Extreme Couponing

“…I am going to Target. I will get you anything you want, just please, please, don’t ask me to coupon.”

-My Handsome Prince

 Each week there are hundreds of coupons being issued for products or goods.

Most people know that coupons can be found in their Sunday paper but they can also be printed online, printed off store websites, loaded to membership or rewards cards, found on or in other products you’ve purchased, magazines, some are printed at check out from the Catalina machine, there is even coupon aps for your smart phones… Coupons are everywhere!

When someone hears that I coupon for the first time, the next question to follow almost always is… Like THAT Extreme Show?!?!

Well… yes and no. Yes, I use coupons for nearly every transaction I make and save between 50% -100% of my bill every time I shop.

Let’s be honest here… TLC Extreme Couponing does not always seem to set up realistic scenarios. I often find myself sitting there thinking, I have those same coupons for toothbrushes but it clearly states only 4 like coupons in one transaction. Yet I’m watching one very sweet woman buying them by the cart full on the show and deliver to a charity she supports.  Love the Charity Support BUT the scenarios TLC portrays are not realistic , entertaining but makes people get discouraged before they hardly got started because they can’t stroll out spending pennies on hundreds of dollars worth of products. Us regular folk don’t need hundreds of free toothbrushes or 100’s any  one product for that matter, storing 100’s of each product would take over our house and we’d be out in a tent!

I love to go camping but I’m no pioneer long term & certainly not because bulk T.P. kicked me out!

I realized I could save money couponing when I was going through chemo. I felt foggy, distant and had a very hard time processing things or even stringing a complete thought together out loud. I had zero energy so a friend suggested Sudoku for a brain teaser to sharpen me up. Do you have any idea how it feels to have a $1.00 book be smarter than you in every way shape and form? Yeah. No BUENO! So ,Sudoku was out. Our bills were rapidly adding up so I started looking for more ways to cut corners. I found couponing at the corner of sharpen my critical thinking & cutting my budget in half, just up the road from, bonus of better math skills and next to being able to provide for my family with some thought, skills and small amounts of cash in hand. I’ve been cancer free for 1 year 5 months now and we plan to stay that way, thank you. It was one of the hardest times for us as a family but together we all learned, grew and developed a whole new set of mad skills from it! When Life gives you Lemons, Make Orange Juice…  keep everyone wondering how you did it!

K worked at our shop and saved up to buy her whole family Chanukkah gifts with her own money in ’11. She got me this sweatshirt… I always seem to be saying that. I love it! Thanks sweetheart!


You don’t need to be Extreme to coupon.

All you need is coupons and some direction to locate some deals and start saving! Only you know what products you and your family needs and uses so you’ll have be pay a little bit of attention and you’ll find your couponing stride.

Couponing can take you hours if you sit and do all the match ups, for every single store, all by yourself. Then you still have to pull and clip your coupons! These are a couple of my favorite places to get coupon match ups, you can find a lot of beginner information about how to coupon, breaking deal scenarios, coupons and they are just good sites run by very hard working people like you and me who need to save a dollar too.

Southern Cali Saver- Josie at http://www.southerncalisaver.com/ is a one woman powerhouse of knowledge and fun! I like to follow her on Facebook so I don’t miss any of the breaking deals that she posts. She has a large following of people that share deals often. She writes well, promptly posts weekly store match ups and her sunny personality shines through! I like her Weekly Wallet Watch Posts so I never miss a best deal. Can’t wait to do her next juice cleanse!

The Krazy Coupon Lady- http://thekrazycouponlady.com/  These gals have it all! Coupon Match ups, deals, fashion tips, reminders to print your coupons and guide for beginners. Kourtney Kardashian went nuts for The Krazy Coupon Lady on this last season on Kourtney and Kim take New York, before her family staged a coupon intervention. I like some of their magazine deals and have been able to get many of my favorites for the next 2-4 years for less than the price of one at the market!

                          I Heart The Mart- http://www.iheartthemart.com/ All Walmart shopping, all the time.!Oh come on, everyone heart’s the mart occasionally!

      Money Saving Mom- http://moneysavingmom.com/ I was just recently told to check out Money Saving Mom. Fabulous! A Great money saving resource while also receive many a good idea for a DIY project or something you’ve been wanting to try.

         Target– Behold the Target Printable Coupons that may be used WITH a manufacturer coupon. When you can use 2 to get one that usually = free or really cheap. Love Target coupons!

Coupons.com- http://www.coupons.com/ a place to print savings from the comforts of home

Those are my favorites to get you started browsing around and learning about couponing.

Saving money is possible and always necessary. Start today and you’ll have rainy day money left over for what ever you’d like tomorrow!

We have braces x2 coming this year, new glasses for x2… saving money isn’t a choice, it’s a classy lifestyle! 😉

First step is picking up a couple of papers this Sunday or order your subscriptions today! Once you start, keep going and before long it will add up!

Get your hands on some coupons!


LA Times has happy coupons in my opinion-https://www.times-subscription.com/– keep your eyes peeled as I keep getting my subscriptions for $10 each per year!

May you and your family have a happy a safe weekend full of fun and adventures that bring you joy!

But don’t forget your coupons on Sunday!

Happy Clipping,

Meg xoxo

My coupons are being held hostage by a little spotted friend’s nap



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