Come On, Get Happy Friday!


Cheerfulness is what greases the axles of the world.  Don’t go through life creaking. 

~H.W. Byles

Come On, Get Happy Friday!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself over here at Just A Little Nutty have teamed up again to bring a little sprinkle of Happiness to your Fridays!

It’s about setting goals, being compassionate, kind, remembering that we all share this little planet and spreading a thick schemer of happiness on the world.

We each have such unique and varied talents.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position to make gets big awesome stupendous things happen for people.

Then other times it might be something little that you did that means the world to someone else.

No act of kindness big or small is ever wasted.

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

This is how I chose to be the example I wish to see in the world.

When you put it that way, it makes you want to spread the Happy, huh.

I had not had the most stellar week.

In fact it stunk on ice.

Ready to grab some Girl Scout cookies and become a hermit, I thought twice.

Alright so maybe I tried to convince The Handsome Prince that buying a yurt and moving to the middle of nowhere needed to happen now!

After he looked up what a yurt is and shot me a few looks as if he was just checking to make sure my head wasn’t rotating around in circles somewhat freakishly. He found one online perched on top the largest garage. He was ready to go.

We make great plans. We’re great dreamers together. Dreaming with him is always a hoot!

There were no big acts of happy this week.

Most of the ways I brought happiness to others came as my role of Wife and Mother this week.

I purchased a few little treats or prizes this week that made them happy.

When I went by the market I remembered all the little things that people that mentioned that we were out of or that they needed. Not news worthy but the way my mind works on overdrive it’s nothing short of a miracle that I pulled it off without a list… and they were happy.

Especially the toilet paper. Did you hear the one about the kid stuck on the pot while mom ran to the market for a few rolls? No? Um… er, that never happens here either.

T.P. brings happiness to rears in need everywhere, unless it’s hanging from your trees and decorating the lawn.

My schedule starts much earlier than the other members of our tribe which allows me to get a few extra things done or just un-grump.

Several times this week my family woke to fresh baked muffins and cookies.

I know tons of people can’t identify with cooking as a fun stress reliever. I feel ya. We all have things that make us feel good and cooking is one of those things for me. I’m just lucky that a hobby that brings me so much happiness also brings happiness to others.

One morning I got up and tossed in a few dozen peanut butter cookies so my husband could bring to the guys he works with.

Seems he was bragging about the ball and chain again. 😉

He was thrilled when he was presented with an assortment of fresh baked goods to share with his co-workers.

I hear tale that they rather appreciated the treats and put in special birthday requests for next week.

When no one was looking, I mailed a comment form in.

Gasp! She still uses stamps?!

The horror!

This was not the first time that I sent in a comment form.

Honestly, if a business is giving me the opportunity and encourages me to fill out a form to speak my mind then I usually try to. Power to the people!

On this particular day, I wrote a glowing review of an employee at a store I frequent.

I know the boss can be a bit of a belittling jerk at times and this sweet girl works really hard. She goes above and beyond. She’s always smiling, helpful and remembers the details about customers.

She is a bright spot in my day so I spoke nothing but the truth and tossed it in the mail.

Yesterday I went in, she seemed a bit more cheerful than usual. When I asked if the great mood had to do with a special hunk she’s been dating, she admitted that maybe that could be part of the glow but she had just had the best performance review.

She got what was long over due to her and a big pat on the back.

It didn’t dawn on me that I might have had a little part in that until later.

I spread the happiness just a little bit and ya know what happened?

It got all over me too.

Happiness has a funny way of doing that.

It made me smile to think that she was having an excellent evening, rushing home to a special someone to tell them the great news.

Little things can sometimes be the biggest.

My words didn’t effect my world but it send a happy ripple through another.

Come On, Get Happy Friday!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Come on now. Don’t be shy.

Let us know! Now pop on over to Dedicated 2 Life and see what great things Irish has been up to!

Much love always,

Meg xoxo

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