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Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are.
-Caroline Corr

So often there are great deals right under our noses and with just a little bit of know how, they can be ours for pennies.

ad for 5/27-6/2


I almost missed this deal!

On the very last day of the sale 6/2, I saw it and made sure to swing by CVS with my coupons when we were out!

Nali polish sale! Yes Please!


“Spoiled” By Wet & Wild is on sale this week for .99 cents.

All 3 of the girls LOVE doing their nails. During the summer there are many kids here having sleep overs and hanging around. The girls ALWAYS end up pulling out the polish and they all end up chit chatting and doing each others nails. Those moments are so neat to watch, when they have no clue your paying attention. 🙂  We think it’s awesome when the kiddos gather here so I’m happy to keep couponing new cool colors for them to try this summer.

If you wont use it, do you have a special little girl in your life?

Several times a year I am able to get cheap or even free cosmetics, watching sales and using coupons. This time I used the $1/1 Any Wet & Wild Product coupon issued in the 5/13 Red Plum

I use some of those items as toppers wrapped into a bow on a gift for a girl. It’s ALWAYS a hit!

I got 11 shades for the summer!


Anyone want to guess how much I paid for 11 of these fun new nail polish colors?

Grand Total: just tax!


I purchased 11 bottles of nail color and paid the remaining tax of .68 cents!

I saved $22 by purchasing them on sale and using 1 coupon for each item! 🙂

My Favorite Shade!


Kira was the first to flip it over and look at it’s name… My Saturn Broke Down. 🙂

We laughed and raced to find our favorite names of the bunch!

Battle of the Sexes, Hit The Brakes & My Saturn Broke Down!


Kickin’ The Habit, Trust Fund Baby & I Only Eat Salads!

Fuzzy Dice, Permission To Proceed & I Have No Reception!

Visually Slimming & last but not least… Show Me The Money!

Kira and I had a good laugh at all the funny names.

 She picked her 2 favorites for the moment and retired to the kids craft table to do her nails.

Couponing isn’t hard. You have to remember to have a paper or a few delivered each Sunday. I suggest 2, 5, or 10 subscriptions so that you are always able to take advantage of most sales with your coupons available to you. If your really into couponing and building a large stockpile, 10 will get you any deal. 5 is a great number of papers to get per week for a family of our size, with 6 people plus often extras, 5 would allow us to eat and keep a small stockpile for another day. 2 is an excellent way to start! I hear 1 paper per person in your home and a rule of thumb too. It’s really up to you.

We really benefit from couponing. We are able to make .68 cents cover all the nail color we could need. 🙂

Saving here and there really adds up!

I do shop without coupons on occasion. Very rarely because I have slowly learned how and when to purchase for our family so that we have more than enough from sale to sale, never needing to pay full price is the game plan. 😉

Don’t forget to start couponing by picking up a paper on Sunday if you don’t have one delivered! Right now is offering a good deal on local Southern California Newspapers! 🙂

Couponing is smart, classy and can really make a dent in your family budget with just a little bit of fun and a little bit of time.

I coupon a ton and still don’t spend more than 6 hours per week now! No Kidding!

Check out the couponing section HERE for more tips, ideas and thoughts on the subject. You’ll find my links to some great coupon blogs HERE that make my life SO much easier and cut my coupon prep time to next to nothing!

Don’t forget to start saving those coupons! Sometimes they are even BETTER than cash!

Wishing you a “Spoiled” weekend!

Free is Happy Fun,








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