Finders Keepers!

“Business is never so healthy as when, like a chicken, it must do a certain amount of scratching for what it gets.”

-Henry Ford

This is where Her Royal Pain in the Highness works/reigns over her kingdom of crazy… the one, thankfully the only, ungraceful ME!


 Welcome to my side of our offices… Finders Keepers Treasures!

Everything you see has come from a storage auction or estate sale.  Oh yes and totally for sale! Anything can be yours AND delivered to your door by my Prince… for an EXTRA fee. 🙂 You know your jealous of my telephone!

You too can own my Mario Cart Telephone! I can’t help but wonder what it says about me. Hmmmm, let’s go with, this gal is so dang cool she can run the show while not taking herself too seriously. Truth: I’m just the personality, the Prince runs the show, he just let’s me think I do. 😉


 We do have a really fun job. We work together and get to be involved in everything our kids do. Sounds like the things dreams are made of, right?

We think so but the real side of this business is we work harder than most people are willing to. 12-18 hour days are all too common. When it’s your baby, your dollar, your hard work is where the buck stops and everyone is waiting for you to fail… again… you work that much harder. You get creative. We are a two person team with a bunch of smallish helpers but it’s just us. We run the websites, shipping, purchasing, warehouse, office work, book keeping… together. We attend auctions as a team as often as time permits. Auctions are really the fun part of this business for us.

We don’t go out for date night often and hardly ever leave the kids. People say that’s not healthy but remember we spend ALL day EVERY day working together. Going to auctions several times a month together is WAY better than any date night!!! We could have fun mucking out horse stalls all day together so we turn auctions into a fun weird competition between each other and some friends that happen to attend that day too. Just good times! Excellent that we can turn something that we can enjoy together into a profitable business. Um, sort of, kinda profitable. Let’s be honest, this month could be fantastic and next could be such a stinker. Lemons into lemonade and learn that the sweet comes in the process and hard work with and for those you love.

Got Used Underwear? EEEEWWW!!!! NOT as glamorous as one would think! We see more used underwear and “stuff” wink wink that makes you wonder about humanity


The only way we can keep from loosing our shirt is by running that much quicker and working that much harder. Part of this business is educated luck but most of it is about seeing potential and marketing it. Purchasing is the easiest part. Anyone with money in their pocket and a lock in their hand can purchase.

If I value something entirely too high, end up paying way too much for something, that we’d later find out was not what I believed it to be… not good. It’s like sitting in front of a slot machine and feeding in several hundred, if not thousands of dollars into it and getting NOTHING back. Squat! Bupkis!

That’s when you have to remember that there may be 12 boxes still in that unit that could contain something to save your skin on this deal. Then again it may not contain anything but a trip in the dump for you in your future. More $$$ spent to dump your misfortune. WEEEEEEE! Isn’t this FUN!?

“Betty White” our Excursion Truck, has been stuffed to her rafters and hitched to our little trailer way too many times in the beginning.


Now, before we go any further… have you taken the oath?

Sigh, people I kid you not, go here to promise you life away to me 😉

Now that you purchased a unit we must empty it, COMPLETLY! No kidding, every last item down to broom sweeping it out.

STOP! Picture it… think if you HAD to downsize your whole life/home into a storage unit how much and what would you janga into it? People seem to forget that they are paying to store these items and do tend to store their MOST BIZARRE, personal, things they don’t want their family to know about or find out about and plenty of useless junk. People also have been known to live in storage units. That’s a dark side of this. It’s disgusting to come across units like that but you can’t help but be reminded that this is a reality of this world and this business. We give back and donate all we can in the hope that we can help to be the change for others but I know in my heart that it’s not enough to be the change. Love hauling flea infested urine soaked sofas  to the dump? Really? You don’t get a kick out of that? Neither do we, we learned what to avoid from early mistakes. Least we’ve never bought a body. EEEEWWWWWW!

we’ve found “heads” but no call the Police, I got a freezer full of missing people yuck. Planning to keep it that way, Thanks!



Hey! Some of us learn best from stepping in it first. There is NO How To Book for what we’ve gotten ourselves into. We’re plowing along, blazing the best trail we can. Make the best choices, take the most educated realistic gambles. We always hear, “Ya Gotta Play To Win”… same is true in this business. We just have to be conservative because every risk we take, we take as a WHOLE FAMILY. We spend sleepless nights researching items we found, antiques, vintage items, restoration info, product prices, listing everything we can keep up with on Ebay, craigs list and other publications.

