Come On, Get Happy! What Have You Done For Yourself This Week Blog Hop #2


Come On, Get Happy!  What Have You Done for Yourself This Week Blog Hop – #2!

Come On, Get Happy!  You know you want to.  Why wouldn’t you? Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself here at Just A Little Nutty will be sharing this fun filled event each Tuesday to share and inspire happiness.  So, jump on board and won’t you join us for this fantastic “Get Inspired” Blog Hop?

It’s simple.  There are no rules!  We just want you to share something positive that you did for yourself this week to make yourself happy.  Link up a post with a photo or a short story you want to share of what you did for yourself that brought a gigantic smile your way.

Thanks for linking up and remember to spread the happiness and share this fun “Get Inspired” Blog Hop with others.  The focus here is to get people living a happier life!  Come join us in the fun.

I started the week by making myself a batch of Chewy Gingerbread Cookies because it sounded so good.

I enjoyed the compliments when the family came home to a house that smelled like you could take a bite of it. It felt good to be appreciated and patted on the back by the people I love the most.

Instead of knocking myself out to prepare snacks on Super Bowl Sunday, I took a nap.

We don’t have T.V. and I was really grateful for the fact that everyone was looking forward to falling into a good book instead of tuning in.

(I could hear that collective gasp people. T.V. had to go so it forced our kids to study. Guess what? It worked.)

We’re a herd of nerds.

Rarely do I indulge in such luxurious wonderful ever elusive things likes naps but I’ve been sick for weeks and still working at break neck speeds.

Making sure everyone was happy and knew where I’d be, I happily crawled under our fluffy comforter.

My Handsome Prince had the day off at the last minute so we lounged in bed and watched the 80’s flick, Maid To Order. It was divine!

One minute I was laughing and the next I was waking up after a blissful hour and a half long nap.

Not a soul needed me really, except me. I needed to listen to me.

I NEVER do that.

I took a hot shower and no one walked in or knocked.

I considered buying a lotto ticket but I was enjoying the steam in my lungs too much.

For a few minutes I could breath really well, that was pretty dang cool. I do like breathing. 🙂

Were you informed previously that an unmolested shower is next to a mini vacation in ParentLand?

My own personal steam filled heaven.

We had a lovely afternoon.

I opened all the windows and enjoyed the beautiful Southern California sunshine.

I watched our kittens gleefully leap through the streams of sunlight performing the most ridiculous acrobatics. Watching them is almost too much fun.

I was so happy when everyone loved my plan to let mom off the hook for dinner.

We went to Subway for dinner and everyone got exactly what they wanted.

Plus That meant I wouldn’t have to make lunches the next day too. 😉

Look at me… two birds with one stone. Gosh that’s a horrible expression.

Two kittens with one dish of milk? Not as catchy, sorry… I’ll work on the witty when the congestion fogs lifts a bit more.

Allowing myself a little time to rest and enjoy the family that makes me far better because they grace me with their sweet, goofy, snarky, wonderful ways.

I was so happy I took the time to rest and spend time with the family drinking cinnamon tea and eating sugar coated ginger cookies.

That’s exactly where I want to be.

That could not make me any happier.

What did YOU do this week to my YOURSELF happy?

If you haven’t yet, make sure to catch up with my good friend Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and see what great things she’s done for herself this week.

Go ahead and link up!

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