Cheap Steak

“I hate reality but it’s still the best place to get a good steak. “

-Woody Allen


It’s not that I’m a cheap steak, um I mean cheapskate exactly.

Feeding 6+ people at every meal can become costly and time consuming.

Then take into account peoples personal preferences, if all ingredients are currently at arms length, any dietary restrictions… what was that?

I’m sucking the fun out of cooking?

Yeah, welcome to “but we’re starving to death” race.

It’s the age old tradition of making snap decisions because we’re rushing.

Be not tempted to pull into that drive thru!

You can toss together a delicious dinner in 12 minutes for $12 or less!

It’s super easy peasy my friends.

In fact this meal got even cheaper when I tossed our recycling in the back of my truck to turn in right behind the market. I try to take our recycling once a month so it doesn’t become a BIG chore.

By simply doing my part to recycle our dinner became only $3.50 spent out of pocket. 🙂

Frugal and tasty is an excellent combination!

I find that I can get cubed chunks of steak or “stew meat” much cheaper than the porterhouse I’d love to be serving.

Once the butcher told me to take that stew meat and just fry it right up in some butter and spices. He swore it was great and his kids love steak that way. He planted the seed of cheap steak in my mind

Some sweet cream butter, fresh garlic, season salt and we were in heaven!

 I cruised into the butter section and new to me little something popped right out.

It almost begged me to take it home.

Hello Land O Lakes Saute Express!

I picked one up to read the label and I could smell the spices.

I stood there smelling the butter packages until K’s look of threatened disowning required that I pick a little quicker.

It was only .60 cents more than the plain butter I had intended to grab so I figured we’d give it a shot.

The package said nothing about being good on beef but it did encourage using the Italian seasonings butter on chicken, veggies and fish.

Ever the buster out of the box, I threw caution to the wind and boldly purchased with the intent to chuck my cubed beef chucks into these melted seasonings. Dinner shall be exquisite I say!

This Land O Lakes Saute Express ended up being super handy and cooked exactly how I expected it to.

I grabbed my handy dandy heavy blue pot and turned my stove on medium high heat.

Of course to do my part to keep the vampires at bay, I tossed in some fresh garlic.

In went 3 of the 6 butter squares to melt.

When the pot was nice and hot, its ready to cook that cheap steak.

Carefully place the chunks of beef into the butter in a single layer and let them cook.

Cook 3-6 minutes and flip each piece over in the pan.

(Cooking times will vary depending on how large the cubes of meat you are using are.)

I always take the largest piece out and cut it before pulling the rest of the meat so I know that I have cooked it to the desired degree.

The Handsome Prince likes his meat well done so I put the lid on the pot to allow his portion to cook a little bit longer. That was just the trick I needed to produce well done pieces of meat that weren’t too tough.

To complete this meal and staying with the cheap steak theme, I got a large bag of organic broccoli & salad from the .99 cents only store, French bread in the day old section of the market and rice I had couponed for in our pantry.

Each side cost .99 Cents or less and everything was excellent!

When I announced that our meal cost us only $3.50 out of pocket, the Handsome Prince announced that he knew I was a savvy good shopper but not THAT good.

I told him that I’d knocked one thing off my to do list that also happened to almost cover the cost of this cheap steak dinner for 6.

The Land O Lakes Saute Express was a hit on the cheap steak!

Most of the kids like steak sauce but like magic not a one even asked for it this time.

I even cut up some of the extra steak to toss on a salad the next day.

It was still just as flavorful.

I was rather pleased with the way it turned out but certainly very happy for the great savings.

I will definitely be buying the Saute Express again and trying it in other dishes. Two Very Happy Thumbs up!

That almost makes dinner a double win when you score a great fun deal AND it was exactly what everyone wanted.

You know what happens when the family enjoys the dinner?

There is peace. Ahh. I love the moment that dinner gets rave reviews by all.

It’s just a little sweeter knowing that I saved a bit of money too.

See, it’s not such a bad thing to be frugal if it means that you learn how to treat a whole family to a delicious meal for less than the price of one movie ticket.

I hear all the time how you can’t eat well on a budget.

I’m not really buying that myth.

Let them eat cheap steak! 😉

 With not enough leftover for salad,

Meg xoxo

***I was not paid, bribed or even asked nicely to endorse any products in this article. Land O Lands has no clue how nutty I am but I thought it was nifty so I shared it with you. xo ***

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    • Kitty Taylor on March 20, 2013 at 7:55 am

    Thanks for sharing some of your recipes…..these are real solutions for real people…..never ever thought about buying cubed stew steak to make a dinner recipe…good for you!

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