Celebration of Awesome

A birthday is just the first day of another 365-day journey around the sun.  Enjoy the trip.

~Author Unknown

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It is time once again to host a celebration of awesome, my friends.

On this day thirty something years ago there was a most remarkable individual that entered the world in the usual way.

Aside from the fact that he seemed to be allergic to everything for the first several years of his life and his very first memories are of a particularly nasty asthma attack, this special individual would out grow it all to become the center of our universe.

True story.

This amazing man is so fabulous that he has his very own gravitational pull.

No matter how hard you try to fight against the beams pulling you in, you will eventually find that in the universe that surrounds him is like getting tossed into a wonderfully ginormous bean bag chair that hugs, supporting every part of you in a happy weightless state of bliss.

A very Happy Happy Birthday to a man so awesome he could have been ripped right out of fairy tales…

The Handsome Prince.

He deserves a great big huge Celebration of Awesome!

matt 6As the grey hair multiplies, our lives take us places we could have never fathomed and we raise this fantastically diverse group of not so little people together, I am truly more grateful each day to share this life with such an exceptional man.

Every year his only birthday demand …

Chilled single layer white cake with white frosting.

A wish that is currently chillin’ in the fridge.

matt 7The Handsome Prince is not even a full month older than me so I have less than 30 days to tease him about old age before I join the ranks too. 😉

As the president and founding member of The Handsome Prince Fan Club, I can understand how the general public may not find him as irresistibly fascinating as I do. So I shall refrain from listing out the wonderfulness that spews from my heart like a chocolate fountain when I think of my partner in organized chaos.

I give you some of The Handsome Prince highlights from the blog…


come by loveHow we met and eventually fell in love

stasheFun with facial hair

secret sharingHe brought us “The BonerGate Amendment” & the Brazilian Butt hair comments

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA15 Random and Awesome Facts about My Handsome Prince

matt 3If You Give The Prince A Project AKA how not to fix a mailbox. Not the best celebration of awesome on his part but funny none the less.

fly cat fartHe rocketed into Fly On The Wall and started hovering freakishly.

family guy monkeyLearn how we decide who’s turn it is to parent, The Prince’s odd Simpson’s display, how he was likened to a 70’s rap song and how he thinks of himself as a doctor but just different… HERE

suck11How about the time we launched a full toilet like a kite by accident…

The vacation that almost killed us.

b dayLast but certainly not least (he makes a cameo in 80% of the other posts around here too),

The Handsome Prince’s Birthday 2012 A Malibu Birthday

matt 8

May you all have a week as special as The Handsome Prince’s.


Meg xoxo

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  1. Happy Birthday to the Handsome Prince. And Happy almost Birthday to you too, beautiful Meg.

  2. Haha….I love this. I hope he has the best week ever and I am sure you are going to make that happen. I hope the shop is going strong and lots of clients are building up. So glad to call you my friend. It’s always so fun to read how your family is doing.

    Miss you


  3. Happy belated birthday to your handsome prince!

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