Back To School- Homemade Uncrustables

The Difference between school and life? In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given the test. In life you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson.”

-Tom Bodett


The kids are getting ready to head back to school again.

Time to make Back To School- Homemade Uncrustables!

We have our supplies, our spirit wear, P.E. clothes, yearbooks, PTSA memberships times 3 schools and I have scoured the Internet for the best deals on back to school clothes, shoes and accessories for each of the 4 kids.

Every year it gets more expensive.

This year brought us 1 in High School, 1 in Middle School and 2 in Elementary School and to an all new level of back to school sticker shock. WOW!

Instead of blowing the budget or ending up having to eat ye ol ramen noodles for a month, we simply get creative!

Everyone can have everything they need by cutting a few extra corners.

My personal favorite of our budget friendly, tasty, cost cutting traditions is…

Back To School- Homemade Uncrustables

All you need to make homemade uncrustables for yourself!

We have many cost cutting tricks to feeding so many for the least possible amount but then I stroll down the freezer isle and see the Uncrustables.

Somehow I’d always end up going home with a box or two… I simply have no idea how that happens every time. 😉

One trip I’d just put $12 worth of Uncrustables into my cart, cruising down the bread isle for some English muffins, I found the cheapest tool that changed our school lunches and our budget!

Enter Said AWESOME tool…

I’d like to Thank WONDER for making something so cool, so easy to use/ clean and selling it SO cheaply,  that ANYONE can own it!

 Just $2.99!

It rang up for $1.12!? Thank You!!

I thought about it about 2 1/2 seconds and turned around and put my Uncrustables back into the freezer section.

Now armed with my Wonder Sandwich Sealer N’ Decruster, a couple loaves of our favorite bread with a plan to use the peanut butter and jellies I had couponed in our stockpile… I was going to climb tall mountains, slay ginormous dragons, I was going to make Homemade Uncrustables for all!

OK… for all who ate on the fly through here. 😉

It was a smashing success and since we have expanded our make ahead Back To School- Homemade Uncrustable to include the ever popular breakfast treat,  Nutella and now as exotic as Mango Peach flavor!

You control the Flavor and Contents!


This works just as well with SunButter or NoNuts!!!

No kiddos left behind or risk becoming ill here!!


Let’s get started, shall we?

The key to your easy back to school- homemade uncrustable!

Grab your Wonder Sandwich Seal’R N’ Decruster.

There are other types of sandwich makers but I’ve not seen one that does a perfect job as well as makes a larger sandwich for less than a Starbucks Coffee!

 I’d rather use as much of the bread as possible and this is the best I’ve seen for making best use of my bread while being simple to use.

I usually have helpers and find that doing an assembly line method speeds along our process, makes for an easy clean up and causes ruckus/laughter/sharing of embarrassing memory moments/ the making of more bad memory moments seem to occur around our assembly line too. 🙂

I like to lay strips of Parchment Paper across a clean kitchen table.

Parchment makes for an easy clean up and fits exactly 2 pieces across- rather convenient, thank you AGAIN Parchment People! I’d hug ya if I could!

The 2 most popular Jams around here… Blackberry & Apricot

 Each of my strips of parchment paper will represent 1 jelly flavor so that it’s easy to know what flavor your working with or should be working with. 😉

                                That way it’s easy to keep your sandwiches straight for labeling.

Using large spoons, mix your peanut butter and jam so that it is as smooth as possible.

Then schemer a spoonful of peanut butter in the center, using a swirling motion to spread it slightly but take care NOT to spread it out to the edges.

 Then spread a spoonful of your jam along the top of your peanut butter.


1 nice spoonful will do. 🙂

Place your top slice onto your sandwich and press down just slightly.

Line up your Sandwich Sealer/Decruster so that it is inside the crust all the way the way around.

 Press down firmly on the WHITE outside portion of the square and it will cut the crust off.

Use a finger to sweep around the outside of the Decruster to remove all crust.

Then Press firmly down upon the BLUE inside portion of the square to seal your sandwich.

 Guess what.

You did it.

                                                                                     It’s THAT easy!




After a row of practice you get really good at judging so it leaves you with clean crusts ready to use.

I gather them into a large ziploc.

I make my homemade seasoned breadcrumbs with these crusts, croutons, french toast casserole, breakfast estradas, stuffing and of course if we happen to be going by the duck pond, they may too benefit from our homemade uncrustables.

