7-Up Cake

A great empire, like a great cake, is most easily diminished at the edges.
-Benjamin Franklin
7-up cake 127-Up Cake might sound a bit strange but I assure you it might be one of the most moist bundt cakes you’ll make.
It has a light tangy lemon lime flavor that will blast you back to holiday dinners and potluck picnics of your childhood.
I haven’t a clue where I acquired the recipe decades ago, so I tried looking up the history to give proper credit to this classic gem, thinking that it must be able to be traced back somewhere thanks to Google. All I found was that it came from the South and there are several other ways to make this cake as well.
I like to make it in my stand mixer because there is quite a bit of mixing to do.
Hand mixers are great and you can mix by hand but it will take longer to mix the 7-Up cake batter properly.
Pre-heat those ovens to 325 degrees please!
You will need:
3 cups sugar
1 1/2 cups butter (softened)
5 eggs
2 tablespoons lemon extract
3/4 cup 7-up
3 cups flour
7-up cake 3Mix together the butter, sugar, eggs and lemon extract one at a time until it is light and fluffy.
Slowly add in the flour.
Last, we add the soda.
Mix thoroughly.
Grease a favorite bundt pan.
Pour the batter into the bundt pan and pop that pan into the oven pre-heated to 325 degrees.
Bake for one hour.
Cool and remove from pan.
Some people like to flip the cake over so the side that cooked in the pan is showing. I do not. I like the ridges and valleys that form along the top of the cake. When it is completely cooled, those valleys are going to be essential to the awesome frosting drizzle this treat will get.
It is a basic powdered sugar frosting that I use.
7-up cake 4I put my frosting into a sandwich baggie, snip a small piece of the corner of the baggie off and Presto!
I can drizzle the frosting over the cake a little easier and with a bit more control.
7-up cake 7No one…
7-up cake 8Is judging…
7-up cake 9The quality of your drizzle skills when they take a bite.
Clearly, I’m a back and forth drizzler.
Remember… it is all good any way you ice this baby. Icing is happy. Cake is awesome. Put them together and there is nothing sad about it.
7-up cake 5It is incredibly moist and those innocent little yummy crumbs are sticky, yet delicious.
Next time you find yourself standing in the kitchen wondering what you could make that is a little different than the rut you’ve been in, don’t be afraid to toss an old favorite into the mix.
7-up cake 6
7-Up Cake is looked forward to as a special treat around here.
Just as it was when I was little.
Lots of Love With Icing on Top,
Meg xoxo

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    • April on December 11, 2013 at 6:41 pm

    Awwww This brings back such wonderful memories! Thank you. I am making one of these tomorrow. YUM!

  1. This sounds yummy, thank you for sharing.

  2. I’ve heard of these but never tried one. I think I’ll have to remedy that. Yours looks too delicious to pass up.

  3. I agree, this is the very best cake in the whole wide world!!!!!! We don’t put frosting on it cause we like the crunch of the edges – yum yum!!

  4. Now you KNOW I love this yummy classic recipe- good for you for keeping it going! 😉 This is one of the prettiest I’ve seen- thank you for sharing it at Treasure Box Tuesday!
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