February Secret Subject Swap

“As soon as you start to pursue a dream, your life wakes up and everything has meaning.”

– Robert H. Schuller


Welcome to Take One of February Secret Subject Swap. This week, 15 brave bloggers picked a secret subject for someone else and were assigned a secret subject to interpret in their own style. Today we are all simultaneously divulging our topics and submitting our posts.

This month my subject was submitted by http://lifeonthesonnyside.blogspot.com/

My “Secret Subject” is: 

 What dream that you’ve had do you most wish would come true?

I have a lot of dreams.

Some a bit more serious than the others.

I share with you, not an original idea but one that I totally need to be a part of.

You see, I have a problem.

Do you enter a store assuming that when you return the vehicle you drove there in will be just as you left it?

You weren’t thinking you would stop in for peanut butter or dog food and get an E ticket ride to an insurance claim?

My friends- Danger lurks in those neat rows of vehicles!

Striking out at unsuspecting patrons while they shop!

Twice (in four years) I have had to pay our $500 insurance deductible to fix damages to a vehicle done by a shopping cart.

Both times we were about to sell the car so we didn’t have any other option but to cough up the cash.

That’s $1,000 I could have used to take my kids to Disneyland, stash in a college fund or pay some bills.

Point is, my family has had to pay for the inconsiderate duchebaggery of of lazy people.

Rise up you patrons of chain stores, markets and retailers with carts!

We’re not going to take the scratches, the dings, the dents and the general I’m entitled to do whatever I please even if it causes damage to you attitude any more!

What shall we do you might ask?

Gather round patrons of Walmart and shoppers of Target.

You weekend Home Depot Warriors and people parking carts/buggys across the world…

We are going to change the world one parking lot at a time!

I have a dream!

Picture it:

We gather a smallish group of festive volunteers that are willing to have a totally awesome afternoon.

The band of merry funteers will gather in a vehicle that blend in well and wait.

I didn’t mention the best part?

Those awesome Funteers have matching t-shirts!

Oh yes, you too may sponsor a day of Funteers to “clean” the parking lot with kindness!

With cash, free coupons for good or services generously provided by the incredible sponsors that would love some fabulous positive press and feel strongly about encouraging everyone to be their best, the Funteers will go to work.

The theory is simple.

People need to feel like there is something in it for them to be motivated to make changes to their current behavior. Those who are used to using a cart return should be rewarded for showing that you respect others.

This is not award worthy.


Not worthy.

Except if someone took it upon themselves to bring a few in or straighten out the mess so carts don’t go taking off and hitting my car… then they are totally worthy.

The idea of getting $5, $20, $100, maybe a free burger or trip to a theme park might be all the incentive some people need to walk the extra few feet and do the right thing.

Hey every good deed done is one in the right direction in my book.

I want to be head cheerer of the Funteer brigage that high fives and forks over prizes to people just looking out for each other and doing the right thing.

Unsuspecting awesome people going about their day and suddenly they have cash for gas or passes to the movies. I want to make people smile like that. I want to be the crazy lady that handed them cash for doing something they should do.

I want to reinforce the positive in people and show them that their example really does count. The things we all do and say really do matter.

If you don’t play by the rules you can’t win the prize.

Read the smaller print… NOT RESPONSIBLE for damage.

It’s marshall cart law in them there parking facilities.

It’s up to us, each of us to cut down on the debauchery and duchbaggery that is causing unnecessary pains in my rump roast and wallet.

If I had that $1,000 back right now, I’d happily skip right down to the bank and cash it in for a bunch of $10’s.

I would have preferred to have given it away than to have had to spend it so wastefully.

I’d love to take those $10’s to a parking lot near me and spread the love until I ran out of cash.

So maybe it might sound just a little nutty to hide in parking lots and randomly happily ambush strangers and make their day.

Well, when you put it that way… it sounds freaking awesome!

You know deep down inside there is a piece of you just dying to wear the Official Funteer Shirt and hide with me.

Don’t be next to file a claim!

Kindness starts in the parking lot.

Be the better example. Take the high road.

Who knew that shopping buggys provided such deep lessons on humanity?!

Now we just need some excellent sponsors my awesome Funteer Friends!

We’ll rock the change until some fabulous companies join the rest of the cool kids that put their carts away and fund this wicked little happy P.R. media train. *wink wink*

While I work out the little detail like acquiring mega watt sponsors for these fantastic Kindness Clean Up Days, Please Visit the very talented Secret Subject Swappers this month!
















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    • karen on February 1, 2013 at 8:21 am

    I LOVE this post babe. that is one of my pet peeves. Even with a wild 3yr old I still put my cart back properly. People are just rude and lazy…sosad.

  1. While you’re out getting mega watt sponsors, have one of those t-shirts made for me, and save me a seat in that Shaggymobile! Thanks, as always, for the fun and entertaining (and inspiring) read!

  2. Never in a million years could I have imagined that this prompt would have been taken the way of shopping cart Marshall Law, but I love it! That’s what’s so freaking cool about these swaps. I’m also a staunch cart returner! Power to the people! Loved this!!

    • Michele on February 1, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Haha! Excellent! I’ve been a cart-returner since my very young days as a Target worker. When you had to go get carts in the rain and see where they were strewn all over (or pushed NEXT to the cart corral) you wanted to scream. Sorry about your thousand dollar deductible, but your story and pic of the mystery machine ALMOST made it worth it. Thanks for the smiles!

  3. In Australia our carts have a slot in the top and to unlock them you need a $1 coin, when you return it and reconnect to the others your coin is returned. It works! People return them to get their money back.. Awesome post.
    Check this out, we could introduce it here and make our fortunes!


  4. You rocked this one. I want to be part of your club!!

    • Roshni on February 1, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Totally with you on this one!! Haven’t yet had any injuries to my car (maybe its too crappy for me to even notice if it had?!) but I get so annoyed when a whole parking space is blocked by carts that people were too lazy to return at the proper corralling place just two steps away!!

  5. I HATE it when that happens. Or the jerks who park their carts in the middle of a parking space…Or even worse, RIGHT next to your car.

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