Breaking News: FKT Is Moving!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.”
-Walt Disney


Finders Keepers Treasures (AKA The Family Business) is MOVING!

I have to confess… I might be feeling absolutely terrified about it at the moment.

The Handsome Prince and I have been struggling with what direction we need to take the business. After weighing all options and ideas we decided NOT to renew our lease this Fall and begin the slow process of looking around at other locations.

There are many things driving our decision but after all we decided we needed to take some more freaky leaps.

CHANGE! Insert my panic HERE!!!

As much as I like to think I’m a spur of the moment gypsy… really I’m a middle of the night fretter, worry wort and loosey goosey planner. I just need to have a loose outline of a plan to function properly. We both knew I’d settle back down once we had a new destination and a plan.

WHAM-O! The universe caught wind of what we were up to and served us an EXCELLENT opportunity to FREAK OUT!?

We can get out of our lease early IF we can move out in 10 days. SWEET!

Oh, wait… hey Handsome Prince do you know where all this stuff is going? No? Me neither!?!?!?

The warehouse is PACKED! Packed as in about 2 1/2 houses full, 3 offices and another business we purchased at auction… Not kidding P-A-C-K-E-D! The Nerves are sliding towards frazzled. Cheers to taking freaky leaps! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

By sheer luck we secured a destination, some sweet friends to volunteer to help us through this crazy and heavens knows we have all the boxes and packing materials one business could ever need. 🙂

This is a good step for us. We had planned to take this step in a few months but it all sort of **POOF** came together NOW.

Change is thrilling but the process of getting there seems so uphill looking at such a monumental move in such a short period of time.

After all, we move stuff all the time, maybe just not our entire shop at once but we like a challenge.

Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it and then like me, not know what to do with it. 🙂

Mini is out of school for the summer so she’ll be a huge help.

My brain is overwhelmed but we’ll manage to get it all done working together as a family.

We still have graduation, end of the year festivities that we must attend and other things to handle this week as well. We’re dividing and conquering all things. I kid you not, we all have our lists per day set out so we stay completely on track and can manage all things as stress free as possible.

No. I’m normally not so organised but Oh My Heck we have a something almost every hour for much of this beautiful week. Deep Breaths, Deep Breaths!


Yup stuck right there walking the line in between like a tight rope!

My Handsome Prince, ever Joe Cool is totally relaxed about the whole thing. Or perhaps he knows that I’m trying REALLY hard to seem like I’m super collected and ready to rock but really on the inside I want to turn in my big girl pants, return my adult status, have a time out with a PB&J and a really good cry for NO good reason except I’m overwhelmed.

When BIG things crop up, I can’t help but feel grateful to have my Handsome Prince as my partner in all things. I am so lucky to work with him daily. Sounds cheesy but after all this time we divide and conquer naturally without really needing to communicate about it too much. Even when things are at their more pressure filled, I am grateful that to share the highs, lows and amazing dance we do together daily. We know where our strengths are each others weaknesses are so naturally each play our strengths and together we make a fairly functional 2 headed lovey monster. 🙂

Forgive me as my posts may be few this week. 

I’m a fairly good multitasker but I’m waving the white flag, crying Uncle and admitting that everyone has their limits.

WAAAAAAHHHHH we got what we wanted and now we have to work harder for it.

For our next trick… we’ll be moving a ga-zillion pounds of furniture, art, collectibles, what not’s, appliances, clothing, crystal across town to unload the ga-zillion pounds of stuff back out and set back up. I shed a tear when I think about moving our office desks again.

The Handsome Prince looked at me like I was totally Nutty when I announced that perhaps our desks should stay as our gift to the new renter. OK, so my lazy was screaming out loud enough for people to hear again. 😉 Great things coming but change in a funny thing. The best rewards come from those weird uncomfortable times filled with hard work! Guess it’s a great thing it’s just here and I can’t worry about it, just plow on and kick butt.

 Feel bad for me a little bit… sniff … sniff… this is going to be a wild week of screaming muscles, exhausted minds and inventory inventory inventory Oh My!

We’ve moved our  office, But we’re still around. We didn’t go far, Just  across town!

Movin’ on up on the East side,

Meg XOXO  

🙂 Hahahahahaha! True!




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  1. What a big step. Best of luck with the new location!

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