about to waste that bottle of full of happiness and awesomeness!!!

I retraced my steps.

What was once downhill was now up, up and a bit more straight up.
I was feeling the burn.


Then I spotted it!

One more uphill climb and a few slippery rocks later, my little pink buddy was safely found.


Promptly, the heavens opened up and it was really time to leave.


Point of me yammering on is:
I can set a bunch of goals but I have to get down and do the real work that it takes to reach them, even when it gets messy, because that commitment and persistence is the way I reach those fantastic goals. No excuses, just action.  If I had lounged in bed, I would have not only let myself down but I would have missed a beautiful morning outdoors, a great workout and a fun adventure!

Plus, my heiny has a new swimsuit and it fully intends to feel fabulous in it when we vacation this summer. 👙

Yes, the pink drink is SO worth hiking an extra couple miles. I guess my pal knew I needed an extra push to go further. 😉


Are you just goal setting and forgetting?

Or are you goal digging?

Make some good tangible goals and roll up those sleeves… The real joy is in the journey so stick with those goals and keep digging deeper until you reach them.

You’ve got this!

Go make some great things happen for yourself!



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