Flummoxed And Fabulous



Week 6 of Love Kate’s weekly A-Z Challenge.

F is for Flummoxed And Fabulous!

CONFESSION: I am 2 whole weeks behind!?

I’m playing catch up… my apologies. It’s been a crazy life!

How can one be Flummoxed And Fabulous at the very same time you might be wondering.

W-E-L-L, it takes extreme talent, a dash of insanity, plenty of hurtles to leap, the need to reorganise, the weirdest family, a great many tears and flexing much coping skills to rebound after losing “everything”.

When the kids were visiting my mom for a week, I spent nearly the whole time writing and working with the intention of being WAY ahead of myself for once. Things just seemed pretty great.

My Handsome Prince and I had a lovely anniversary.

We were a few weeks ahead of ourselves by the time the kids arrived back home.

I was feeling rather proud of myself and ready to kick back to enjoy a week with the kiddos before school begins.

The two oldest went with their other Grandparents for a few days to their father’s wedding. They were very excited to be in the wedding and be a part of the special day.

That left us scrambling to pack odds and ends to send them off.

They were home for only 4 hours and off again on their adventure.

When I turn my laptop on Monday morning ready to post my F post I had written about Family… The computer was acting funny.

It’s not too young and I do ask an AWFUL lot of it day to day.

Next thing I know my computer is crashing.

OK, deep breaths… but where do I perform CPR on it!!!?!?!?

Oh friend, bring your screen back. Shake Shake Shake.

WAAAAHHH! I screamed like someone was dying. Someone was dying… ME!

All my files, all the last month’s pictures and countless hours of my hard work frozen, zapped in time, trapped in a sleek black rather large laptop package.

It’s my co-captain in crime.

I work on it, play on it, blog with it, shopping on it, capture pictures of my kids and foods that I cook.

My Handsome Prince flies into the room expecting to see me bleeding out, without a few limbs or permanently maimed in some way.

There I sit sobbing… my laptop is dead.

It went to the hospital where they pronounced me zillionth in line.

My laptop was tagged and shelved until after everyone else that came first.


DRAT! Foiled Again!


I asked Kenz if I could use her 6 month old laptop, at which time she confessed to me that her CD Drive is broken.


So I can’t use her laptop because I have to load our wireless program on it first.

Flummoxed again.

Wait a second!

We have ANOTHER vintage type laptop that runs our dyno.


We got the dinosaur running well enough to get around as quickly we all could in 1995.

We were making lemonade out of these lemons!

I went to access my blog.


I tried everything and when that didn’t work, I cried long and hard about it.

It was the last straw and this camel was getting a REALLY  bad backache.

This is the face I make every time I think about all the work I’ve lost.

This is what flummoxed felt like for the last few weeks.

Just when you think it’s just a crazy smile, no need to fear, it attacks some more.

I got an angry phone call from a client that had been texting me and was furious that I had not responded, I recieved nothing.

I looked into it and asked a few close friends that text almost daily and all confirmed I had been MIA for the week.


About 50% of our clients use text which makes me wonder how many other people have been cheesed off or how many sales I missed because of a smart phone gone dumb.

I was busy, kinda grateful that my phone was quiet honestly.

Out smarted by a phone… Flummoxed.

I figured I’d be late with my F post but soon realized that I had been weeks ahead but had not backed it up on my external hard drive right away, which meant that I had to redo all of the previous work.

Bearly limping the Dyno laptop along and being back logged left no time for blogging.

Which made me make the Flummoxed Face again.

I wore it for several days.

The Dyno computer is so slow.

I had to find something to do while it was taking it’s sweet time loading.

I started doing laundry, cleaning out closets, going through clothes, making piles for donation according to size.

I HATE laundry normally but watching Stego-laptop load is worse than watching grass grow… at least your outside!

In 3 days I had done 27 loads of laundry.

Folding, piling and dispersing during loading.

Every towel has been washed, the floors swept/moped, fingerprints wiped from hallways and door jams.

I couldn’t get into the blog and eventually caught up on work.

The big girls arrive back home.

The Flummoxed Face had left.

I was rather enjoying the freedom to play with my people.

Sitting by the pool I wasn’t running ideas through my head or thinking about posts or work crap-o-la.

For once this summer I felt 100% engaged in the joy of the moment, there, enjoying taking it all in.

No jotting down notes or responding to messages.

We laid in the grass and watched a Red Tailed Hawk fly circles over use for the better part of 10 minutes.

We talked about how cool it would be to fly and where we would go when we flew away.

Everyone but Luc decided we’d have to be vegetarian hawks but boys are just boys that way.

We learned exactly why he thought it’d be cool to catch prey.

Thank goodness we were not eating during that one. 😛

We did some cooking. We did a LOT of talking. We watched movies. We snuggled.

One quite early morning I thought I’d better figure out how to get back into my blog again.

Ready to sit on the phone with tech support for hours, I had my coffee and I was ready to ninja back in.

I thought I’ll just try it a couple more times…

Poof! First try and I was back in.


I think the universe gave me a swift kick in the pants and a time out.

I needed it.

If I didn’t have a Aged Grandpa Snail Computer testing my ability to be patient and NOT to use it as a silver flying frisbee, I wouldn’t have:

Caught up on all the laundry

Cleaned out the closets

Have several bags of hand me downs for friends and a charity we support

Cooked and frozen a fleet of meals for when the Fall gets busy

Baked muffins

Watched my daughter draw

Taught my son how to make pancakes

Watched the birds

Gone to the pool several extra days

Listened to my daughter practice guitar

Went on a bug hunt

Spent individual time with each kiddo

Went on a Bike Ride

Walked around the neighborhood at night to see the fruit bats

Found out what place in town has the best chocolate dipped soft serve. 😉

I think that it was all FABULOUS!

Yes, I’m terribly behind but Nope, it’s not the end of the world.

It’s just fine to be hanging by a thread and still having the time of your life.

Flummoxed and Fabulous!

With any luck I’ll have my trusted laptop friend back soon but my gut says retrieving files and pictures will be the reality.

Better to get something than nothing at all. 🙂

Fingers crossed but I’m saving my pennies until I know more.

Out of the Flummoxed and into the Fabulous,






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  1. Oh how perfect. First, I am so glad that you had the time to build these memories and spend this time with those you love. You were productive in so many ways. The blog lives on my dear. And…..thank you so much for posting this….I needed to hear it, right here right now. It just amazes me and you wrote it in your own words how sometimes when things are making us so flummoxed (love that word by the way), we learn there is a reason for everything. Sometimes the messages come to us in ways we least expect. With that said, I had just posted to you I was coming here because I was flummoxed and needed somewhere to go without my smile hoping someone could get it back for me and you certainly did that. Thank you my dear online friend. I am so happy I found you in blogger land = )


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