Don’t Forget Your GREEN… PESTO!

Marie: “Restaurants are to people in the ’80s “what theater was to people in the ’60s.” I read that in a magazine.  Jess: I wrote that.  Marie: Get out of here.  Jess: No, I did. I wrote that.  Marie: I’ve never quoted anything from a magazine in my life. That’s amazing. Don’t you think that’s amazing? And you wrote it?  Jess: I also wrote, “Pesto is the quiche of the ’80s.” Marie: Get over yourself!  Jess: I did!  Marie: Where did I read that?  Jess: New York magazine.  Sally writes for New York magazine.

– When Harry Met Sally

A little Green Food that is SUPER versatile for your St. Patrick’s Day gatherings, that I always keep on hand…

I present to you Fresh & Easy Brand

Genovese Basil…



I adore Fresh & Easy Markets I like the quality of the produce, the prices are great and they have a new friends rewards program. Their rewards program allows you to accumulate your points and then convert them into $$$$$ off your transaction of choice.  I’ve converted my points twice and have saved over $35 off using their points program. The only draw back to Fresh & Easy is that they ONLY accept their own coupons NOT manufacturer coupons. I still find that when I shop there I am able to leave having saved quite a bit with a cart full of wonderful cuts of meats and some great produce. They have some really good ready to microwave meals too as well as almost anything else you’d find in the average market, except F&E puts emphasis on the healthier choices and offers locally grown or produced products as well as some imported gems and goodies.

Fresh & Easy Breads are out of this world!

We love the  french, Italian as well as their buns and sandwich breads. I always get our breads at F&E, for the most part, unless there is an amazing sale at another store, F&E quality can not be beat!

Which is why I am yammering on about Fresh & Easy on St. Patrick’s Day.

St.Patty’s and guests drinking “Adult Beverages” have been tied together for ages. Serving finger foods, snacks and a meal is a good way to keep the fun at a high but the Spirits not taking over. Having a steady stream of delicious snacks keeps stomachs full and full is happy.

I like to make my own pesto too but I LOVE having a product that is inexpensive, that I can pull from my pantry or fridge and create a fast and yummy meal in no time flat. Pesto is such a versatile and delicious item to add to your kitchen arsenal. There are many ways to serve pesto. It has such a distinct flavor of it’s own, that when paired with almost anything you enjoy, it would end up being a great tasting treat.

I went to a lunch once where my girlfriend had taken small tomatoes, cut them in half, added her pesto to the middle and a curl or parmesan cheese… I don’t think there was even one left, they really were delicious.

I like to take a nice fresh loaf of Fresh and Easy Bread, Italian, french, or baguette. Doesn’t really matter what type you get as long as you like it’s flavor because you can cut anything to the size you desire to serve it in.

When I bring home a loaf of F&E bread, I have to announce that I’m making something with it or my people will have in nibbled away in no time. 🙂


Cut to the size that you desire. If you plan to serve as an appetizer you can purchase the smaller baguette or slice your bread and then slice each slice again in half, making for a comfortable 2 bite size appetizer.

Cutting the bread is the hardest part or may be opening the lid. I employ my strong K or my Handsome Prince for can opening if ever my efforts are thwarted.

Spread your Pesto over your bread.

If you have a chunk on fresh parmesan, you can add a nice curl to the top of each or grab your fresh parmesan that already been shredded and add a little to each. My girls eat this as a snack or for lunch in place of a sandwich.

The whole family loves it when I make a cheese tortellini  or a plain noodle and toss it in pesto sauce.

This pesto makes a 3 minute GREEN delicious appetizer or a 8-10 minute GREEN dinner depending on how long it takes to make your pasta!

Don’t forget that pesto usually contains NUTS so please read the labels or be careful if there is someone in your home that has a nut allergy!

A little bit goes a long way, always keep that in mind with this flavorful dish. Add it gradually to your pastas so that you get exactly the amount that you desire.

Don’t forget the cheese, if you have it or like it. They even make a wicked vegan parmesan cheese 

********It’s always great to have a handful of VEGAN and VEGITARIAN go to recipes too!******

When we gather our friends and loved ones in our homes we want everyone to feel welcome, eat and enjoy the company. Being a vegetarian shouldn’t mean you starve through yet another gathering. Keep in mind your guest and just toss in a new soon to be favorite dish to your next gathering.

No Blarney Here! Pesto is Awesome and Versatile!

“May those that love us, love us.

 And those that don’t love us, May God turn their hearts.

 And if He doesn’t turn their hearts, May He turn their ankles So we will know them by their limping.”

 ~Irish Blessing

 Wishing you A Safe And Very Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


May your thoughts be as glad as the shamrocks,

Meg xoxo

P.S. I am brand loyal so if there is a product I use or appreciate, I may share about it from time to time. I’m not paid, begged, bribed or asked nicely to test, endorse, or speak about ANY products. If it’s something I couldn’t do without or we enjoy why not share so everyone can benefit from it! Just telling you how we see it and it’s my opinion alone… do with it how ever you wish.




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