Come On, Get Happy!



Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself over here at Just A Little Nutty have teamed up again to bring a little sprinkle of Happiness to your Fridays!

Each Friday we’ll bring you a story about what we each did to bring happiness to someone else.

We encourage anyone that wants to share their story to feel free to share it in the comments or write your own Happiness Friday Post and drop us the link!

It’s about setting goals, being compassionate, kind, remembering that we all share this little planet and spreading a thick schemer of happiness on the world.

We each have such unique and varied talents.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position to make gets big awesome stupendous things happen for people.

Then other times it might be something little that you did that means the world to someone else.

No act of kindness big or small is ever wasted.

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

This is how I chose to be the example I wish to see in the world.

This is what I did this week to bring happiness to others…

I recieved a call from a friend who was wondering if I had any hand me down clothes especially boys just smaller than our son.

I asked what was up and if she needed anyting else because we all could easily stand to go through our closets.

She told me about a family from her church that she was trying to help.

They had an empty apartment for the next few months but nothing but the clothes they were wearing.

After hearing the story of what this mother had done to get her kids out of such an aweful situation, I dove into our closets to give them a hand.

As I’m collecting up clothing it dawned on me. Duh!

This family needed some basic staples and I happen to own a Upcycle/ Second Hand Business.

I’d been setting aside items that were good but not really somthing that I could sell in 2 big wardrobe boxes as we collected it. I figured someday I’d find a use for it and I did this week. It may not have been the best but it worked just fine. We were able to set the family up with mismatched cup, plates, bowls, knives and silverwear. A good big frying pan, a small one and a large soup pot with cooking utensils.

We had a rectangle office desk that I was ready to trash.

It made a perfect kitchen table once you tossed a table cloth on it.

I only had 2 extra chairs but like magic 4 folding chairs arrived with great set of couches and someone else was on their was with a couple of mattresses so everyone would be safe and comfortable that night.

Once again couponing allowed me to pass along a little extra that we had without taking away from what we need.

We collected mostly personal care items like deodrants, nail clippers, tooth brushes, tooth paste, female items, since I knew that people were working on getting the fridge filled. The kids donated some toys and we made a little extra room around here.

We’ve all been in positions where we needed a little extra help.

It was my honor and privledge to give a little of my extra to someone who is eager to succeed on her own.

Guess what?

Those unslightly wardrobe boxes are out of my office but most important their contents are being treasured.

She cried when she saw the soup pot.

It was more than a pot to her. It was the ability to cook for her children.

The things we take for granteed, huh.

Breaks my heart that she’s had to endure this but this is just a pit in the road to great things to come for them.

We are very lucky. Even the problems we may face. We have a safe home and a means to feed our children.

I watched someone who had just gone through some of the most tramatic moments of her life in the last few days see that there was hope.

She was overwhelmed.

Great things happen when people take a stand.

The light at the end of the tunnel wasn’t a train but a beautiful new begining.

As she sat on her new to her sofa she shook her head. She didn’t think she’d live to get away. I knew that feeling well once.

We sat and cried together.

It’s not going to be easy for her but she’s got a pot to cook in and a safe place to put her children to sleep.

It was a good day.

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done this week to make someone happy?

Karma baby… no act of kindness is EVER wasted!



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  1. What a wonderful thing that you did! I’ll be praying for this family. Have a great week!

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