“All our sweetest hours fly fastest.

March 15 115

It is time once again!

Heeeeere’s Flyness,  a Fly on the Wall post! Today, fifteen bloggers are inviting you to catch a glimpse of what you would see if you were a fly on the wall in our homes. Come on in and buzz around my house.

Don’t mind the mess… we live here.

This is the awesome, dramatic, super colorful, sometimes unexplainable, awkward moments that make up our days in the strangely bizarre tight knit group of uniquely puzzling people we’ve created.


body 10“It smells like the coffee you didn’t get me, in here.”


The guilt tripping ability is strong in this one.

March 15 034This is the last view you will see before bleeding profusely from the hand.

Don’t mess with a Bengal in a bag.

March 15 020I must confess, I squawk at the kids about wearing things with holes in them but my favorite pair of pants contain custom air conditioning in the knee region.

It has been suggested that the pants be relocated, on more than one occasion. So now they are my “Napkin Pants”- I wear them when I’m cooking a big meal because we all know I’m like a 6 year old and wipe everything on myself. Win Win 😉

While I’m confessing… yes, I still have nail polish on just my big toes and I totally will until it annoys me enough to chip it off. Don’t hold your breath. I probably wont notice it again for at least another month or so. I don’t girlie very well, I’m realizing.

March 15 056The Handsome Prince and I had a night out to hit a comedy show after dinner at The Stinking Rose in Beverly Hills.

March 15 058

It is a garlic restaurant and absolutely AMAZING!

The mussels were incredible… everything really was. Garlic in everything, on everything and a totally heavenly experience!

March 15 060You guys, I couldn’t leave without trying the famous garlic ice cream!

The Handsome Prince was completely repulsed by the creamy flavor but I could have happily gobbled the whole thing if I had not just eaten my weight in garlicky awesomeness already.

It was a really fun.

We must have reeked of garlic at the show. lol.

Totally worth it!

March 15 197

Luc celebrated his 12th birthday!

March 15 184

In typical Luc fashion, we hit the arcade.

March 15 199

Where the boys proceeded to blow stuff up together.

March 15 181

Min won 1,000 tickets in her second pull

March 15 204

The teens were caught getting along.

March 15 195

Well, kinda.

March 15 185March 15 193

We determined that we need a huge Connect Four game at home. I’m not sure where we would put it but it needs to come live with us.

body 7Back in the ’80’s I played a ridiculous amount of Zelda.

One day when I found myself stuck sitting in the car waiting on Luc to get out of his math tutor. I couldn’t concentrate on my book and I saw Luc’s Nintendo DSI.

I flipped it on and started a game.

That was 6 lessons ago and I’m half way through the game now.

Tuesday I was busted by the Vice Principal with my shoes off, feet hanging out the open window listening classic rock and playing video games. He thought it was one of his high schoolers.


I hate to admit it but it is the quickest way to pass the time loitering in a school parking lot.

Maybe not the most productive but much more fun than work.

body 8

Luc and Kenzie are just eleven months apart in age, so technically they are both 12 for the next couple weeks.

They were always super close until the past few years where they went from tight to just constantly nagging and annoying each other. It is totally a growing up thing but utterly exhausting. As I’m cooking in the kitchen, Luc and Kenz are arguing over a chair. Mind you, there are six more chairs exactly like the one causing the issue but alas, they kept stealing this one darn chair from each other. I was about to settle the feud when I hear Luc snarl from the other room, ” Do I have to pee on this chair to assert my dominance here?”

For whatever reason, that ended the great chair debate.

 I think the recent chapter about animals interacting in an ecosystem clearly was retained.

March 15 002You know the scariest part of raising kids so far? These words…

March 15 010“I want to try modeling.”


Gorgeously terrifying statement.

body 12I ran some errands one morning and came home to a quiet sleepy house. I mention that I bought Big Hero 6 to the only kid awake and doors start flying open down the hallway.There was a stampede of sleepy people rushing with blankets in hand, to the living room couch to claim their spaces and put in requests for popcorn for breakfast.
Who knew this movie would motivate three teenagers out of bed before noon?!
What is this fabulousness and how do I get some of this every day?
Four kids happy and getting along at one time… On this day, many miracles occurred.

March 15 207Here we see the kiddos in their natural habitat.

We just make ourselves comfy everywhere we go.

March 15 047Just because it says your name, doesn’t make it yours!
Slightly ironic that the unwanted garage mice ate a copy of Mouse Hunt.

March 15 173

The sweet library bookstore ladies are enabling the flyness of my stash again. 😉
Not that I am complaining. I love it when they shop for me.<3

March 15 033“It’s my job to sit on the top of the armoire and bop people on the head when they walk by.”

body 11It wouldn’t be Fly if I wasn’t totally stepping in it somehow, right?

As I excited the shower, I hear the doorbell ring.

I had to sign for a package so I start yelling down the hall to Luc to grab the door, that I’d be there in a minute and proceeded to race around my room trying to get clothes on. I successfully got jeans on and grabbed a t-shirt from the drawer and tossed it on as I rushed down the hall.

Only it wasn’t a t-shirt.

It was a pillow case form our t-shirt sheet set…

and the front door is open, delivery man in the doorway with my package and I’m struggling to put my arms through the non existent arm holes.

 I ran into the open door and signed for my package wearing a pillow case over my head/ upper body.

I shipped off what was left of my pride that day.

body 3

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    • Nicole on March 20, 2015 at 9:01 am

    After you finish Zelda, give Mario Kart a try. So much fun!
    Nicole recently posted…Like a Fly on the WallMy Profile

  1. I think I know you too well after all this time, I can totally see you answering the door in a pillowcase.
    And I hope Min is able to follow her dreams.
    Karen @Baking In A Tornado recently posted…Fly on the Wall: The Typo EditionMy Profile

  2. Love the Napkin Pants! Aprons are overrated, right?!

    I’m all for sweets, but I don’t know about the garlic ice cream. The rest of the meal looked amazing!

    Best of luck to Min (and to you as well – I’m sure those ARE scary words to hear)!
    Cathy (Mama O) recently posted…Fly on the Wall: All Sorts of Things in My BrainMy Profile

    • karen on March 21, 2015 at 4:53 am

    i so want to try that garlic ice cream, looks so good!!!!

    Happy Birthday Luc!!!!

    Okay, love the idea of napkin pants when cooking and eating…
    karen recently posted…Fly on the Wall MARCH 2015My Profile

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