The “RC Unit” when we took one look at this when the door came open we knew this was screaming our name. The Prince knows RC & this was one of the most awesome units we scored. Awesome is in the eye of he who knows how to dispose of those items to the right stoked people for a fair price!



If we are not emptying a unit, while the kids are in school, we’re contacting customers, answering questions, managing the website, processing product, pricing product, meeting customers to tour the warehouse, picturing every last item we have, going through all the personal paperwork that comes from the units ( shredding), shipping, restoring project products, unloading the truck and my Prince runs our truck for private local shipping jobs as well. We also have 2 other businesses we run, together… just us. Sleep? I have forgotten what that is. We run a tag team crew that works smashingly well for my Handsome Prince, our kids and I all to be happy, balanced and constantly learning.

When the kids get home from school, we try to have as much of our work ready to come home with us so they can have a very normal set routine. Homework gets done directly after school. Sometimes they have to come back to the shop with us and they all have chairs and desk areas to do their work. They also have their own office with a couch, TV and DVD. ALL furnished from an estate sale.  They may help to unload the truck, research and work with us in the warehouse BUT they are fairly spoiled and do get to chill more often than not. 🙂

HELLO kiddos! K & friends coming in the back bay. The Warehouse was stuffed and the girls came to help organize. K was not feeling the camera that day… or any day since teen is right around the corner.


Think back to what you were thinking about stuffing into that storage unit. Each of the 30 boxes weighs maybe 25+ lbs? Kitchen table weights a bunch, the chairs are awkward, the side table is solid marble and weighs an easy 600 lbs, bedroom set weighs several hundred lbs ad well. Careful with the mirrors, art, glass. What is it? is it safely packed in the first place? How can I pack it all into my truck, back out, into the warehouse, unpacked, researched, pictured, priced, listed, sold, paid for, repacked, shipped and received. OOOF! I’m tired! Welcome to our every day!

One of many truck unloads we’ve done. Nothing sexy about the back of our warehouse… full of mystery and fun to poke through, totally! A view from the back of the stuffed truck.


This business takes your blood, sweat, tears and it just got started.

WHY the heck would any sane person do this for a living???!!!

Simple… For our Family.

What would you do to provide a good life for your family? Would you let bumps in the road slow you down, if you can attend every performance, every big moment in your children’s lives? What would you do to be able to be there when your children get home from school or take a day off when someone falls ill or needs some attention?  We have to succeed. It’s the only option. We look at business just like dirt bike riding… You have to look where you want to go and stay focused. If you only look at the rock or the pitfalls, your going to find your rear smashed right into one of them. Yes, it’s A TON of work. Being there and each actively engaged in raising our kids, highs and lows… worth every single last bit of it. Plus, my boss is pretty handsome. I may like him a lot.

WOW such hateful glances! Note to self do not disturb the Prince’s FroYo break. Ahem… I was just telling everyone how hard we work FroYo dude. Back to selling that lovely fake fruit you got there!



We accept that when we don’t work, we don’t get paid. However, the lights still need to stay on, bills need to be paid.

How do we do it?

We are a people that need to be outside playing together. THAT is important to us and we choose to make time for it. It’s like saying yes to having a better relationship with each member of our family and a grounding peaceful feeling to sweep through and wipe away all that weighs us down. We NEED sand, dirt and fresh air to recharge.

We work nearly around the clock when we are trying to get away, to make up for our time off. He takes late shift and I start the early so there is only a couple of hours in between that we’re not actively moving forward. It’s a sacrifice that is worth it and we are so grateful for the opportunity to have options and flexibility. It was our goal for our children to always have a parent available to them and this is how we choice to achieve that goal. Our kids know we work hard, but they will never know how many all nighters have gone down in the name of the new sneakers, jeans, school trips & opportunities for them. It’s our pleasure and privilege. We ALWAYS act like the wolf is at the door and we’re down to our last dollar. That way good or bad month, it doesn’t change the way we work, we just plow on and enjoy why we’re here. We take appointments 365 days a year 24/7… the beauty of being the owners. 🙂

We can’t afford a trash compactor so to save some money we toss a few kids in every so often. 😉


 OK, I apologize to those that want to shower at the idea of our kids in our dumpster.

There is NEVER food waste so it’s as clean as a dumpster can be. Doesn’t make you feel better? Sorry.

