Fresh Take on Chicken…

“As for those grapefruit and buttermilk diets, I’ll take roast chicken and dumplings.”
 -Hattie McDaniel

I must apologize, it seems as though I’ve been remiss.
I received a text from a friend, standing in the cheese section of her local market.
“Pain in my butt- you never said if that Kraft Chicken stuff was good or not. See I read you. I might die if I eat another burger. Should I get some chicken/ what flavor coating stuff should I get? HELP!”
A couple of weeks ago I told you about some great coupons received in the mail for FREE Kraft Fresh Take (you can go there and snag a .50 cents off coupon). 

NEW Kraft Fresh Take!


Where did I get such coupons and how do you get your hot little hands on some great coupons too?

Easy, I’ll tell you but only because I like ya.

Here: Join Kraft Foods First Taste!

Super simple form to fill out so they have your address and email address. They send an occasional email with recipes and info about products and opportunities for you.

What do you have to do in order to enjoy FREE/ good discount coupons, great ideas and head’s up on cool new stuff/discounts?

I receive a very short questionnaire asking if I received the coupon and used it. If I used it, did I enjoy the product and would use it again. Takes me a minute to tell them exactly as I see it. I’m not paid to test anything but if I’m given the opportunity to try something for free or on a discount, that I believe our family would enjoy then I am happy to give them my honest opinion. I have found a great many products that have become staples in our home, this way.

I LOVE trying new things. Just because we all need to be mindful of our budget when purchasing, shouldn’t mean we can’t get creative and still have it all on a dime! Kraft has some great recipes and ideas for all ages. I have enjoyed my experience since I joined First Taste. Go join! 🙂


WE LOVED IT! I was feeling the Rosemary Garlic that day. When do I not feel the garlic? 😉

Rosemary makes me picky. OK so maybe I have some underlying picky going on. Maybe part of me picked this because I was almost SURE it would be bogus. I get suspicious of fresh “herb” flavoring in anything from a package and a little rosemary can go a long way. I was being suspicious that day I guess… self sabotage in action… look out dinner, me coming through!

I HEART Foster Farms 2 breast packaged, freezer ready chicken!!!!!


All you need to make this is: Chicken, Fresh Take of your choice, foil or parchment lined cookie sheet and an oven preheated to 375 degrees.

Still suspicious but intrigued by how well packaged but easy to open it is.




when you open the pouch, it opens the divider between your cheese and breadcrumbs/spices. open, mix it all up and get ready to bake some chicken


Mix up the cheese/ spice/ breadcrumb mixture in the pouch. Grab your chicken. I love how easy the Foster Farms chicken breasts are that come 2 per pouch. Each pouch is ready to be frozen or cooked immediately. Love it!

Rinse your chicken breasts, leaving them damp and roll them in your Fresh Take mixture in it’s pouch.

Repeat for as many breasts you need to cook.

Hello Gorgeous Chicken!


The package said that it makes 6.

I have 6 people so I’m familiar with that sham… seems NOTHING goes as far as it claims. 


So I used the discount coupon it came with and purchased a second package.

OOPS! I admit, I was wrong.

I was making 6 large chicken breasts and was sure that one package would not cover it. Turns out 1 package would have covered it all but they wouldn’t be coated as heavily. That would have been just fine by me but I had already opened my second package. I added 1/2 of my second package to the first pouch & reserved the other 1/2 of the “chicken juices free” breadcrumb/cheese/spices mixture.

Are you still with me?

When my chicken was coated and on my foil lined cookie sheet, I popped them into the oven at 375 for 45 minutes.

Yummy Chicken! Takes minutes to prep and then your free to get other things done for 45 minutes.


I turned my attention towards the rest of dinner.

I have wonky plans for my French Bread…


Since I had opened the extra pouch of Fresh Take and set half of it aside (never coming in contact with chicken), I thought maybe I’d see if it would be good on my bread. Waste not!

I buttered half my loaf and sprinkled the Fresh Take along top generously.


Tossed it under the broiler for 2-3 minutes or until the topping and butter gets nice and brownish crispy.

I love melted cheese. Cheese crackers rank pretty high up there too but melted cheese can only be better when it’s crispy too! 😉



I get GREAT coupons for Barilla in the newspaper often! Such good coupons that 97% of the time we don’t pay for pasta. LOVE IT!




Love a yummy sauce to have on hand. Bertolli has some great coupons every now and then too. It’s a fantastic sauce!



Grabbed some cans of corn I had in the pantry. Thanks recent Libby’s Veggie Coupons!


This made for a seriously easy and quick dinner. I tossed in some leftover steamed veggies I had too… nuked and ready to rock!

Every night we sit down together for dinner because it’s important to us, tradition, what connects us. Many people have crazy schedules that don’t permit family dinners every night. Between karate, soccer,  basketball, cheer, PTA meetings, religious commitments/ education, work deadlines, appointments, must do’s, taxi driving the kiddos here only to return to pick them up at a totally unfortunate time. UGH! I got ya. I feel your pain. Trying to do it all, requires a clone sometimes.

We have a rule that the kiddos can not be involved in more than one large time consuming activity per quarter or semester, each. First, it is too costly to shell out so much $ per child and then commit to supporting them through the duration of the activity. Practice, games, boosters… it’s all a part of being a part of the activity. However, doing that X4 can make anyone bananas! Our kids are all so different that we’re so blessed to have diversified activities that don’t seem to interfere with one another’s activities. It works out well. When we attend anything, it’s like bringing the party so when your with us you have a large cheering section. We have a time that you can expect to find dinner on the table each evening. If someone has a recurring commitment, the time we gather together may change but earlier or later, we always eat together.

If your family is going a zillion miles an hour, pick one day or two days in each week to make a point to get everyone together for a meal to connect and communicate. We have the weirdest most brutally honest conversations around our table. Our kid’s friends can not wait to have dinner with us. I doubt it’s all the cooking. We’re an entertaining crew when we’re just being. 🙂

Hope you had a lovely weekend with the people that bring you joy!

Happy quick and easy dinner day!



P.S. I am brand loyal so if there is a product I use or appreciate, I may share about it from time to time. I’m not paid, begged, bribed or asked nicely to test, endorse, or speak about any products. If it’s something I couldn’t do without or we enjoy why not share so everyone can benefit from it! Just telling you how we see it and it’s my opinion alone… do with it how ever you wish.

Kraft Fresh Take- a quick, easy and delicious dinner! Thanks Kraft!


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