**Don’t forget you can freeze your crusts just as though you would and entire loaf of bread!**

 Frugal Greatness at it’s best!


 If you would like to bag all one flavor in one big freezer bag you may do so by making 2 layers separated by parchment paper.

I do that for our stash “for home” and the “on the go” get zipped into a labeled sandwich bag and placed into a larger labeled Gallon sized bag for easy storage, ready made for being stuck into lunches or eaten on the run.

Being frozen it helps to keep those lunches stay a little bit cooler a little longer.

                         They defrost quickly and can be ready to be eaten in minutes from the freezer!

 These save me SO much time and  money!

If I stopped what I was doing every time someone was hungry I’d spend my whole day in the kitchen!Great for a snack, school lunches and because a PB&J is just totally freakin’ AWESOME!

To make 60 I use 5 loaves of bread setting aside the end pieces.

FRESH BREAD works best!

I coupon for all my Jams, Peanut Butters and fillers I desire.  ( I got all my peanut butter for free and watch sales for deeply discounted jams) When the bread or breads I favor go on sale for my desired price ( .89 cents or less) I will purchase 10+ loaves on the dirt cheap and go to town making sandwiches for the freezer.

You have plenty for your family and they also are great for team sports, gift to others and keep for several months very nicely.

Nutella is delightful but can get expensive.

 However 1 jar will go a long way.

I’m looking forward to trying the new Jiff Hazelnut Spread too.

Looks good for half the cost!

Let me know if you’ve tried it! I’m dying to know! Fill me in!

TOTAL COST: 60 Sandwiches

Nutella, Jams and Peanut Butter we has on hand and still have so I don’t know how to break it down. Peanut Butter was free, Jams were couponed for and Nutella was just over $2.00 with coupon.

Bread $5.00

With another $10.00 investment we could easily make another 2 batches of 60.

$5.00 used to get me 2 boxes of 6, that’s after sale and using coupon.

We have a great time making these together.

Each time coming up with a new flavor or combination that sounds great.

HELLO NUTELLA & PEANUT BUTTER is at the top of the next time list!

We have a few sandwiches we need to eat before then. 😉

Makes me feel good to share a good time with my kiddos but also provide them with a quick back to school lunch that reminds them that we love them and thought of them so much that we made them EXACTLY the right flavor just for them.

We’re all ready for back to school it seems… W-E-L-L everyone but Mom is ready for school to start. ;)This summer flew by for us.

Did someone hit the fast forward button?

May your back to school go well for all and may all butterfly nerves turn into beautiful wonderful new friendships!

I cry every time after the kids all leave for school on the first day.

OK… so maybe I do that for the better part of the first week or until homework piles on and it all gets to busy for me to be a big ol emotional boob. 🙂

Here’s to great lunches and an incredible school year for all!

Hold The Crust,


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  1. Dear Meg, That is one fabulous idea for picky eaters! And using the left over crusts for bread crumbs is genius! I consider myself a kid at heart because PB&J is my all time favorite. In fact that is what I had this morning! Although, seeing that nutella jar in the background gave an idea for the next time I make a PB&J 😉
    I found your site through the Foodie Friday linkup and would be so happy if you visited me! Blessings to you, Catherine

      • Thomas on December 30, 2012 at 10:47 pm

      All these years, I never realised the daagme potential of a simple lunch. Maybe that was Hitler’s problem? Mom packed him embarrassing lunches, kids made fun, he got an inferiority complex, and had to take over the world? This could be big news on the history front, and could also explain Napoleon, Alexander, Genghis Khan ..Just think how many more years of peace we could have had, if only Momma Stalin had given little Joseph a less embarrassing lunchbox. The mind boggles .

    • Ashley on September 17, 2012 at 12:02 pm

    I really love this idea. I first tried my first Uncrustable on a beach trip with my aunt. She just took them out of the freezer and they were thawed enough to eat by the time we arrived at the beach. I had to buy some for myself, but then I saw the prices. I thought to my self, “The price does not justify the convenience for me.” But since then I have found myself buying a box here and there and hating myself for it. This changes all of that though. I can’t wait to try this for myself. It will save me loads of time and lots of money. If only I could get the hang of couponing now. 😉

    • Trinity on August 7, 2013 at 7:50 pm

    Thank you so much for this.. I found this on googlr, I hope our family will do this this year!

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