Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese

” Dude, Macaroni and cheese is food of the gods!”

-Haley James Scott, One Tree Hill

Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese?

Yup. Almost exactly like the macaroni and cheese served at KFC.

We all like an occasional trip through the  drive thru at KFC for dinner.

With a family of six, you can imagine that it’s not hard to spend $50 any time we eat out.

It’s not budget friendly, an effective use of our evening or healthy to make eating out more than a rare treat.

I’m always encouraging people to learn to cook their favorite foods for themselves. Even if what you learned to cook is a guilty pleasure that you don’t indulge in often, you are still a wear of what food is in your food and have the ability to make it more nutritious. If not for the health stand point, cooking at home saves you a great deal of money too.

It’s probably a good thing that our local KFC is all the way across town.

15 miles often helps the willpower to not pop in for some green beans and macaroni and cheese a whole lot easier to muster. 🙂

I’ve tried many recipes for macaroni and cheese over the years.

Most fall short and left me feeling like it needed to have a stronger cheese flavor despite my best efforts.

I had planned on making a favorite of the Prince and kiddos- Kraft mac and cheese to accompany our dinner one night.

There were no more blue boxes on my pantry shelf!

I found these neat Velveeta Shreds in the cheese isle of my local market.

I initially purchased them to try in another recipe but surveying the goods in my fridge, I thought they might be just what I was looking for.

While your in the fridge grab the sharp cheddar cheese and grate it, if it isn’t already.

This Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese will take you about 8 minutes to make.

Barilla regularly issues excellent coupons that allows me to get inexpensive or free products. I keep Barilla elbow noodles, penne and spaghetti well stocked in our pantry.

Bring a pot of water to boil on the stove.

Cook pasta according to the package.

Drain pasta when done and return pasta to the pot that you cooked it in.

While that beautiful pasta is cooking, in a saucepan over medium high heat add:

1 Cup of Sharp Cheddar Cheese

I really feel like the use of SHARP cheddar is important to keep that bold yet creamy cheesy flavor. I have made it with mild cheddar and colby jack but the sharp cheddar great stands out the obvious choice once you’ve tasted the difference.

Sprinkle pan gently with salt.

A little bit of salt will help to bring out the flavor but you do not need to add much more than a pinch to get the benefits without distracting from the delicious flavors we’re working with.

3/4 Cup of Velveeta Cheese Shreds or block of Velveeta

Frankly, I am really digging these Velveeta Shreds! Such a great idea. They’ve been really handy. I’ve enjoyed cooking with them so much that since my first purchase of one bag of shreds to try, I’ve purchased 3 more bags! I dare say these shreds may become a staple of my kitchen.

3 1/2 Tablespoons of Milk

We’re going to cook down this beautiful cheese mix while gently stirring the whole time.

It will take but  3 minutes or so for the cheese all melts together into a happy bubbly sauce that is so tempting not to jab a piece of french bread in.

Resist the urge to snarf down the cheese sauce alone.

When the sauce is ready and our noodles are done, pour the cheese sauce over the noodles and mix it up.

Serve hot as the main course, as a side dish, as a snack and Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese will become a treasured family favorite too!

Making our macaroni and cheese took just as much time as it would have taken to make the Kraft in the box.

You made twice as much as the box would, leaving the option of leftover potentially.

Leftover Almost KFC Macaroni and Cheese is rare.

When it happens, you can bet someone will get up an eat it for breakfast the next morning. 🙂

Ya know because everyone wants a side of Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese sitting next to their bacon and eggs at the breakfast table.

Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese made it to our Thanksgiving table and received rave reviews!

For the holidays or every day, Almost KFC Macaroni And Cheese will become your go to dish that everyone can’t seem to get enough of.

Keepin’ it Easy & Cheesy,

Meg xoxo

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  1. HOLY AWESOME. I am so putting this on the grocery list and menu this week. 🙂 My kids “snarf” (I love that word) mac n cheese all the time, but I hate, hate, hate the box crap and they hate the baked mac n cheese, this might be a compromise!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. This looks delicious – will definitely give it a try!

  3. I clicked on your link through the Hump Day Hookup because your image made my mouth water! There is NOTHING like some creamy mac & cheese, and this recipe looks like a winner! Thanks for posting this. I’ll be giving this a try for my kiddos soon.

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