Eccentric, Awkward Or Just A Little Nutty…

  ” If you never did, you should. These things are fun and fun is good.” – Dr. Seuss

Four kids, four small businesses, a spoiled Labrador, six exotic Bengal cats … life in our house is NEVER boring!  Welcome to our slice of the Southern California sunshine.

  My name is Meg and I’ll be the ring leader of this nutty circus. I’m married to my Handsome Prince and together we try to put the fun back in dysfunction. We met our Junior year of high school and have been best friends ever since. We wont talk about how long ago that was, thanks. We built our businesses around our family so EVERYONE in our house pitches in. Eye rolling and slamming of doors not permitted but often occurs. We’re in Motor Sports, automotive repair/smog & buy storage units at auction/ estate sales… Yes, exactly like the shows but without the glitz of a Hollywood camera crew. I’m a writer, author, yoga instructor, small business owner, entrepreneur available for ghost, freelance commissioned writing, product reviews, motivational speaking engagements and if you are ready to take the plunge… well, I can marry you and your special someone too! (USA only, sorry… my cool powers of matrimony have to end somewhere. 😉 ) We all work hard BUT we play hard too. Surfing, hiking, RC cars, motorcycles, dirt bikes… if it has a motor we may have one or parts/tools for one.

Having served many years in “The Parent ZONE” I’mfairly qualified to toss, project ideas, how to/DIY ideas, tid bits, tips, recipes, rants, useful information,  and utter drivel. Hey, gets no more real than my laundry pile and the brisket is to die for. Come to the dark side… we have a freezer full of Girl Scout cookies!  You’ll hear bits about my wonderfully wonky family in a way only my twisted noggin can view it from. 

With this many personalities under this Big Top, we’re running at full speed all the time. Sometimes parenting feels like your trying to teach a rabid wolverine to waltz and the next, it’s utterly divine! Life is messy. It gets busy. Books are vacations and time in line for a latte becomes your only “Me” time. Get nice and comfortable while I share with you why my kids laugh and call me awkward, friends think my homemade laundry soap is eccentric (and then they get hooked 🙂 ) but for me I’d rather be Just A Little Nutty and hard to define.

No Need to re-create the wheel when we can share the knowledge we have. Our family has been exploring sustainable living practices and some wicked new recipes. Of course I’ll have those old wonderful recipes too… comfort foods and I’ll try to add some of my healthier tricks as well. There is something so special about gathering your family about the table to a beautiful and tasty meal. Our family comes together every night around the table. A time that we, as parents treasure so dearly. Have a question or just want to send a little love, email me at

This life is a three ring circus. Some days I’m driving the clown car and others, it’s running me over. I am madly in love with my Handsome Prince and couldn’t imagine life without all the freaky performers that grace me with their daily demands.

Your here! You’ve made it!  I thank you! I Hope you enjoy the time you spend, where being Just A Little Nutty is embraced, encouraged and laughter abounds!

With Heaping Spoonfuls of Love,




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