Come On, Get Happy Friday! What Have You Done To Bring Happiness To Others This Week?



Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

Irish at Dedicated 2 Life and myself over here at Just A Little Nutty have teamed up again to bring a little sprinkle of Happiness to your Fridays!

Each Friday we’ll bring you a story about what we each did to bring happiness to someone else.

We encourage anyone that wants to share their story to feel free to share it in the comments or write your own Happiness Friday Post and drop us the link!

It’s about setting goals, being compassionate, kind, remembering that we all share this little planet and spreading a thick schemer of happiness on the world.

We each have such unique and varied talents.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a position to make gets big awesome stupendous things happen for people.

Then other times it might be something little that you did that means the world to someone else.

No act of kindness big or small is ever wasted.

Come On, Get Happy!

What have you done to bring happiness to others this week?

This is how I chose to be the example I wish to see in the world.

This is what I did this week to bring happiness to others…

I felt a bit like Alice tumbling headlong into a hole this week.

Another kiddo came down with the dreaded stomach flu.

It was week 2 of this crapola and my everything was running out of steam.

As I drifted off to sleep I was feeling like I was going to have to admit that I had not been waving my happy wand enough this week.

Just before I kicked myself for falling short, one word came to mind.


I had specifically done a load of wash for the Handsome Prince because he needed some drawers to wear.

In the morning when he got in the shower I tossed his thermal, pants and socks in with the undies the dryer to fluff so his clothes would be fresh and toasty for him.

Underwear reminded me of all the laundry I did while people were sick. No one went without their favorites comfort blankies, fresh bedding and like magic their every need was met.

Are you grateful for the fact were not going to talk about how many bags and trash cans I attended to?

I scoured the bathrooms so if you had to be ill at least the throne was clean and lemon scented. πŸ™‚

Hours went into making a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup from scratch. I made sure to cut the carrots the way Kenzie likes them and chunk the chicken the way Min prefers. I made sure to fish all the parsley and parsnips out because Luc likes the flavor not the actual veggie. It was just right, a tasty bowl to heal you sprinkled with a lot of extra love.

I made my Handsome Prince a whole separate dinner the nights the kids wanted soup.

He’s not a soup fan although he wont complain and then there’s K the vegetarian. I whipped them up some pretty great meals this week despite the rampant illness.Yup, it’s part of the calling of being Mom but still counts.

I didn’t hear anyone professing their happiness that any of this was going down but the look of relief when offered their clean pillow pet to snuggle with said enough.

I remembered my neighbor had asked if I had a stamp to spare that morning when I ran an errand so I made sure to pick her up some so she wouldn’t have to load up her little ones so she could post something.

Do you remember when you were new on the job? Getting started blogging feels something crossed between a dream job and being the nerd walking down the popular hallway in high school, naked.

This week I made a point to email a couple of new bloggers that I am enjoying a friendly hello of encouragement. No big deal at all but starting new friendships. I received an email back that made my week… she actually said she was “starstruck”.

I turned around and looked behind me. She HAS to be talking to someone else.

Me? *points awkwardly*.

Aww Shucks. Six months from now you’ll be far more dazzling than I my dear! It’s not a competition to best but an opportunity to build great friendships and make each other better.Β  πŸ™‚

This week as usual, I exchanged wonderful emails with someone who has become a close friend, a trusted inner circle member and she also happens to be the kick in the pants I need. Did I tell you that we met because we both signed up for the same blog hop 8 months ago?

She reached out, I reciprocated and the rest will be chronicled in our made for TV movie that I have yet to write. πŸ˜‰

This very same person has me starstruck all the time.

Shh, don’t tell her I told you but she may be one of the most dynamic people I’ve ever met. She inspires me with fearless courage, talent, wit, wrapped in a savvy business lady package.

The first to give people a hand up, some great information and always leave them smiling. She is a one woman powerhouse that evokes a smile to spread across my face when I see her name in my inbox.

Irish of Dedicated 2 Life is such a blessing to me both personally and professionally.

Now go pop over to Dedicated 2 Life and see what wonderful things Irish has been up to.

Much Love Always,

Meg xoxo









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