“Ice cream is happiness condensed.” 

-Jessi Lane Adams

 Do you remember your first swirly vanilla soft serve cone?

Mine seemed like it stretched too high.

No matter how quick I licked, before long it threatened to cascade down my arm.

Face covered in sweet sticky happiness condensed.

Content. Smiling. Messy.

Have you ever handed such an ice cream to a child?

It might be even better than the ice cream!

The Handsome Prince and Luc had a “man day”, complete with swimming and topped off by chocolate dipped ice cream cones.

With 4 ladies in the house, “man days” are necessary for their sanity.  🙂

“You have GOT to see this!” The Handsome Prince exclaimed the second he’s out of earshot of Luc.

He pulls out his phone and loads the pictures onto the laptop.

“I blame your ‘free to be you and me’ stuff for this.” he says with a grin.

Attack The Cone… Luc’s favorite way to enjoy. 🙂

Normal drippy cone

Still normal except for maybe the Mohawk… he cuts it this way for a few weeks each summer. 🙂

Clearly thinking about something…

Attack The Cone!

Busted- caught being weird in public! 

Do your kids do stuff like this too?

I’ve never bothered to ask why he’s so moved to munch into the bottom or side of the cone.

I’m a little scared to know the answer. 🙂

He’s already committed so why not happily go for it!

Note: the hand/wrist full of ice cream…

He’s grabbed the ice cream, it’s melting down his arm as he’s happily chowing down.

So we’re all clear on the insanity that is my son. 😉

He had the best time and I overheard him telling his sisters about the awesome day he had. 🙂

Sometimes a little sticky is worth a bunch of sweet memories shared.

However you enjoy your ice cream this summer, be sure to take precautions before attempting to attack the cone. 🙂

Staying Cool,


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    • Irish Carter on July 23, 2012 at 2:28 pm

    Haha, too cute. I am probably going to get a “tween” look if she finds out I write this but my daughter doesn’t need to eat the side of cone to get all that ice cream down her arm or all over her face. My comment to her when she does it is…..”Really?”….she’s going to be 12. LOL The resolution…if she can’t be 12 and not wear it, then she can eat from the bowl…..I’m such a bad mom. : )

    Cute post.


      • Meg on July 24, 2012 at 6:56 pm

      Thank You my dear.
      Honestly I have a 12 year old that the dog and the boobs eat more than she does. 🙂
      She’d kill me too… good thing no one reads comments but us. 🙂

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