Cottage Cheese Pancakes

Mix a pancake,
           Stir a pancake,
            Pop it in the pan.
           Fry the pancake,
          Toss the pancake,
            Catch it if you can.

-Christina Rossetti


Cottage Cheese Pancakes are light and thin, similar to a crepe.

I know, it’s hard not to think Cottage Cheese Pancakes… *Irp* Gross!

Cottage Cheese doesn’t seem like it belongs in my pancakes- says the chick that couldn’t stomach putting a simple bite of plain cottage cheese in my mouth and actually believe it’s not coming back out.

These Cottage Cheese Pancakes are THE BEST!

My whole life these Cottage Cheese pancakes were made on special occasions and for holidays.

We looked forward to the smell of them hitting the hot griddle.

I miss my Dad’s perfectly crispy bacon and his funny mini pancakes he’d make for all his grandchildren.

These are a big part of our family traditions.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes are Low Calorie and packed with protein in such a thin little package.

We all like them because there in no wrong way to eat these or topping too strange not to work.

My kiddos will often grab one, roll it around a piece of sausage or bacon and run out the door.

Even eating them totally plain!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes are EXTREAMLY Budget Friendly!

Every item in the ingredients can be purchased for .99 Cents or LESS and may even already be found in your pantry already!

Makes about 12 pancakes for between $1-$4!

I usually only need to pick up Small Curd Cottage Cheese when I make this so it normally costs me $1 to make a batch. 🙂

You will need to add the below ingredients into a bowl:

2 Tablespoons of Oil

1/4 Cup Flour

A Pinch of Salt

8 Ounces of SMALL CURD Cottage Cheese

I’ve used the larger curd and I just don’t like how it turns out… almost lumpy and funky.

Still tasty but weird and not the way they should be.

Small curd seems to blend effortlessly as it cooks.

See, I love ya so much I screw it up a few times first just so I have something to warn ya about. 😉

Mix all together until blended nicely.

Cook on a greased pancake pan.

FYI… Pancake Pans are a nifty little invention.

I cook my egg whites in my pancake pan for Egg Muffins in the mornings too.

It’s handy, take up not much room and is not expensive at all.

They also come in shapes as well. My friend collect pancake pans in shapes for the holidays like I collect shaped muffin tins. 🙂

Her breakfasts are so cute with Bat pancakes or heart shaped eggs!

A neat pan I’d suggest you add to your kitchen arsenal when you have the time.


My whole life our Cottage Cheese Pancakes were always made on a hot greased griddle.

That was pre fandangled nifty new pans that tempt me from William Sonoma.

Either way does not matter as long as you get these suckers cooked and hot on your table!

Now you have choices my friends!

There are SO many ways to eat these delicious Cottage Cheese Pancakes!

The possibilities are endless!

Serve buttered with:

Powdered Sugar


A Favorite Jam

If you place a serving size amount in the microwave for 30 seconds, it will become runny after it is mixed well. Then it will pour with ease over your Cottage Cheese Pancakes.

 Topped with a favorite yogurt

Whipped Cream

Check out my Homemade Whipped Cream Recipe Here. there is even recipes there for flavored whipped creams as well. 


My Whipped Fresh Fruit Dip is even excellent on these Cottage Cheese Pancakes!

 With a side of fresh fruit


with a favorite breakfast meat rolled up in the middle

 We can’t forget the maple syrup!

I even use my leftover Cottage Cheese Pancakes in dessert.

They are just sweet enough to taste like an AMAZING soft cone, almost waffle cone taste but somehow just SO MUCH BETTER!

I put a Cottage Cheese Pancake, warmed, in the bottom of a bowl then spoon our favorite ice cream on top.


Cheap, easy, delicious AND they keep well stored in a Ziploc bag with parchment paper seperating the layers for several days.

Don’t forget that they are an excellent source of protein to get the day started right!

 I am NOT a breakfast person nor do I usually choose to be within 10 feet of Cottage Cheese normally…

Least it leaps upon my plate and contaminates it with it’s grossness.

My dislike of breakfast (except the vat of coffee part) and utter loathing of cottage cheese, you’d think would make me run from this recipe alas it’s far too divine to pass up.

Seriously delicious… you’re missing out!

Cottage Cheese Pancakes take only 5 minutes to prep, 5 minutes to cook and cost you less than $4.

It’s a win win situation!

As the relatives descend upon the house for the holidays, you find yourself with a living room stuffed full of young people sleeping over or make them ahead of time for a busy week full of homemade breakfasts…

Cottage Cheese Pancakes will be a simple, budget friendly new tradition the whole family will LOVE!

My family has been making these far longer than my 33 years.

I think we all can make them in our sleep and I know that my kiddos can too.

I LOVE that beautiful part of tradition.

Not matter where you go, there are always pieces of home that you bring with you that can never be lost, damaged or forgotten no matter how many times you move.

Cottage Cheese Pancakes are the same every single time.

Curl up with a wonderful new tradition this year.

Where ever you go, we always cook together.

Sometimes in memory, spirit, on skype or together ribbing each other about the week.

Make a new delicious memory with your hungry bunch!

With lot of powdered sugar,

Meg xoxo

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    • The Momarchy Ladies on June 4, 2013 at 7:23 am

    Meg… I am not usually a breakfast person either but due to your reasoning I am actually really wanting to try those!

    • Nicole on December 29, 2013 at 9:34 pm

    This is fascinating! I actually like cottage cheese, so this sounds yummy to me. We use it in lasagna instead of ricotta. I’m pinning these to try very soon! Thanks for linking up to Let’s Get Real.
    Nicole recently posted…The Top Ten Posts of 2013My Profile

  1. Meg, these look delicious. I love that pancake pan. I’m going to have to look for one. My pancakes are very often oddly shaped. We like to put peanut butter in our pancakes and roll them up for a quick breakfast. My 8 year old daughter is always eating on her way to the bus stop. Her brother has time to sit and eat and even chat for a while. How does that happen?
    Christina @ Juggling Real Food and Real Life recently posted…Just One More Day – Juggling Real Food and Real LifeMy Profile

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