Easy Lemon Pepper Potatoes

“How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?”

– Paul Sweeney

Have you walked into your kitchen, looked through the fridge, pawed through the pantry and then threw your hands up and ordered take out? Even though you have plenty in your home.
Yeah… me too. Guilty!
Sometimes I’m feeling lazy and justify a night off chef duty.
Sometimes my creativity is spent and the best I can do is open box, or can and follow directions.
Sometimes we seem to be running on rocket fuel and the day is flying quickly past me. Before I know it, people are asking what’s for dinner even though I’m trying to do 5 other things at that moment with a list that would easily put me going to bed after 3 AM.
Dinner can be an absolute joy but it can also be a horrid taxing time consuming must do.
If your short on time, think you can’t cook, or one of your mortal enemies is doing the dreaded dishes too, fear not for I have the recipe for you! 😉
We couldn’t agree on what to call them. 🙂
What kind of potatoes do you have on hand?
I tend to usually have some Russet Potatoes lingering about because they often go on sale. I have been trying to get away from the white potatoes and feed my family the potatoes that contain higher proteins and vitamins. Like the Red, Blue, Purple and fingerling potatoes. However, these potatoes tend to be considerably more expensive. They perform better in a soups or stews as well! Russets are great for a classic baked potato, a side of fries and for this recipe because they are already hanging out in my kitchen waiting for inspiration.  🙂 
We had been busy that day and I felt wilted by the time I needed to hit the kitchen to make dinner.
BLAH! I glanced at the drawer where we keep the take out menus. We didn’t need to spend extra money because of my lazy. Pout. I knew I needed to snap out of my trance and whip up something good for dinner. I leaned on the counter and promptly consulted Facebook. OK, so maybe I was stalling. Hey! You do it too! 😉 The oracle known as Facebook provided just the kick in the tushy I needed!
I follow quite a few other Bloggers. I’m a huge fan of the crazy talents people have and so enjoy how they share it. Facebook is the best way for me to keep up with their new posts. You can join Nutty on Facebook HERE. As I was scrolling through my talented friend’s posts, I came upon a coupon deal update for Lawry’s Marinades. The person who posted the deal simply said, ” We love the lemon pepper on potatoes.” INSPIRATION!!!

Lawry’s Lemon Pepper Marinade


I fired up my oven to 350 degrees!
Take a cookie sheet and cover it with parchment paper or foil.
Wash your potatoes and pat them dry.
Cut your potatoes into chunks and spread them in a single layer across your lined cookie sheet.
I used the Lawry’s Lemon Pepper flavor Marinade and drizzled it generously over all of my pretty potato pieces. Say THAT 3 times! 😉  I always keep these marinates on hand. Lawry’s issues great coupons regularly that make these awesome products super cheap and sometimes even FREE! You could add other seasonings if you desire. I think next time I’ll try making them with some fresh herbs too. Yum! I’m trying to watch our excess salts so I decided to let the marinate to the flavoring for me today. 🙂

5 minutes to prep and it’s already ready to bake!


Pop your cookie sheet into the oven for about 25 minutes or until your fork slides into your potato like butter and they are browned.

Delicious Potatoes Are Ready!

My Nutty Crew Loves “Sandwich”!

For what ever reason a large sandwich made on French Bread loaf has become known around here as “Sandwich”.

Sandwich is a favorite. Sandwich is easy. Serving sandwich as an on the fly dinner means everyone is happy and no one complains. I figured serving a new side dish would be not only tasty but would go over best when paired with an old favorite.

The Potatoes were a hit!

Many thanks to Lawry’s for their yummy multi use marinades! I plan to try some other flavors on some other veggies too! Thank you to the blogger who posted a great deal on marinades and tossed in their idea out there too. I wish I could remember who you are!!!! Thank you for inspiring a tasty dinner! I’ve been asked several times for more blogs that I recommend and follow. I’ll make an updated list to post here soon! You mystery coupon blogger, trust me you’ll make it on my list!

Hope your having a fun and safe weekend!

While we’re at play with our family and friends on this “extra” day off we have this week, let us not forget why we observe this day.

On this beautiful Memorial Day, we offer our heartfelt gratitude to the brave souls and their families, that have sacrificed to defend the freedom we enjoy.  Remember to keep the gratitude in your heart all 364 days out of the year as well… every day someone is laying down their life for your freedom.

It’s a bright, beautiful, great day! We’re going out to play!

Pass The Potatoes,










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