A Malibu Birthday

At the beach, life is different. Time doesn’t move hour to hour but mood to moment. We live by the currents, plan by the tides and follow the sun.

For the Handsome Prince’s birthday dinner, he chose one of our favorite places… Malibu Seafood.

We’ve been coming here together since we were in high school and it’s now a favorite with our kids too.

Behind the sign is the infamous PCH or Pacific Coast Highway. Beautiful, gorgeous yet such a hazard to know Lindsay Lohan may be speeding along it or a drunken Mel Gibson caught on film ranting along it’s paved surface. 😉 It is funny to watch people dart across  this major highway as if cars we’re made of bubbles and would bounce off their jaywalking entitled rears.

The Family sitting at our table on the patio


 You order and wait for your number to be called. Waiting is the mother of wiggly. Wiggly makes kids get creative. Creative can be fun but it also can be deadly.

Passing the time our creative took a turn for the game of “telephone”.

Min whispers to Luc


He whispers to K

K whispered to Kenz… who laughed so hard she fell off her chair.

Ready for dipping!

That’s when it happened. I glanced at Luc…

BUSTED!!!! Please tell me your kids are so weird they eat ketchup alone too. No? Just me?

Luc sneak finger dipping is only acceptable when we can point and laugh AND when you are NOT sharing the dip! 🙂

Kenz and The Birthday Prince


Just about the time their patience started wearing thin and hunger made them cranky, our number was called.

Fried Clams with Fries and Clam Chowder


The Most Delishious Ahi Burger!


After being stuffed to the max, we took a short stroll.

Corral Canyon Trail!


On the way back down the mountain we saw this HUGE spider web. *SHIVERS*


We loaded everyone back up to head to the beach.

Paradise Cove!


My Handsome Prince grew up coming here every summer with his family. It’s a fun tradition to pass on.

The Paradise Cove Cafe… sort of reminds me of Saved By the Bell when they all worked at the Country Club for the summer. I know you know what I’m talking about… I’ve seen who reads me. 😉

It started as “We’re only going in to our knees.”


Soon they were ALL the way in… Lucky we prepared for such fun times. 🙂


K hunting seashells




My Handsome Prince


We sat on the beach and watched the kids jump into the waves, collect seashells and play tag. There was hardly anyone else on the beach making it feel like a perfect personal bubble. The waves were flat but that didn’t stop the kids from having the time of their lives. As I sat on the beach next to my best friend and partner in the crazy, I was so over come with gratitude. The salty crisp air unwinds all the stresses on the day to day. He could have picked any place to spend HIS special day and he chose what makes his family so happy. We laughed as Luc and K got creamed by a wave and came up sputtering laughing and giving high fives. The Prince would love nothing more than to run with the kids but a foot injury from an accident has make it hard to even walk on sand. He talked about what he did there as a child, almost like magic our kids do a lot of those same things now too.

“You’re getting grey old man,” I tease him.

He yanks my pony tail and says, “Pot Kettle.”

I am so fortunate to Love and be Loved by this man.

There is no place I’d rather be. No better group of people that make this life a paradise… W-e-l-l most days. 😉

The fog was slowly rolling in off the coast.

Min’s fingers were  turning  a purplish white color they shouldn’t be. The kids reluctantly played in one last wave before hitting the shower and drying off.

As we drove home through Topanga Canyon, K announces that she could really see herself living there. 🙂

We arrive just in time to all shower and snuggle in for the night.

Exhausted and dreaming of the floating relaxing feeling that comes with a marvelous day to the beach.

It was a very Happy Birthday Day for everyone.

Most important, the Handsome Prince got exactly the day that he wanted, complete with nap. 🙂

Dreaming of lazy beach days,




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