Climbing The Walls

It is impossible to keep a straight face in the presence of one or more kittens. 

~Cynthia E. Varnado

Aww, Kitten kisses but what's a bit off about this picture besides the radar dishes on their necks?

Aw, Kitten kisses but what’s a bit off about this picture besides the radar dishes on their necks?

As you know (but just in case here’s the update), we have several Bengal cats.

They are the exotic combination of breeding an Asian Leopard Cat with specific breeds of domestic cat.

The product is a beautiful pelted cat that is highly trainable, hypo allergenic (from our experience), dog like and HIGH energy. * They are fabulous and beautifully exotic but they are not for everyone and take a certain level of commitment above the duties of regular cat ownership in many ways. See my article on Living With Bengals *

“The Legion of Cat” as I lovingly refer to our heard of kitties that come storming down the hall at the same time the second they heard our door open in the morning, all went in on the same day to be spayed/neutered.

Since I’m the keeper of the cats most of the time, I schlepped “The Legion” of spotted beauties into the vet thinking that all at once would make it easier.

Hello! Where was a girlfriend on that one? When my logic requires super human strength, several extra arms and the potential to get bit by many sets of medicated razor teeth, y’all need to speak up and warn a gal that she’s got some stinkin’ thinkin’! 😉

Trip in was a snap except Snape must have remembered the cat martini days because he promptly peed on me.

I figured since I was signing over the deed to his manhood one last protest wasn’t going to thwart anything.

When these friends came back home all donning their new head gear I thought I was going to come unglued. They all hissed at each other hissing at the other hissing at life. Three solid days I felt like I was living in the freaking jungle. Every room contained a cat bomb ready to go off if you came too close, sneezed, didn’t pet the kitty, petted the kitty too much, continued to take in air when the cats felt it shouldn’t be.

It was a rough few days.

Four to five hours a day I spent consumed with feeding each one, giving antibiotics, pushing water, giving pain meds times five cats that so were not enjoying any part of it.

We were all climbing the walls.

Suddenly, like magic they all seemed to be feeling better and no longer took so much time to care for them. They look like silly bobble head dolls cruising down the hall and started playing together.

Life was heading towards the direction of normal once more… well, normal for us. 😉

I sat down to work feeling relieved that our sweet fur people were on the mend and I could again focus on the work at hand.

I kept hearing the sounds of dragging cones along the wood floors. It become like  a white noise as I start up the computer.

Then it stops.

Just as I’m about to check on what “The Legion” was up to, I hear them singing.

Bengals have a bizarre range of vocalizations. They often sing while they play with a toy making me think that they just are secretly just really big theater geeks too.

I poke my head into Luc’s new room… formerly known as “the poker room” for obvious reasons, to see what they are so happy about.

This is what I found!


Cones and all these guys were perched on top the valance above the window just chillin’ out, singing and being naughty.

“Are we climbing the walls now?” I say to Snape.

“Maaaaaaaaaawwh.” was his response.


I could see the boys making the 6 foot high vertical leap from the ground but Miss Luna still stitched tummy?

Et tu, Brute?

A dainty little polite mew was all she had to defend herself with.


Alastor Moody Seems know what a camera is for and immediately started him strutting about and causing me to rescue his little vain behind.



Red eye wasn't working so swell but Luna looks possessed which most of the time we're convinced of any way so I'll toss it in. You're welcome K. :)

Red eye wasn’t working so swell but Luna looks possessed which most of the time we’re convinced of any way so I’ll toss it in. You’re welcome K. 🙂

I fish the offenders off the valance and tell them no.

Make no mistake they totally know they are not allowed to do that and everyone just like our teens has let their protests be known.

I go back to work and the sounds of small cat cones and my typing are the mantra for the afternoon groove.

Snape’s cry of joy cuts through the house again.


There he is again! He wont look at me because everyone knows that if I don’t look at you, you wont see me. Right?

Like one of those decorations from a Lillian Vernon catalog that you sit on the top of a book shelf make it look like a cat’s sleeping there.


Either Snape drank the Kool aid again or he agrees with me that there’s Something Upstairs.

These buggers love to be in the highest point they can be in a room so climbing the walls is just a small leap to get where they want to go.

The Handsome Prince is putting a little shelf up so the cats can enjoy the height, look out the window and Luc still gets to share the room with Snape happily. They love being pals.

“Mr. Snape! You’ve crossed the line!” I say pointing at him and then the ground. One of the hand commands he knows and will respond to most of the time.

He grumbles a guttural whiney protest, then seeing that he wont get his way he leaped across the entire room onto the bed and out the door in a huff.

It’s humbling to see the grace and magnificence of his muscular body leap further from a stand still than I could with a running jump. His abilities are tremendous but thank heavens he listens to me.

He likes to sit on the mantle above the fireplace and watch people when they come in the house like a spotted little creepy statue that is deciding if it deems you worth of interacting with.

It’s a nutty life climbing the walls with the Bengals.


Zookeeper Meg xoxo

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  1. Oh Meg, What a handful you had! Your cats are absolutely beautiful!

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

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