Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done To Bring Happiness To Others This Week?

If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion. 

~Dalai Lama


Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself over here at Just A Little Nutty have teamed up again to bring a little sprinkle of Happiness to your Fridays!

Each Friday we’ll bring you a story about what we each did to bring happiness to someone else.

We encourage anyone that wants to share their story to feel free to share it in the comments or write your own Happiness Friday Post and drop us the link!

It’s about setting goals, being compassionate, kind, remembering that we all share this little planet and spreading a thick schemer of happiness on the world.

We each have such unique and varied talents.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position to make gets big awesome stupendous things happen for people.

Then other times it might be something little that you did that means the world to someone else.

No act of kindness big or small is ever wasted.

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

This is how I chose to be the example I wish to see in the world.

This is what I did this week to bring happiness to others…

My week was full of sick people.

Left and right they were dropping like flies.

I would be on the way to one school to pick up one of the kids and getting a call from another nurse saying that another one had bit the dust and needed to be picked up.

By 8am they were all in school but by 10am everyone was back home.

I found myself with PLENTY of opportunity to create some smiles this week because I had a captive audience. 🙂

I made a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup because Min doesn’t want eat anything when she’s sick, except she’ll always agree to have some soup. She was thrilled! I remembered the croutons she likes to dip, new chapstick and washed her favorite cozy blanket.

K’s favorite aloe juice went on sale.

I carefully had clipped, stacked store coupons and plotted to make this transaction as dirt cheap as I could. When she saw all the bottles she got a HUGE grin on her face. They normally are a rare treat so she was so grateful I even got a hug and a few dozen thank you’s.

Kenzie didn’t get the same flu everyone else had, she was suffering from a migraine that morning.

That evening she ran errands with me. We talked about the things we saw. We talked about school. She told me all there was to know about fifth grade drama and what books she wants to read. She helped to gather all the supplies for the house and the sick siblings without asking for anything for herself.

When we went by a store that has some of the art supplies she likes, I had her pick out a special addition to her art stock pile. She grinned and pulled me towards the clearance section where she gleefully picked out a few new pencils for her sisters to shade with. She wanted to spend her prize on her sisters.

The discount pencils came home and Kenzie ended up with glow in the dark lanyard string. She announced that she the day was one of the best.

I’d have to agree.

Since Kenzie still had a little headache, I did the dishes for her. She was VERY happy to go curl up after dinner and rest.

Just before he came down with the yuckies II bit the bullet and took Luc to his favorite place, the gaming store.

I’d rather almost eat worms but I took one for the team. He traded in games and picked out new ones. I loaned him the $2.00 when he forgot to account for tax. I surprised him with a trip to Jamba Juice to pick up smoothies with our gift card. When we got home, the book I had ordered him had arrived.

He proclaimed that it was in fact now the perfect day.

He raced to show his sisters and camp out in his bed with his smoothie to read.

Instead of running to My Handsome Prince to fix it. I purchased and installed the kids new toilet seat without anyone bleeding. (I know, that in it’s self is HAPPY but…) When I informed My H.P. that I got it covered, never was there a more happy man.

Did I do anything HUGE? Nope.

Did I make a difference?

Did I comfort people in need?

Did I try to sprinkle some happiness?


This week I brought happiness to my home.

Irish At Dedicated 2 Life and I have been thrilled to be asked to take part in the experiencing a brand-new site called Happpify.

We have taken part in this website over the last few weeks and all I can say is WOW.

I’m really excited that YOU can take part in Happifiy now too!

It’s like having your own personal guide to happiness.

I am really getting a lot out of this and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying it.

If you are at all interested in achieving a really happy balance in your life while getting really positive feedback and things to think about in ways you didn’t before, this is the place to start.

I’ve been applying many of the tools I’m learning at Happify into my daily life and my stress levels have gone down quite a bit. I’m not as anxious because I’m not so stressed out. It’s the perspective shift I really needed. It’s a really neat program and I am so happy to be able to share the good news about Happify!

I really hope to see you there!

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Don’t forget to link up with us on Tuesdays- positive stories of what you did to make yourself happy.

Happy Hopping my bloggy buddies!

I can’t wait to see what you talented creative people have been up to!!!

Come On, Get Happy!

Sprinkling happiness,

Meg xoxo

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