For the rest of you, High 5! We’re the “coolest strict parents ever”. Yup, we hold the Pres and V.P. positions of the we’re freaking cool but only to a point of PG and as long as you shower after this. We try to make memories when ever we see an opportunity. How many of us have leaped with glee into heaps of fluff for fun? Yeah, I thought so.

We’ll adopt you as our bonus friend, you can come be cool in a weird way too! Inclusive trash can tour available upon request!

My girlfriend texted the other day… what r u doing?! Playing on ur computer?  I sent her this pic of the back corner of the warehouse and wrote “I touched everything you see in this picture twice in the last hour”. She stopped thinking I play on the computer all day for fun anymore.


 We have been given the opportunity to make things happen for ourselves. Within that opportunity we have been able to donate home goods, clothing, furniture and appliances to some wonderful charities that offer many people the chance to get a roof over their families heads and get started back on a better track. We’ve been given so much help and support to get here, it is so important to turn around and do it for others, when you see the need and can fill it. I dare say, what we have given away has brought us joy that can not be measured in cash. Lessons I’m proud to share with our kids. Be the change in your world and others.

So maybe we’re Just A Little Bit Nutty, I can accept that. it’s a badge we wear proudly! 😉

We’ve found amazing things! We’ve filled our trash with xxx mags and videos. :0

We’ve been High, we’ve been LOW.

Regardless of where we are at the moment, we have everything we’ve ever wanted… to be together.

Alone we’re pretty OK, Together we’re outstanding and there is nothing we can’t manage!

We joke that we work from one collective brain… sometimes it really feels that way too.

Working with your spouse is not for everyone and we do have times where we have to get out of each others space. Communication is key. We try to communicate what we need, what’s going on or how we feel BEFORE being short and coming off nasty. Being ready to say sorry and accept a heaping helping of humble pie helps too, when your in the wrong.

We try to leave today, here.

Meaning what ever crap-o-la happened today, work it out and fix what can be and move on. Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today. Gosh, I could make a LONG list of times the Prince has cheesed me off. What would it get me? Angry, upset and feeling yucky. 98% of the time we’ve taken the time to stop and fix where our words or actions went wrong so that tomorrow when we head to work, it’s a new fresh day of possibilities. For the record, his list for me might be twice as long. 🙂 I never claimed to be perfect! He’s a dang saint!

Finders Keepers Treasures has a little bit of everything for rock bottom prices.

Professional double wine chiller


Vintage punch bowls w/ matching glasses in original packaging!


Moe’s engraved bowling ball with vintage case? This was the first piece Luc bid on and bought with his own money! Whoot for our 9 year old entrepreneur! Way to go kiddo!


House plant you can’t kill?


Side table. We have living room sets, office couches, books, statues, dishes, glasses, vases, kick knacks new and used.


 Eventually a little bit of EVERYTHING comes through our warehouse.

Oh the stories. The stories that can only come out over a glass of vino with the over 21 crowd… even then those that blush easily or at risk of having a little accident when laughing will have to turn ears away. WE know WAY TOO MUCH about the people who’s units we’ve purchased. WOW!!!! Oh WOW!

For another place and time. hahahahahaha! You’ll never look at goldfish the same ever again. hahahaha! 😉

Please don’t ever be afraid to chase a dream. Work hard and even if you fail, you have something to be proud of!

What is right and works for us, is our thing. Your thing can be something totally different and that’s why this world is so great!

Always try to support your local small business and keep the family business alive in your communities.

In such uncertain times, it’s important to support each others dreams. Who knows, we just might find something wonderful there!

With our feet on the ground but our minds always above the clouds,

Meg xoxo

That’s right! I Gots your JOY right here! Or your OY… depends on the moment 😉


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  1. I can not believe how much we are alike – we just happen to be across the country from each other. I think I told you about Once and Twice Loved and all my inventory, storage boxes and mannequins full of clothing here in my office. Ahhhhh…..I just love it and love the fact that you are living outside of the box and making your own normal to have the life you all want to live. Good for you. We don’t all have to have a 9-5 job. I have no problem passionately working 18 hours a day if its for the right reasons and what I love doing. Being home with the family makes it all worth it.



  2. I forgot…I want a couple mannequin heads PLUS the JOY display. Can you email me on it with prices and shipping? Thanks. You can mark them as sold….haha


  3. You’ve talked about your businesses but I never knew what you do. Sounds like incredibly hard work, but I love that it lets you be who you want to be and where you want to be.

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