Armed With Pie

 “It is not good for all our wishes to be filled; through sickness we recognize the value of health; through evil, the value of good; through hunger, the value of food; through exertion, the value of rest.”

– Dorothy Canfield Fisher

 Wow. What a week it’s been!

You know, the kind that when your head finally finds your favorite pillow combination and you mentally scroll through the day, you almost feel like there has got to be an award given for most things accomplished in one 24 hour span. Are you sure that was only 24 hours that past? It felt A LOT longer.  Where even your hair aches and yet the brain wont shut off the crazy ticker of tomorrow’s almighty to do list. WORRY is in the front of the mind, sleep can come later.

I got the call that all parents are familiar with… the school nurse. It was STAR testing this week at our schools so I knew it had to be BAD for them to be calling. Luc was a bit under the weather that morning but nothing outside of a possible cold coming on. By the time I got to school he was miserable, complaining of a headache, slight fever and sick to his stomach. Poor boy! Preparing for stomach flu 2012, we managed to get some Motrin in him, some Sprite and bucket by his side before falling asleep on the sofa.

Parents all have their “secret” way of ferreting out the truth from our children. Come on don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about, we all have magical powers of the all knowing. We know everything, if not, we have smart phones with Google! 😉 With Luc, we employ Operation French Fry when we have any doubt as to the level of pain, injury, hurt he currently is experiencing. He has put on some Emmy winning performances around these parts. The child truely wishes to grow up and own a chain of McDonald’s. Not only could he wear a suit everyday but he also could eat all the burgers and fries his heart can handle. He’s lovin’ it! However, his bubble is burst by parents who don’t believe in eating those foods often. If the boy passes on McDonald’s french fries, we have a serious problem folks!

This day, as he drifted off he made sure to put in his order for a burger and fries. Hmmm. The Handsome Prince and I were puzzled but OK, looks sick, acts sick but still up for fries. I ran up the way to fetch the little guy some fries and get to the bottom of things! I pulled through the drive through and found to my delight… Strawberry Cream Cheese Pie is back! It’s the little things that make my day and Strawberry Pie totally ranked at the top of my list at the moment. Last year about this time, my Prince and I were sitting on our bed talking one night. Knowing that I have a thing for strawberry pie, he’d picked up the McDonald’s version to try. The Prince started teasing me. I of course retaliated with a carefully aimed whack of my pillow to the handsome face, only confirming it was war! With strength and skill, he had me tangled up in my own arms, legs and tickling at the same time. Not the most graceful of humans am I but when being tickled I turn into a total spaz! He laughs and teasing more says, ” Maybe I should tell Molly to eat Mom’s pie”. In seconds we watched the skillful and incredibly intelligent Molly (our fur person), swoop up my coveted Strawberry Pie into her huge jaws as quick as lightning. The Prince leaped into action, effectively retrieving half of a mangled strawberry pie adorned with a thick layer of drool. With a look of shock he offered up this soggy treat seated in his outstretched palm. I cracked up, he busted up and the dog who was given the command to eat my pie enjoyed half of her treat but was very confused. You said eat it you fools! Strawberry Pie has become a running joke that often breaks the tension. I was feeling a Strawberry Pie Day coming on, so I made sure to grab a couple on the way through… Armed with pie and ready to do business!

Behold the yummy!


Luc didn’t even touch his fries. Little man just wanted to sleep. At 8 PM he woke from his nap and complained that his tooth hurt. It didn’t look remarkable so we played into it and put some Orajel on for some relief. His cheek looked a tad swollen and flushed. Over the course of the night one side of his face would swell easily 5 times it’s normal size! God Bless Google… we were able to look up his symptoms online in the middle of the night and determined that he must be suffering from an abscess. Saving ourselves hours of sitting in the ER, we called his dentist as soon as the office opened. They squeezed him in and he had his baby tooth extracted. He has SO much swelling! The antibiotics and extraction didn’t solve the whole issue. Poor boy had to go in the next day, be put under, have a drain installed to get rid of the infection and to hope for some relief. BREAKS MY HEART! He is so sick.

🙁 Sad hurting puffy kiddo 🙁


Between the extraction, stitches, drain and pain from all the swelling he’s been a mess of a trooper. He could not eat for 4 days and I think we’re just getting him better hydrated now. He’s finally turned a corner! It was really scary. So helpless a feeling for a parent to do all that they can,  then sit and watch your child struggle. Just watch and hope that you’ve done it all right. It’s terrible to look into your child’s eyes that are pleading for you to fix it and not be able to do anything more. He’s drinking well and slowly trying to eat a bit. HURRAY! The pain is better and swelling is 50% better today. He’s having trouble talking so we can understand but Mini had him belly laughing. A beautiful sound after the last couple of days. He’s feeling lousy enough to hold down the sofa for the next few days but he should be back to school after next week. It will be a great home school week for recovery!

The little puffy punk has clearly leaped from a “Mama’s Boy” to “Dad’s Buddy” during this crisis. Frankly, I resent this tight bond. 😉  I’ve been outsourced to the other parent! My Handsome Prince is the only one permitted by Prince Jr. to administer all medications, wash, feed, dress and negotiate with him. It’s really cute but very strange. Up until this afternoon I had the job of wringing my hands, pacing, changing linens and drool wiping, when I graduated to yogurt opener. Clearly this is distressing. The only rejection from my children usually comes in spurts from mouthy teens not my 9 year old!? Ahem, small child are you not awear to the role of the baby in the family? To stay the baby for as long as you can.  My Prince is a very patient, tender daddy but chop liver over here is going to eat pie alone. They really are 2 peas in a pod and I fall in love with my Prince just that much more to see him taking such good care of our son. I can’t help but want to manage it all so that everyone is safe and good! Guess what, my Handsome Prince is rather remarkable and does a much better job than I could ever do in many areas. He’s got it all handled. He’s not even a push over but I guess those boys have a manly understanding that works for them. I love these boys that keep me on my toes! 🙂 So grateful my Handsome Prince is such a good man.

Mean while we still had 3 other kids with schedules, places to be picked up, dropped off and projects due.  My Handsome Prince running business out of the house in between issues and crisis, around the corner from chaos. Mini came home  from school Friday because of a breathing problem that’s amplified running during allergy season. K got a sunburn at a friend’s house.  Kenzie has not fallen yet and has wisely grabbed her laptop, disappearing to Webkinz World. She’s no fool, she knows when it’s busy, if your not, we’ll help you with that. Her superpower is knowing when chores are about to be doled out and poof she vanishes in thin air. Smart girl! It’s a copeing skill of living in a large family. 🙂 Life around here is NEVER boring!

This Mother’s Day weekend, our plans were dashed. However, I think we traded up for better things… there is always other weekends but there is only one Luc. Having my kiddos together and feeling good is all I could ever wish for this Mother’s Day! I can’t help but wake and check on Luc every half hour or so through the night. Maybe a little nap might be a nice treat too. Yawn! Maybe I could cash that in right now. 😉 We seem to create the most memorable and strange memories around holidays.

Here’s wishing you all have a wonderful Mother’s Day Weekend!

I’ll be appreciating the little things that much more this weekend! We’re prepared and armed with pie, come what may! 

With Love from the Captain of the Crazy Train,

Meg xoxo

A little kitty lovin’ in the afternoon sunshine! These 2 have been making sure to cuddle Luc better.






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