Dance Fest & The Stash

“You are invited to the festival of this world and your  life is blessed.”
-Rabindranath  Tagore


The last Friday before the end of the school year is the Dance Fest!
I look forward to Dance Fest all dang year. It’s so cute to watch all the different classes of various ages doing the dances they had worked so hard to learn, wearing such cute costumes or outfits. I am a sucker for kindergartners choreographed!
It’s a reminder that the kids we own are getting entirely too big.

Hey Miss J! Nice face K!


K has become too cool… as seen above.

What?! Does your old Ma embarrass you Honey?


You know I can still see you even if you can’t see me OR would rather not. 😉


I believe the S.S. Mom has sailed into hostel waters.

Retreat! Retreat!

I miss Little Kinder Peeps that frantically wave until they are absolutely positive that everyone who was there to see them has waved back 14 or 15 times… Smiling ear to ear so thrilled to pose for that photo moment.



Kenz ran over to give a hug to her parents and then sat only long enough to talk to a friend. We DIY her special “Sparkly” T-shit last night. It has to have sparkles she said so sparkled it did. Isn’t it cute?


You say you can’t see her t-shirt through her hoodie?

Yeah, that’s what I said. Trip to 2 stores, sparkled it, dried it, unsparkled the dog, unsparkled the handsome Prince after he hugged the sparkle dog, changed my sparkly sheets and then my dear sweet daughter promptly wore a lovely hoodie that matched perfectly.

It’s Southern California kid! It’s 88 degrees out here. My pale blogging butt is frying out here under the sun like bacon.

It’s almost showtime and people are flocking in.



Luc just laughs when he spies me camera in hand. He doesn’t mind and has learn to humor the old lady. Smart Boy!

Sibling evolution at it’s best. 😉

The air is beginning to smell like a melting pot of suntan oils and lotions. The kids are nervous but ready to strut their stuff.

Parents Precariously Perched


The things that parents will do to get a better view and shot.

Pssssst, looks like fun but don’t try this at home people over 30. I saw a VERY ungraceful dismount by a parent…. ahahahaha! I’m totally just jealous that I don’t have that super cool long lens for the camera so I can snag the cool view too. 🙁 It’s on my list of things to purchase when we hit the lotto.  Oh come on you know you have a long Lotto List too! 🙂

The kids ALL did an amazing job!

The Teachers did a dance too!


Funny Fact: There are NO male teachers at our school. Weird.

Tons in the district but just so happens not at our school at the moment.

Kenz dance


Luc feelin’ Hot Hot Hot!


K’s 6th grade dance


I personally think that K was smiling the whole time ONLY due to the fact that she knew that I had strategically placed myself right in front of where one of the kids was going to shoot off a water cannon.

I realised my error just as the water was launched. I saved the camera but took a direct hit to the cleavage.

Slightly refreshing, mildly annoying but it meant that the Dance Fest was over.

I waved and chit chatted my way across the black top weaving my way back to where the Handsome Prince and I had been sitting before I had launched into I must capture this moment mode. Glistening like a pig due to the fact that Fox 11 News had reported that the morning would be over cast and cooler. There I was in my typical jeans and a tank top but it was getting a bit too hot for jean. I absently wiped my face a few times to remove the “glisten” that was threatening to bead and give away the fact that it’s been forever since I waxed the stash. I spoke to at least a half a dozen people before locating my Prince who had the chairs folded as was ready to roll.

“What’s going on on your face?” he asks.

I thought he was joking and slug him on the arm. He stops and does the international sign of a parent who is serious about removing schmutz from their child’s face… coming at me with a spit covered thumb I squeal and go to cover my face with my hands.

My right hand was completely black from my talented balancing while taking pictures.

I had wiped blacktop across my lip leaving no doubt as to if I needed to wax as well as a lovely schemer across my forehead too.

Oh Good Grief! I managed to do that and then walk around yakking at people, yet no one said a thing… hateful people.

My pride was wounded and I scurried up the street to wash my face.

My Handsome Prince says that watching me pull off such feats of stupidity and carelessness may be a highlight of being married to me. 🙂

I seem to always find the hole to trip into, wipe the schmutz across my face, sit in the yucky while wearing white. 

 I give up! I can’t help that I need a keeper!?

Lucky for me my Handsome Prince totally looks past the outside and loves me, stash and all! 😉

Least I didn’t sit in anything… or did I?

May your weekend be wonderful!

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