Crock Pot Ham


“The difference between involvement and commitment is like hams and eggs. The chicken is involved; the pig is committed.

-Martina Navratilova


Have you made Crock Pot Ham before?

I know, I’m on a crock pot kick but I can’t help that they are absolutely AWESOME!

With the holidays creeping up around the corner, I thought I’d turn you on to a little time and space saver tip that will take some of the pressure out of the holiday feasts.

I do not have an entertainers kitchen but that certainly doesn’t stop us from entertaining!

No one is coming to hang out with my kitchen anyway. 🙂

It’s got some great counter space but only one oven and four cooking burners.

Frankly, let’s call it three burners…

One is being hateful to me at the moment. :/

I really enjoy having friends and family over to gather together to enjoy a meal together every chance I get. Doesn’t need to be a special occasion or holiday to make a special point to spend a wonderful time breaking bread with the ones we love.

The problem is that my kitchen can put a damper on the amount of foods that can be cooked or heated at the same time.

There is NO WAY to balance a perfectly awesome big holiday feast without using some smart thinking.

Crock Pots to save the day!

If you cook it in a crock pot or if you just use the indispensable crock pot to keep those delicious dishes that you so lovingly prepared, piping hot and absolutely incredible.

Cheers to eating hot food again!

I’m not shy about asking those coming to feast to chip in the use of their crock pot to save me. 🙂 Cheapest price for an awesome meal ever!

So very many years of knocking myself out trying to produce the epic Norman Rockwell feast but then was too busy to ever enjoy it without being re-heated a few times first before I got back to it.

HEY… you parents of infants and little ones!!!

A crock pot is the way to rock it and still cook divine meals without feeling like you have to either abandon the kiddos for the kitchen or order out for the holiday.

My turkey or brisket get top priority in the oven and most attention, usually…

which was giving the ham some serious insecurity issues.

Reassuring the ham that yes, we do indeed want it to appear at our gatherings as well to feed our hungry people en mass, I had to find a better way.

Hello! Into the Crock Pot Ham!

As long as you can lift the ham and plug in the crock pot, you can make this.


It’s super DE duper yummy and easy!


Get out that BIG Crock Pot.

Put a large butt portion ham into the Crock Pot

(You need to make sure that you are buying the right size for the amount of people you are serving. It’s up to what you need as to how many pounds you want. I like to follow the 1/2 pound per person rule of thumb BUT I enjoy leftovers. It allows me to cook once and make a variety of meals for later.)

Pour one 2 Liter bottle of Coca-Cola over the top of the ham.

Dr. Pepper and Pepsi work just as well. The RC Colas and Shasta don’t work. DO NOT use diet sodas either. I coupon often for discounted liters of soda so the expensive brands end up costing .40-.69 cents each. My girlfriend reported using Cherry Pepsi by accident once and now she swears by it. 🙂

It has a nice this golden, sweet, crisp glaze to it that is FABULOUS!

Moist, tender and makes for AMAZING leftovers!



Cubed for salads, omelets, to toss into scalloped potatoes, in baked potatoes under some cheese, in a yummy fried rice, split pea soup, the list of wonderful meals to make from leftover crock pot ham are endless!

Put lid on, turn it to LOW and let it cook 20-24 hours.

The ham is done with a beautiful glaze and is staying hot in the crock pot.

Dinner will be waiting to serve you a HOT meal for a change!

You didn’t have to take up room in the oven or get up hours before the early bird to accomplish a tasty feast for all!

Serve it as a main dish, as part of a larger meal or re-made into some amazing leftover meals.

Tried and true, Crock Pot Ham will come out the same for you every time without any extra fuss.

I’ll often serve our Crock Pot Ham with…

My Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans

Potatoes and Onions


Lemon Pepper Potatoes

You can be a hero without feeling like ya got zero left by meal time!

Go ahead and pot that ham in the crock pot and get ready for the compliments to start rolling in!

The holidays and special occasions are for enjoying each other’s company.

You can cheat just a little bit and still rock their socks off come meal time!

The only difference is that you’ll have worked half as hard on an incredible meal and you’ll have time to actually visit and enjoy your company.

Thanks be to the nifty invention of the crock pot, for it saves my rump roast ALL the time!

Enjoy your holidays!

Put your feet up and know that we’ve got the ham covered. 🙂



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    • Roshni on November 7, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    LOL!! Love the idea of the soda with ham!! I also tried coke for making cupcakes! Turned out amazing!

    • Kate on March 24, 2013 at 11:37 am

    I am so glad you reposted this on Twitter! I am 100% making this later on in the week. Love my crockpot and am always looking for new recipes. Thanks!!

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