Almond Milk

“I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose.”
– Woody Allen

Listing this under Products I APPRECIATE….
Silk Vanilla Flavor Almond Milk in a handy dandy to go package with straw included!

8 oz. Silk Almond Milk- Vanilla Flavor… also comes in other flavors too!

My people don’t get excited about milk unless they decided to have cereal and there wasn’t any milk left. Then, they get REALLY excited about it. K is my granola kid… she’s always on the look out for anything organic and healthy for you.  She had visited my mother’s house and came home raving about this “special” milk that isn’t milk milk. That was several years ago, K is now growing into a lovely young lady that has NO problem clearly expressing her thoughts and views anymore. My Mom told me where I could find it, she buys Almond Breeze brand but I have not seen it in this small version.    UPDATE: I saw Almond Breeze brand in the small size at Costco! They are out there!!!

If you are NOT allergic to nuts, give this a try!

There are quite a few benefits to adding Almond Milk to your diet but my favorite part is that it tastes so good while being portable makes it so easy to make the choice on the run. VERY BEST PART… I often get coupons for Silk products making our cost a bit lower BUT our kids LOVE it and prefer to drink it over juice boxes or sodas!?

I promise my kids are fairly normal… with a tad of aDORKable and a dash of awkward. They get their normal form the Handsome Prince, oh that’s scary! They really are fabulous young people and ALL know how to share their opinions rather loudly, usually in the direction of the one who is supposed to jump, fetch and fix it.

Oh…. oh ya, that’s ME!

Handy Little Straw

I always refrigerate these because I think they taste best chilled. However, they do not have  to be refrigerated until opening.

Do you know what that means my friends?

That means you and your kids can take them in your lunches!

I wrap these in foil, place in a lunch next to other cool items, it’s fresh and ready to go when your ready!

I love it when our kids make choices that we feel are good for them. I’m thrilled that we run out of these all the time. Now that these kids are almost in high school, middle school and moving quickly out of Elementary, they often act like they can’t be bothered grabbing breakfast. I could cook a huge meal in the morning but I only have 1 breakfast girl, the others would pass for nothing or something that is quick on the move.

Some days I have to just be satisfied with seeing them off with a forced banana, fruit, protein bars, breakfast bars, or a muffin. If I toss in Vanilla Almond Milk, I can guarantee that they will at least drink that. Hey, I’ll take it as a win some times.

We get busy and purchase in a pattern of what we know. When I got hooked on Almond Milk, it only came in the larger sizes. If you’ve never tried it before… check it out, I usually see them by the milk in my local markets. These smaller 8 oz sizes allow you to purchase a few flavors to try, without spending a fortune or feel like your committing to a gallon of something your not sure about in the first place.

We like Vanilla but Dark Chocolate isn’t bad either. I like it on my cereal, but then again, this is coming from someone who could never drink a regular glass of milk again and I’d not mind. Eh, I could take it or leave it. My Handsome Prince is a ‘I prefer Milk and you can not pass milk of things that don’t normally produce milk passed me’ Chapter President. I tried to give him Rice Krispies with Almond Milk once.

Let’s say we learned that Almond Milk will not fly with my guy. But it was priceless!

If your trying to make some changes or looking to explore some easy healthy new practices for your fast paced mornings, give Almond Milk a try. 5 out of 6 in our house LOVE it… one will accept it in something I’m cooking, don’t ask don’t tell policy and he’s a happy camper too. I like it in smoothies and coffee too. Any place you use milk you can use almond milk or a milk alternative.

This is the world we’ve come to? I just said milk alternative. Sounds so weird!

We like it. Don’t say milk alternative when you pitch it to your loved ones… they wont try it. The surprise in your Krispies doesn’t seem to be the venue in which you want to premier this to them either… backfired for me. 😉 Maybe the facts will make them want to give it a shot!

Almond Breeze-

 Silk Almond Milk-

I appreciate having something like this that is so convenient! Don’t forget to check for a coupon before you go to shop for this. I often get great coupons that make these very very cheap.
Thank you Almond Milk Makers!
Enjoy a Rice Krispy surprise,
Meg xoxo


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    • Danilo Mismit on June 7, 2013 at 4:17 am

    Because almonds are naturally very nutritious, almond milk doesn’t need to be fortified. You can make almond milk yourself at home, and it will have the same nutritional value as the almond milk available commercially.

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