Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #3



Come On, Get Happy!  What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #3!

Come On, Get Happy!  You know you want to.  Why wouldn’t you? Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself here at Just A Little Nutty will be sharing this fun filled event each Tuesday to share and inspire happiness.  So, jump on board and won’t you join us for this fantastic “Get Inspired” Blog Hop?

It’s simple.  There are no rules!  We just want you to share something positive that you did for yourself this week to make yourself happy.  Link up a post with a photo or a short story you want to share of what you did for yourself that brought a gigantic smile your way.

Thanks for linking up and remember to spread the happiness and share this fun “Get Inspired” Blog Hop with others.  The focus here is to get people living a happier life!  Come join us in the fun.

Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done To Make Yourself Happy This Week?

In the spirit of Love and Valentine’s, I start you off with a little story…

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl. This was not just a plain old love story. The two knew long before they fell in love that there was something explosive and soulful between them. Thinking that they would be forever written into the fabric of each other’s lives they went their separate ways to conquer the world with youthful exuberance. Keeping close, he watched over her. She knew that he was only a phone call away and the fact that one person in the whole world would drop anything to rescue her was often the small shred that kept her going. She never asked anything of him but he secretly wished she would fall into his arms and let him steal her away from all this misery and sadness. Once he came to see her and realized how bad things had become for her. The deep purple bruises infuriated him. He did what a legal order had failed to do, he protected her. He made it clear to the sorry individual that dared to touch his angel that he would be personally enforcing the order and she would no longer be stalked. He put fear into every fiber of her tormentor and he meant every last word. When he looked at her he saw her unlike any one else. He knew her heart, saw that she had all the potential and more to follow those big dreams that she rarely dared to speak of.

Over dinner one night he suggested that she change her last name to be something more reflective of who she is. His suggestion was “Powers” because he told her that he’d never known anyone as powerful as she was. She thought he was crazy. She felt anything but powerful. He couldn’t believe that she couldn’t see it. For a brief moment he saw her wrapped up in a shattered spirit. He wasn’t sure how but he was going to change this. If he gave her anything it was going to be the ability to look in the mirror and see herself as he viewed her.

 When she realized that she was comfortable and safe with him, she tried everything to show him how unworthy she was of his affection. He was unrelenting in his understanding, support and tapped into a never ending well of patience. Everyday he’d tell her exactly what he thought of her, all the time. She didn’t understand why he though she was gorgeous, funny, unreasonable and absolutely wonderful. It was almost annoying to her to be reassured and be told honest truths from someone she deeply admired. Then one day the strangest thing happened…

She looked in the mirror and smiled. It had been months since the nightmares had tapered off. She slowly stopped looking over her shoulder and allowing her anxieties to have control.  He pushed her triggers and broke downs walls that needed a little renovating in her heart.  He allowed her room to work through things but never far enough that he couldn’t be there to build her up when doubt struck. Soon she wasn’t afraid any more. She had her own light to guide her again. The scars are still there but he showed her that those are the places that really make her a much richer human being, totally unique.  He sheltered her and loved her so she could see the value she possessed. She was surprised to find that she did in fact have a spine when he wasn’t around to hold it together. She began to feel worthy of the wonderful things in her life. He had set her back on her feet and taught her how to balance. She started to like to be alone which up to that point caused major anxiety. He pushed her to indulge in her artistic nature, knowing that she was bound to get back to what brings her joy there. He created such a safe place of love and acceptance that was just the fuel she needed to grow. He pushed her to get back into yoga because he saw that it made her happy and healed. He gave her places and things to paint. He teased her and listened closely. She started taking pictures with his camera. He is well schooled at the art of photography but he held his tongue, eager to see her grow and develop another skill that she was bound to enjoy. He spoke of her as though she were truly something special. They were dealt devastating blows but still he continued in dogged pursuit to build her back up.

 Just like that she crawled out of her crazy little cocoon one day. They were both a little shocked to see what a beautiful set of wings she had developed over all those many years of loving encouragement.

Little miss please don’t notice me was long gone and she was being introduced as the key note speaker that evening.


As she looked across a sea of new faces, she wanted to wrap her arms around his neck and whisper that they had done it. He saw all that she is when no one else believed. He knew exactly what she needed to heal and let her grow into herself. She needed someone else to believe in her so she could learn how. Look what they had accomplished. She’s becoming the person she should be but so much better because she has a love that once existed only in fairy tales that has made her braver, stronger and she’s done the work to become someone she admires.

This is what I did this week to make myself happy…

I believed in me.

 I remembered where I’ve been so I can appreciate how I’m never going back to a place of stinkin’ thinkin’.

I gave myself a huge high five for busting a mold that didn’t fit me and being proud of all the funky crud that makes me not at all the girl I used to be.

 I believe that situations in life do not dictate the stars that you then must follow. I believe in making horrible mistakes but only if you learn from them. I am really happy to be here with you my friends. The old me barely had a voice. The old me was broken, belittled and abused. Who I am today is a direct result of the power of love, friendship and a commitment to keeping my chin always up with a smile on my face. I did the work.  I earned it. I deserve to be happy and I owe the smile on my face to my Handsome Prince.

He showed me that I had a smile and how to use it.

I am grateful and happy today because he created a monster.

I’m happy to be me… every part of me baggage and all.

(Several of my friends just passed out upon hearing that statement. Um, water please? )

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Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done To Make Yourself Happy This Week?

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