Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #4

Man is fond of counting his troubles, but he does not count his joys.  If he counted them up as he ought to, he would see that every lot has enough happiness provided for it. 

~Fyodor Dostoevsky

Come On, Get Happy!  What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #4!

Come On, Get Happy!  You know you want to.  Why wouldn’t you? Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself here at Just A Little Nutty will be sharing this fun filled event each Tuesday to share and inspire happiness.  So, jump on board and won’t you join us for this fantastic “Get Inspired” Blog Hop?

It’s simple.  There are no rules!  We just want you to share something positive that you did for yourself this week to make yourself happy.  Link up a post with a photo or a short story you want to share of what you did for yourself that brought a gigantic smile your way.

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I pass by this tree every single school day.

It makes me smile and I figured out why this week.

This big ol’ tree used to be the end of the road before the new tract of homes were built that provided the nice through road I travel daily.

This tree once was the end of the road.

A rather important old tree.

I wonder if the tree felt like it was being passed by when the road went in around it. Thoughts I had while thinking about what its like watching our children grow.

Once we were the end of the line, the most important, their everything.

Always in a hurry to have them hit a great milestone. Hold their own bottle, walk, talk and then run.

I think it’s around the running stage that we start to wonder why we were ever in a hurry for them to do anything but be happy blobs of baby lotion smelling, grinning smooshy babies.

Before you know it they know their A,B,C’s and you start questioning how much longer you will actually be able to help them with their math homework.

Still, their parents are the center of the universe. A beautiful place to be BUT naturally we can’t wait for little Jimmy to be able to type his own reports or Suzie can ride her bike to school on their own. There is always something we just can’t wait for next.

Soon like the tree, those kids grow and start to pave the road around you.

Sure Mom and Dad are still important and have an impact on their lives BUT…

Now it’s usually for some extra spending cash, to borrow the car, to go here or attempt to convince you to allow them to pierce, dye hair the color of circus clowns or do something that keeps you awake totally freaking out at night.

The nice new paved road goes in and I picture this tree waving around furiously trying to get the attention it once so enjoyed.

People no longer packed picnics to eat under the tree.

People were only speeding by.

The tree reached out and waved so hard that it cracked it’s branch right off.

(Okay so maybe it was a bad winter storm but who’s telling the story here, eh?)

The tree had to come to grips with what it’s new role has become.

So maybe more than the tree needed to get a grip.

Caught up in missing the sunny days of the past, I was failing to see that the sun was shining.

Once consumed by providing for every individual need constantly left me totally spent every day.

Being a parent is no easy task for anyone in any situation.

It is by far the hardest most rewarding, gut wrenching awful, beautiful, filthy, amazing, filling and mind boggling blessing. It’s wrenched and wonderful. A walking talking piece of your very heart and soul is driving off in a car with their boyfriend, thinks you know exactly squat, it challenging everything just like you taught them to do. It’s amazing, it’s maddening. I’d not change it for the world.

Times have changed.

They no longer want to hold our hands and we’re down to only two that will accept goodnight kisses.

That’s alright.

Once we knew everything too.

It was awesome.

They all have become the independent thinkers that we had hoped to encourage.

Though they still need us, the winds have shifted and we’re rapidly becoming part of the scenery. The place that they take scary leaps from and know that we’ll always catch them. We knew it was coming but didn’t make it any easier when they did in fact start to grow up.

It’s time to start thinking ahead.

Readjusting the normal and enjoying today.

Soon they will start to leave the nest but we’re not waiting for the shock of that emptiness to get back to the thinks that we enjoy.

Exploring, reaching, changing, growing.

Their younger years consumed our lives and now their growth has forced us to grow as well.

It seems like such a travesty that the children in our lives are meant to grow wings and take flight from our branches. My Handsome Prince and I are so lucky to have four beautiful kiddos that drive us around the bend but make every single moment worth it.

I chuckle when I think of how co-dependent I have become of our children.

Our lives revolved around them for years and now they ask us for room as they start into the world working, navigating and enjoying their own hobbies.

It’s shocking to the parental system as flash backs of pig tails, fart jokes and giant soggy blue eyes begging for her blankie zip right through the mind when they ask to attend things like Prom or you catch them kissing their boyfriend on the porch.

This week I stretched up my branches and accept the new changes.

Enjoy the sunshine that we are experiencing right this minute.

No longer are we in control of these children every last minute. They have earned the right and privilege to do some things without a parent hoovering.

It was really unsettling and it weighed on my heart.

After many heart to heart conversations with My Handsome Prince, I decided that I was just resisting the natural balance. Things were changing and I needed to get with it.

Just like that I felt better.

I’m really happy for the changes in our lives.

It’s been bizarre and fabulous.

That old weathered tree that I pass every day makes me happy because it reminds me of me.

The tree is not done experiencing a rich and wonderful life.

The scenery may have changed but it’s equally as wonderful.

With roots firmly in the ground and branches that twist into the sky as if to catch small beams of the sunlight’s magic.

Things may change. The bark may become weathered and scarred but there is such infinite beauty and expression contained within the gnarled branches.

It’s home to it’s very own little mini Eco-system there in the median between two lanes of traffic.

Might not be the most important tree there ever was but it’s happy to be right where it stands.

Come On, Get Happy!  What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #4!

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  1. Thanks for the post.. I was feeling down but then thought of all the great things that has happened to me this week and understood that everything is actually not as bad… for instance I had an amazing valentine day

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