A Little Sunshine

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.”

-Helen Keller



Several weeks ago the talented and beautiful Roshni at Big A Little a, bestowed upon me the Sunshine Award!

It’s really neat to receive an award from a blogger I adore. 🙂

She’s an exceptionally talented writer that delivers with such passion and clarity. I’ve been a big fan of hers for quite some time.

Thank you for such a happy award my friend!

So I guess this is the part where I answer MORE questions about me.

Please try to contain your excitement my friends. 😉

  1. What’s your favorite color? Purple… with blue and green in a tie for second place
  2. What’s your favorite animal? To own: Cats but Molly (our lab) is fabulous as well.
  3. What’s your favorite number? 8/9/10 @ 11:12… I know, it said number not date/time BUT I don’t have a favorite single number. I do LOVE the date the Handsome Prince and I got married so by the power I’ve given myself, I’m calling it my favorite number.
  4. What’s your favorite non-alchoholic drink? Dr. Pepper
  5. Facebook or Twitter? W-e-l-l that’s a tough call but I’d have to say Google+. It’s essential to utilize Facebook and Twitter to market content but Google+ has all the excellent features with not as much drama. If I HAD to pick between just those two, I’d have to go with Facebook for the kick back way to view a bit of everything at a slower pace. Can’t beat Twitter for marketing though. Depends on what your doing, I suppose.
  6. What’s your passion? Learning, writing, empowering people to make positive changes, the crazy family we put together and my amazing partner in chaos that I’m so dang deliriously in love with.
  7. What’s your favorite pasttime? Hiking, reading, surfing and camping. I’m the happiest nerd curled up in the middle of the forest reading for hours.
  8. What’s your favorite day of the week? After much hard thinking I’d have to say that Saturday might be my favorite day by a very small margin. My Prince often works 7 days a week but he always works a half day on Saturday and goes in later on Sunday so he has close to a full 24 hours with the kiddos and I.
  9. What’s your favorite flower? I kill plants and flowers. Totally by accident but they scream out in terror when I get close. If I were going to commit homicide intentionally, I suppose I couldn’t pick just one flower but rather an “English Garden”arrangement, herbs (I do alright with those) or a succulent/cactus indestructible self supporting kinda deal.
  10. What’s your favorite season? I do like them all. Then again I live in Southern California where I’ve been surfing on Christmas morning in 75 degree perfect weather. I know from nothing about severe weather. I HATE snow so I guess winter gets the boot. Spring has beautiful weather and all the wildflowers are amazing BUT it causes allergies that we all suffer from so I guess it goes too. Summer is when my favorite people are out of school, lazy days in the sand, pool side, dirt bikes and camping trips… it gets HOT and fire season isn’t fun. Fall is a welcomed relief from the heat but the kids are back in school and we’ve just effectively opened our wallets so much for back to school clothing/gear, school costs, supplies, spirit wear, PTA memberships, pictures, participation costs, class donations and restocking the home supplies in our office for another year after a creative summer wiped out the very last set of colored pencils times four, that we should have just passed and gone on a cruise instead… we’d have spent the same amount anywho. So I suppose that watermelon in the sunshine watching the kiddos slip ‘n slide the afternoon away would tip the scale to summer but just barely.

Great big smooches to Big A Little a !

She’ll be someone you’ll look forward to reading again and again.

Now for those I nominate…

I’m a HUGE fan of blogging. I read, follow and laugh with MANY blogs daily so it’s really hard to just choose a couple talented writers out of my long list.

If you’re here, you happen to be the cat’s pajamas anyways and I thank you!

Here’s who I think brings a little sunshine and deserves to have the Sunshine Award…

Dedicated 2 Life

The Rowdy Baker

Raising Reagan

Two that I think have already won this award but are just so dang awesome they deserve it again…

Baking In A Tornado

First Time Mom and Dad

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    • Kate on March 26, 2013 at 10:32 am

    Aw- what a nice way to be honored! Congrats! Loved reading the answers to your questions.

  1. You are beautiful, gorgeous, radiant and so caring. Thank you for sharing this with me. You inspire me.

    Irish at Dedicated 2 Life

  2. XO. I heart you!

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